How to Read Body Language

You almost hate yourself for doubting your beloved. And yet…

How do you know if you’re being unfair, or if it’s just your imagination? The fact is, human emotion is expressed not only in our faces and words, but also with our bodies – and the body is a terrible liar. Below are body language clues that broadcast loud and clear that there may be trouble in paradise. They are signals you just can’t ignore!

Guilty body language
As it turns out, psychologists have studied the physical display of emotion in every culture, and when people are lying or have something to hide, it is expressed exactly the same way all around the world – by turning away, moving away, looking away, pausing – and getting irritable. If you’re constantly picking up those physical responses, you’re onto something.

1. Does your partner turn the centerline of their body away from you, even during hugs?

2. When you ask your love why they are late, do they look down before meeting your eyes?

3. Has affectionate physical contact, like hugs and light touches, disappeared lately?

4. Do casual questions about work, or friends or schedules cause your partner’s shoulders and neck to tighten?

5. Has the frequency of sex changed recently?

6. Does your partner seem both physically and emotionally distant?

Emotional and behavioral evidence
If that’s not enough, here are some other emotional and behavioral clues to watch out for:

1. Does your partner swing from glowing highs (when first coming home) to dark moodiness only a few minutes later?

2. Is your love suddenly significantly more critical of you?

3. Has your partner been giving you an unexpected number of gifts?

4. Does your partner seem furtive? Unusually tense? Jumpy?

5. Has your partner arrived home having changed clothes? Wearing a different shirt or blouse?

6. Are there noticeably more gym visits per week?

7. Is there a sudden rash of hang-ups when you answer the telephone?

8. Has you love’s taste in sex techniques changed? How about their hobbies or musical favorites?

9. Has your partner started spending a lot of time on their hair and clothing?

10. Does your beloved’s best friend – or co-worker – now seems ill at ease around you?

If your partner is giving you clues that there’s deception between you – via body, mind or spirit – it’s time to take a deep breath, and ask them to speak the truth. After all, they’ve already told you… in so many other ways!

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  1. Ehrlich

    If you need this checklist it’s already too late. When you sense something’s “off” with your other, you’re probably right.

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