Change Your Sex Karma

What is Sex Karma?

Karma is something you accumulate, good or bad, throughout each incarnation, and yes, you even accumulate sex karma. Sex Karma means you’re driven to have sex with someone whether or not you’re in love or even attracted to them – a way to balance the good and the bad. When you’re in a sexually karmic relationship, the intensity is palpable and your behavior can sometimes border on obsessive. Are you in love or are you just obsessed? Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 has the answer!

According to, you have a choice when it comes to sex karma. You may recognize a karmic attraction before you enter into it and you can choose to not engage in it at all. However, once you start, you can’t stop—it must be seen all the way through. It’s as though you’ve signed some agreement that says, “Okay, I’m in this now and I have to follow it through to the end.” As the Web site mentions, “You may be hating it, you may be loving it, but you really can’t stop.” If you’re in a sex karma relationship it can be that powerful.

Is Sex Karma the Same as True Love?

In a sex karma relationship, it’s quite possible to not even particularly like the person you feel so driven to have sex with. Sometimes though, it’s intense and dramatic and it gives you all the butterflies and tingly sensations you normally equate with true, romantic love. Sex karma can fool you into thinking it is true love, but it’s not.

Will it Last?

Anything’s possible when it comes to love, but this is more about sex. Once sex karma is fulfilled, there’s a good chance that the relationship will end because it’s not based on an actual attraction or appreciation of the other person—it is purely based on karmic debt. However, if you two really are compatible, once the debt is fulfilled, you can re-frame your relationship based on a foundation of mutual love and respect. It is possible, but not always probable.

Why Do We Have Sex Karma?

Karma of all kinds, whether from this life or past lives, is all about learning from experiences and also feeling the energy you’ve put on others. When it comes to sex karma, it’s really no different. For example, if you were a vixen who cheated on your husband and broke his heart in a past life, chances are you’ll meet him again, only this time you’ll get to feel the hurt you put him through should you choose to engage in the relationship. The attraction will feel almost obsessive and you may even know instinctively that you’re headed for a world of pain, but you won’t be able to stop yourself. This could explain why a lot of us continue on in relationships we know are no good for us.

Some relationships are just bad, but karmic relationships happen for a reason. The point is to grow from your experiences. You learn and forgive and accept and move on. This not only builds upon your own good karma and pays your karmic debt, but it can also help you to build character and become a better person.

29 thoughts on “Change Your Sex Karma

  1. shiva

    hi am shiva i dint see this message before.because i had relationship with married girl for period of 8 months but now there caught me one day so that day onwords am worring so much i dont know what to do she is crying to much. its hurts me day by day .what u said everything is correct and perfect its really nice but in my life its already gone????? please suggest me what should do now how should i convice her.let me know plzzzzzzz am waiting for your reply……..thanks
    with regards

  2. Arlene

    So how do you know if it was you or your partner to disern if the debt has been paid. Must you leave the relationship to have the debt paid, or can you go back and have it be on a different level with the same person? So many questions, but it is the answer.

  3. Felicia

    WOW! I finally got my Answer! Because I was in Relationship sorta for 8 years … wasnt really into the GUY but I LOVE the EXCITEMENT and was so COMFORTABLE WITH HIM. But now It’s like the FLAMe has burnt out…. No MORE EXCITEMENT just going threw the physical part with no REAL EMOTION. Have been thinking about walking away from it I guess the DEBT is FULLFILLED! So glad I finally figure the out! THANKS

  4. Donna

    50% of something is better then 100 of nothing!!! If I can ever find 100% I will definitely give up the 50% which is just pure sex & lust…….

  5. Brenda

    I have experienced this kind of Sex Karma in my life. I lived 9 years experiencing the emotion of “not being able to stop”. There was a time when I felt as though I was trapped in a Web…I could not escape. Although I was addicted sexually, and thought I was experiencing “real” love, I knew early on that I was not in this relationship for the long hal! It has taken me 12 years to overcome this experience, but I do not regret it at all! I prayed for it, I got it, and I’m glad to have had this experience.

  6. Cikhla

    This is very true.. surprisingly i was jus thinking about love and sex karma n happened to stumble upon this article. i jus wish all my past lives deed is washed away by good deed this life n have a good life ahead. till now i suffered a lot

  7. paris

    I feel it was exact true article about. Me, and I feel every sentence are really correct. I don’t why ,but I found by my soulthat soemthing was really happend in my past life and now I’m getting back and I have to be tolerant. Yes this article is true 🙁

  8. Elle

    This happened to me and luckily I was able to learn, forgive, accept and move on.
    I am at the point where if he ever comes back it will be on very different terms.

  9. gopinathan k

    How wonderfully written by LJ.You are absolutely right and almost on the same line of
    knowledge as I am. I beg to differ only on one point.You cannot choose to avoid it as is
    any other karma.The only authority who can help you is GOD the ALMIGHTY or
    a SPIRITUAL GURU of the highest order.Even then they are not going to help you straight
    away and absolve you of everything.They may just prevent you from drowning yourself in
    the karmic web at the last minute(11th hour 59 th minute help).The other option that I have
    found is that you can pray and try to opt out.But then there is a possibility that if the forces of
    nature(HERE READ GOD THE ALMIGHTY for common people’s reference) may decide to
    postpone it but if you are really not eligible for a pardon or forgiveness, in this scenario
    you might be only be able to postpone it to another birth or incarnation(word is used by
    by you not me).Any way thanks for the highly qualitative and knowledgeable article.
    It was highly informative and entertaining even for me.But then don’t take my words
    for granted.Each one of us evaluates as per our experiences. All human beings are
    in an evolutionary stage of progress.Their evaluation and judgement of anything
    also depends only on this. for eg. as a 5 year old.15 year old, 25 year old,50 year old
    and as a 90 year old person your evaluation of the same subject or incident would be
    different as also the qualifications. for e.g the happenings in nature are evaluated by
    different people differently(a school student,a commerce graduate, a chartered accountant,
    an experienced financial wizard with literary and research works to his credit all
    evaluate the present crisis of the Global Economy differently).something on these lines
    is what evaluation method is.

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  11. bob groves

    intense feelings bring intense results “you hope” be a kind loving person, share intense thoughts and feelings
    if you care deeply about someone, let them know it. i am looking for a relationship, with shared emotions bob

  12. Sandhya Rani

    Your explanation on Sex Karma is very true.
    I liked this explanation. “However, if you two really are compatible, once the debt is fulfilled, you can re-frame your relationship based on a foundation of mutual love and respect. It is possible, but not always probable.”
    Can we do this? I need an honest answer.

    Thanks and Regards,


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