How to Tell Him What You Want in Bed

Telling a man what you want in bed may be a bit scary, but if you take a moment to daydream and create your own fantasy with him that can make it easier to share with him.

You Have to Tell Him Everything You Want… and He Wants to Hear It!

Ladies, are you shy about your encounters in bed with your men? Do you feel a strain between you and him when in the sheets? Sometimes, do you find you’re not satisfied after lovemaking?

I’m betting he has some of the same feelings and insecurities you do. It seems to us women, especially if we’re a little on the bashful side when it comes to naked encounters, men have all the fun. Not all of them do. Does that surprise you?

Men have fragile egos. Yes, their manhoods respond in predictable ways. They always seem to reach the finish line, even if you haven’t when they do or you never seem to be able to. But what you may not know about most men is, nothing turns them on more than seeing that they have the ability to get you excited.

Women want to be beautiful, sex goddesses for their men. Men want to be shining Greek heroes for their women, too. What a man won’t tell you is that if you sound like you’re having a good time, move as though he’s driving you insane, and act like it’s the best sex you’ve ever had together, his head may just explode with joy. You’ll find he’s more passionate, responsive and apt to try new things to please you. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

But what exactly does please the shy, demure woman? We want to feel we pleasure our men most of all, which is why we often suppress our own fantasies in place of his. Consider, though, he may be feeling exactly the same as we do. His issue is a bit different, in that a man’s special soldier can water the jungle with little stimulation, but, believe it, he’s just dying to tease and pleasure and please you just as much as you want to do so with him.

Women, rev up your fantasies. Daydream. Think of fun ways you, yourself, might like to encounter lovemaking. Then do the unthinkable. Tell him about those fantasies. Most men will rip your clothes off and carry you to bed just hearing you’re thinking about sex, too! And he wants to know how to make you feel good. When he senses you enjoying yourself, it makes him feel the same way you do when you pleasure him. It really is a two-way street.

Take it a step further. In the act, tell him exactly what you want, when you want it. If you want your body stroked in a certain way, don’t hesitate to ask him. Even better, beg him. He’ll love it! Remember, he really does want you to love sex as much as he does, and as you grow into a more open and honest rapport about what makes you both feel good under the sheets, or on the couch, or in the kitchen floor, your sex life will only get better and better.

One more trick, and I’ll let you get busy on your daydreaming. Ever faked an orgasm? If not, it’s never too late to start. Some women hold back and want to please their men so much, they can’t release enough to have their own orgasms. A secret—once you start faking, you may surprise yourself and in no time, begin having them for real! This is not only because you lose some inhibitions, but your men will feel they are making you feel good and will step up their lovemaking. It’s a win-win.

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15 thoughts on “How to Tell Him What You Want in Bed

  1. T

    I have two issues with a guy I just started dating and being intimate with. The first and now seemingly not as important as my second, was that he seems to have ED, although he can get an erection it’s not rock hard and cannot seem to keep it. I have no idea how to bring that up to him. But now the more important problem is that he doesn’t make sure I’ve had an orgasm and will either cum himself and be done or neither of us will and he’ll be done! WTF ?
    I am really only able to orgasm with oral, and have told him that, and he’s done it a couple times, but only after I’ve asked, I feel he should know at 40 years old, that he should get his woman off before himself as it is usually over after a mans orgasm. So I am concerned that he just doesn’t care:( I’m trying to figure out how to bring up these two very sensitive issues before I just call it quits and move on!
    Anyone help!!

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  3. Bridgett

    Not only does he not listen when I do tell him what and how I want it, but he doesn’t give any foreplay or last long enough for me to even get started. I stopped trying to give him foreplay (3 years ago) because I’ll just end up finishing him and I’ll receive absolutely nothing.

  4. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Edmund,

    I’m not there, but it sounds like she’s feeling you out and wants to be chased a little. I wouldn’t suggest flinging the covers back just yet. Start slow if you don’t want to lose the friendship. Take your time. It will also make her feel respected, but you should show a bit your romantic feelings. Not in red roses and tongue kissing those first few dates, but maybe holding hands at a movie. Little things which won’t devastate a fragile position.

  5. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Janette,

    Very good points~! I hope people who read the blog will read your comment. For some women, they’ve never been able to be as uninhibited as to even figure it out themselves. That’s who I directed that stratergy to. But certainly, if a woman already knows what pleases her or can figure it out herself, I completely agree with you about talking it out away from the bedroom.

  6. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi g,

    It can be anything you want or need to say. Maybe he hasn’t figured out what pleases you most. Maybe you don’t yet know. If both of you are stumbling, feel awkward, You could be the one to say what you think you might like. It could be something sensual, like nibbling your neck. It could be pressure or other positions you’re curious about.

  7. Sarah Jane

    Does not matter. I can guide them and talk to them. “yes, just like that keep doing that…Oooooo Just right. Work it just like that- move their hands just where i like move myself to a better angle”. No matter what as soon as i ask them to keep going- they inevitably change what they are doing & then I have to start all over again. after about 4-6 tries, just get your damm hands off me- I’ll take care of it myself.
    I have quit trying with partners. Best boyfriend I’ve ever had is my dildo. Gets me off when ever i want (never leaves me hangen’) never passes me diseases, not gonna get me knocked up and never gives me flack for just being me & doesn’t whimper about his poor hurt ego.
    I am really not seeing a down side here.

  8. Marc from the UK

    ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh like it yes yes yes !aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh (joke) great article and reassuring and in use already.

  9. edmund Young

    I am very attracted to a beautiful woman. One day, I smothered her with kisses after she gave me a very sexy hug. She ran from my home. We are still friends but I am afraid to lose her friendship, so I have not made further advances. She is gorgeous, and turns me on even when she is not present.

    Am on the wrong track?

    She once asked me if I liked her. It was after she ran from my home. I was speechless. I did not want to lose her, so I did not answer.

    She still hugs me, and sends me up that arousal state. I am confused. Should I be a responsive man and make love to her, or should I be satisfied with a platonic relationship?

    Edmund Young

  10. Janette

    Hi, I don’t think faking an orgasm is the way to go. Why make your partner think he is doing something that works when it is not. He will then continue to do what he did that time when he thought you had ‘orgasm’. Where does that leave you. Then you have to explain what really works. How would you feel if you found out that the thing you were doing to your partner that you thought was bringing them such pleasure was only a lie. If you want your partner to bring you to orgasm try bringing your self to orgasm when you are alone and then you can talk with him about what works. I find explaining what works and what doesn’t outside the love making time is easier when you are shy. I liked the rest though.


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