Is She After Your Man?

Oh NO She Didn’t…

She flirts and giggles and acts differently with men than she does with women. Lately, she’s made your man the object of her attention. He says you’re making too much of it, but a woman knows how other women think, and now you find yourself wondering, is she after your man?

There are some women who only go after men that are taken. For these women, single men are a bore and men in relationships are the crème de la crème. Perhaps the reason is that a man that’s taken has shown he is capable of sustaining a relationship, making a commitment, and even providing for the welfare of another. They covet the life you lead and the things you have, including your man. These women are sneaky, dangerous and sometimes a threat to even the most secure of relationships. Here are some signs to watch for and ways to counteract her attack cleverly and without making you look like someone who is petty and jealous.

The helpless friend: She wants to “borrow” your husband to help her do some small stuff around the house. Don’t offer your husband up to your single or married or newly-divorced friends for emergency repairs or even light work around the house; give her the number of a local contractor instead.

The new boss/coworker/assistant: If your man’s had some changes at work that are requiring more of his time and attention, time that’s taking away from your relationship, and you suspect something is going on, then it’s time to assert yourself. Stop by unexpectedly (looking fabulous), and surprise him with a romantic lunch or dinner. He has to eat sometime. Also, make sure you pack a beautifully framed picture of your last vacation together and place it on his desk for all to see, including Ms. Jezebel. Let her know three is a crowd, and you’re number one.

Listen to that woman’s intuition, and take steps to make sure she hasn’t got a chance to ruin your happiness. Also, be smart and sensible, not paranoid and delusional. If you come off as jealous, anything you say or do may seem petty and drive him in a different direction. Don’t look for things that don’t exist, but then again, don’t lend opportunity where none existed before either. Learn to spot the signs so you don’t let a situation get out of control.

The most important way to keep your relationship from invaders is to have a good communication base with your significant other. If you hear something that doesn’t make you happy, speak up about it. If he dismisses your concerns, ask how he’d feel if the shoe were on the other foot. Strengthen the bonds of your relationship so that nothing and no one can come between the two of you. If you have a good man, he’ll do his best to see that nothing does come between you and assure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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8 thoughts on “Is She After Your Man?

  1. Sandi Anderson

    It took me 28 years to realize that my husband was that “man” that others wanted to covet. That said, I desperately need to add my 2 cents.

    Yes, some women do want what others have…but truthfully, there are more men out there that just love flirting with those women. They say, “let it go and if it’s meant to be, he’ll come back…if not, it wasn’t meant to be yours at all.” Be real careful on that one…sometimes, he does come back but it’s only because he forgot something and he still wants it.

    So, my opinion is, if he’s that easily led astray, LET HIM GO! Let them both go!

  2. LJ Innes

    a response to a comment: the article is about the married/engaged woman’s viewpoint, not the man’s, or the other woman’s. I wouldn’t call it raging insecurity-i’d call it living in the real world. My motto is there’s three sides to every story. This article was just one viewpoint-through one lense, if you like. No matter what topic I write on I try to keep it fair and slightly humorous. Also there are some topics that could make a book; I have to fit it all into about 500 words, so while you ask me to be fair, I ask the same in return. Articles have limits – topics don’t.

  3. Tanya

    Good advice..most women that are single, divorced or on the prowl tend to yearn for what they can’t have( married men or attatched men) because they have already witnessed what the man can provide via word of mouth or by being( a so called friend). What’s the saying??..” GOOD MEN ARE HARX TO FIND”!!! Be careful. what you share with your friends or female associates.

  4. willowcat

    Uhh, better be careful about that raging insecurity. This article is full of raging stereotypes about man hungry women who have nothing to but steal your broken down spouse. I’ve seen more working relationships, business connections and platonic friendships ruined by a spouse who can’t discern a normal conversation from a flirtatious one to save their lives. Eventually, that kind of insecurity backfires and the spouse under fire says “well, I might as well…” Also, this article puts the onus on the woman to “defend” her turf which she invariably does at her own expense. Let’s post articles with more depth, okay?

  5. Rose Cocca

    any women would try to get a man married or not.boyfriend or not…BUT IS UP TO THE MAN TO SAY NO ..IT GOES FOR WOMEN ALSO …the key world is no happy the way im married/or in a relationship..the a married or a relationship will will will be a happy one….i still want to be comminted to my soulmate if he wants to…

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    good advice……..the best idea though is to keep your relationship on an even keel to begin with, good communication, interesting sex life….etc.


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