Your Weekly Money Horoscope for April 8 – 14, 2013

Your Weekly Money Forecast

Here is your Sun sign’s Weekly Money Horoscope for April 8 – 14. If you know you’re Rising sign, take a look at that as well to get the bigger picture. If you don’t know your rising sign, let an astrologer draw up your birth chart and find out what it is. Get a detailed money forecast from astrologer Psychic Elliot ext. 5862.

The second week of April hosts a “crown of stars” in Aries, including a New Moon, Venus, the Sun, Mars and Uranus, and by the 13th, Mercury too. Starting on the 10th through the following 10 days, it’s a great time for new ventures and new financial plans, and why not, it’s the astrological New Year.


As the host of the astrological New Year, and with the New Moon energy in your sign, this is the week you’ve probably been waiting for all year—when it comes to money, you have the Midas touch.


With a gaggle of planets in your 12th house, now is when you should be formulating your new financial plan for the next year; write down ideas. Venus embraces your sign on the 15th.


As an air sign, this week’s fire sign energy can ignite your finances through blogging, writing and audio communication in all forms. Air and fire make the embers glow and grow.


The New Moon and all the planets in Aries, your 10th house, mean financial success through hard work you’ve done in the past. Payments for past efforts arrive.


As a fire sign, this week’s energy is just to your liking. Money comes from unexpected places and through work efforts. Resist the urge to splurge and hide some cash in your den.


Taking care of business when it comes to finances is a must-do this week. Get your money organized, and you may find some extra cash for special items, business or personal.


You may feel financially depleted, but that’s about to change. If you don’t like having and then not having, do yourself a favor and start a rainy-day savings account to balance finances. Get a full, personal money forecast from astrologer Psychic Kavita ext. 5757.


You continually see money opportunities or create them where none exist. This week you’ll find ways to add to your bank account by making small changes that add up.


The April 12 Pluto retrograde may slow financial progress, but banking money as it comes in will give you a sense of financial relief.


Resist the urge to spend all the money you’ve amassed through all of your hard work. Buy what’s necessary to make you comfortable, but don’t overdo it—be thrifty.


Buy yourself something that gives you comfort, but don’t dig into the bank account to do it. Only purchase what you can afford and make a note of things you want for later. Have patience.


Money comes this week from work, money lent and possibly other sources. Don’t spend it all. Seeing your bank account grow will bring you more joy than buying “things” you think you want.

“Money is an energy. Nothing more. It does no good to put either too much importance on it, or by the same token, too little.” Psychic Ariel ext. 9775

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