Bounce Back from a Break Up: The Earth Signs

Rebound, Reflect and Move On with the Help of the Stars

After a break up, you can find yourself feeling sluggish, slow and weighted down by the past. To break free of the past, use the stars to guide you on your path. Here is your guide to bouncing back after a break up by Sun Sign. In the coming weeks, we will share the same information for the Fire, Water and Air signs.  If you don’t know which element your sign falls under, check out this article to learn more.


A stability-craving Bull is bound to be broken up by a break up—even if you know it was for the best. So, to help re-establish a firm foundation, you would benefit putting some time into your surroundings. Redecorate your bedroom to bring in some new energy. And while you’re at it, host a weekly dinner for friends. The point? To feed your sensual Taurus nature and thereby feed your soul.


The need for order is a Virgo’s guiding virtue. With your world turned upside down, now is the time to establish some new routines – including a lot of self care and some practical steps to overcoming any negativity you’re experiencing in light of your split. (Meditation, anyone?). Set a schedule, be patient and before you know it, you’ll be back in the game and better than ever!


Your inclination may be to throw yourself into work – and that’s not the worst idea for a goat. In fact, you may find setting new goals helps you focus on the positives instead of the pain. However, try to make some of those goals personal as opposed to professional. For instance, exercise will keep a Capricorn energized and the occasional party will brighten your spirits.

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9 thoughts on “Bounce Back from a Break Up: The Earth Signs

  1. chico

    i been in love with aaa lulu and can not get her of my mind she goes with me to a lots of places but don,t seem like she loves me what can i do

  2. Betty Hamline

    I have been married 51 years and although it hasn’t been easy, but I am glad that we did stay together. How many people get on a marriage-go-round? I had another 70 year old friend who had been on a marriage go round and relationship go round. She said, “It seems like every person has something that is extremely hard to live with and makes a person
    unhappy. (My note: Yes, no person is perfect and can provide all of a person’s needs and wants.) My mother helped me when I had been married about four years and my husband was working out of town a lot. She provided me with a “word of wisdom” or should I say a few “words of wisdom.” She said, “You cannot expect your mate to provide you with happiness every minute of life.” She continued, “You need to get some interests such as a hobby, an intellectual subject or fiction as far as that goes. She said, “It doesn’t matter what the hobby or interest is as long as it isn’t a “potential love interest” or a “male friend that might eventually become a love interest.” She let me know loud and clear that I needed to develop a hobby and get my mind occupied in a healthy way. That was 48 years ago and every time I started feeling “neglected” I knew it was time for me to either get a new hobby or inntellectual pursuit. Not only did it make me a much happier person but it developed me as a person. That is part of the problem in the modern world….they want to be entertained or enlightened and that all they have to do in life is “take!” Grow up people!

  3. Mary Jane

    I find to heal beautifully, you must have positive attitudes towards the one you no longer want: just to understand the just of it: I am learning too, but I find the positive energy makes you feel better instead of putting him down: there is a lesson in everything, and from all of what
    happens: I found out why I was so ready to break it off: it was because before when we went our separate ways, the same problem had occurred, so it was brought to the light: again: I saw what I did not like about the person I said good bye to at other times: and the same reason came right on back: We do get chances to learn, but if you haven’t learned from the
    same thing happening over, and over again: something that is not acceptable in my eyes, not something that I can live with at all, it is a trait from the other person that is not honorable in my eyes: and does not reflect love: so I must say good bye, and let him go!

  4. ferris

    i can’t believe im reading this ur b-date an mines are a day apart… an i have had the same problems… with a cancer an a scorpio… i was married for 13yrs…to a cancer scorpio only lasted a year…now i learnd i have to work on me an leave everything in the LORDS hands… LOVE AN PEACE COME FROM THE HEAVNS ABOVE… NOT FROM THE HUMAN kind… WHEN u feel true LUV.. there will be no questioning it…because u will know it..deep down in the heart u will feel it NOTHING LIKE AN OPEN HEART>> LUV with your heart NOT your Mind… and happienesss will arrive.. trust that..

  5. Thea Lecin

    Are you off the mark! Just celebrated (if you can call it that) our 63rd anniversary. Only death will break us up after all we’ve been through.

  6. sable

    i was born dec. 13 1967 and my new person i like is scorpio and i would to know is this one go to work.becausce ive been married twice andi have a soul mate and they didnt work out and now i tried of tring so please help me thanks.


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