Should You Introduce Them to Your Family On Thanksgiving?

The Pros and Cons

Thanksgiving is a holiday of mixed emotions. We feel grateful for what we have and we spend times reconnecting with friends and loved ones. But for many families, it’s also a time to air old grievances and create new tensions. If you have one of those families, you may be hesitant to take a new love interest home to meet them. But if you’re getting serious with them, you may feel like you have to. Here are the pros and cons to consider.

Should you introduce your significant other to your family? Your detailed holiday reading is waiting!

Pro: You’ll Discover How Committed They Are to You

Nothing says true love more than the ability to put up with someone’s crazy family! If they still love you in spite of your aunt’s crazy politics, or your sister’s criminal record, you’ve got yourself a real keeper.

Con: Your Family is Going to Interrogate Them

Inviting your significant other to Thanksgiving dinner is a pretty big deal. And if you have nosey relatives, the interrogation is going to start. They may ask if you’re living together, if you plan to get married, and other questions to determine if they think you are a good match. If you know your family is like that, it’s best to prepare your significant other for those questions, and go over your answers so you are a united front.

Pro: It’s a Sign You’re Ready to Take the Next Step

Whatever the next step is (moving in together, getting engaged, etc.), taking your significant other to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner is a sign you’re ready to move forward. You are making a statement to them and your family that your relationship is important and this is the person you’re considering spending your future with.

Con: They Only Get One Chance to Make a Good First Impression

One tiny tantrum or an eye roll, and a good first impression goes out the window. If your significant other makes a bad first impression, there’s a chance your family will judge them based on that impression going forward. And the chances of a bad first impression increase when nervousness and stress are involved.

Pro: You’ll (Hopefully) Get the Approval You’re Seeking

If you need your family’s approval of your significant other before you can take the next step, there is no better time than the holidays. Everyone is in one room and your significant other can meet everyone (and get their approval) all at once.

Con: You Have to Follow the House Rules

If you come from a conservative family, they may have house rules that you haven’t followed since you were a kid. One of those rules may include not allowing unmarried people to share a bed (even if that’s what you do in your own place). A good way to get around this rule is to pay for a hotel room nearby. Not only does that mean you can share a bed with your significant other, it also means you have a place to escape to if family time gets too overwhelming.

If You’re Hesitating ….

If you feel like your family wouldn’t get along with your significant other, you may think spending the holidays apart is a good solution. It can be, but at some point you will have to make a choice. That choice could be to find someone your family would approve of, choose your partner over your family, or spend your holidays with people who are more inclusive and open.

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