Love and Date a Cancer

Learning to love and date a Cancer, like any individual, takes some understanding and a little bit of time.

Understanding the Sensitive Sign

If you’ve met a Cancer and you’d like to know them better, don’t plan on getting too close too quick. However, once you’ve broken that barrier between wanting to know them and actually knowing them, be ready to be with someone who is intuitive to your feelings, sensitive to your emotions and instinctively sensual when the time is right.

Cancer will cling to you, but not as tightly as they will cling to the freedom to do whatever they feel at any given moment. They don’t like to be told what to do, although they may not always afford you the same right. Although that may sound harsh, make no mistake, under that hard Cancerian shell, is a soft, sweet and caring individual who just always wants the best for those they love and care about.

Moon Connection

Cancer is a water sign and ruled by the moon, making them empathic beyond empathy. They have a bad reputation for being moody, but the truth is that just like the tides of the ocean, they too are guided by the moon. Cancers merely change with the phases of the moon, waxing and waning to its flow as if there was a tether connecting them.

Date a Cancer

Not all Cancerians are homebodies, but no matter where they are, they always like to feel at home and if you’re dating a Cancer, they want you to feel the same way. It’s not like they’ll always have a picnic blanket in the trunk of their car, but they might. It’s perfectly possible to get the feeling of being at home simply by being in their company and that’s just the feeling they want to create.

“Attracting sex is simple. The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

Love a Cancer

Cancers love romance and long kisses during intimate moments but they can also sometimes be adventurous and naughty. Of course it’s not always all candles and roses. They do like an occasional sparring of wits that allows them to blow off some of the steam they often bottle up inside. But if you can match wits and bring a little spice into their life, the makeup will be the hottest you could imagine. It’s the perfect outlet for pure passion and emotion, and that’s what Cancerians thrive on. Cancers do well with other water signs, such as a Scorpio who can feel the depth of their emotions or conversely with a Capricorn (their opposite sign) who will help keep Cancer’s emotions grounded and their mind focused on whatever task they may be into at the moment.

When you love a Cancer and they love you, you can be sure that you are always the uppermost thought in their mind and in all they do. It’s best for Cancer, and for you, when they have a lot of outside interests and projects to keep them busy in the times when you’re apart. Give them space to pour their passions into more than just your relationship and you’ll both have a stable, committed (but hardly boring) place to call home.

“Astrology brings so much to the table. It gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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104 thoughts on “Love and Date a Cancer

  1. Surette Groves

    I was in love with a cancer since high school and I went on to live my life and I saw this cancer again at my high school reunion and I found the old feelings are back. he is romantic and i have never had romance in my life and he wants to try again and get to know each other again. he is good looking, kind, thoughtful, he enjoys his job. he is everything I have been searching for. i am a Gemini and when we where together at the reunion, we got along great and i want to see if a relationship will work with him but i have only read one post about a Gemini and a cancer and i really want to know will it work or will it end in futility.

  2. Scorpio Woman

    I’ve been with a cancer man for over 20+ yrs.. I also dated 3 other cancers. Yes they are very moody, self reserved & sometimes right out mean.. But my experience with them has been different in all 3 cases but all of them loved me. When they are moody give them space. Don’t always ask “whats wrong” they may not want to talk about it, but eventually they will. They dont open up easy because one thing they want to know is if you are true, HONESTY is very important to a cancer man. Even if it’s something you don’t agree with still be honest. The worst thing you can do is lie to a cancer. Don’t change who you are be self sufficient and a woman at all time dont be weak. But still allow him to be the man at all times you can’t take his manhood away from him they dont like that. Dont be his mom be his woman.. When my cancer man goes through his mood swings you can’t allow yourself to go through it with him, find something else to do with your time. I’m still in my relationship with my cancer man over 20+ yrs but I also keep in touch with my other cancer male friends once you have a cancer man you have’em forever no matter what. they are loving, caring, protector, true, clean always & clingy. For some reason cancer men is who I attract.. I love a cancer man but you got to have patience, be strong and independant.

  3. Rocio

    I ‘m a cancer and i’m trying to get this guy to like me he tells me he miss me , he likes me ; he w ants me , he feels a ttractive to me is been 4 years since not s eem him a t all but text messages hes scorpio and boy got the hots for him , i have to a dmit it , he knows what i think is like we feel the same , same pace or connection

  4. Danielle

    I am a cancer female. As a cancer, I know I am very intuitive. You cannot lie to me, If you do and when I find out you can expect me to never trust you again. might as well call it quits. Cancers base their relationships on trust and comfort emotionally.
    I am incredibly emotional, moody, loving, caring and nurturing. I want to share share share with my loved ones and I have a deep, undivided love and attention to give to those who I deem worthy of it. We are great speakers and not very shy at all.
    We are very sexual, passionate and romantic beings. Every action we make, we strive for passion in. We just want to be loved back as honestly and as mutually as we give it out.
    I am dating a scorpio and we are a wonderful pair. He likes to feel appreciated and nurtured and that is what I live for! My son is a pisces and I usually get along with them pretty well too.
    Basically, cancer are the most generous and loving until you cross them. If you cross me one time, forget it. We can be cutting and hurtful but don’t enjoy hurting those we love, we are just incredibly defensive because we naturally put it all out there and most people are cunning and sly and try to take advantage of it. My home and family is everything to me. We do need constant reassurance and attention but because we get soooo moody we also need time alone and home is where we feel comfortable. Its our sanctuary. So if you ever come to a cancers home, be prepared to feel comfortable and waited on. Thats just how we roll 😉
    We like mystery and a chase but not so much to make us question ourselves.

    **If you are interested in a cancer, the best thing you can do is be up front and honest about everything. We hate lies. We hate floozies. We are all about love, passion, sex, family and home. We just want you to be happy and we will feel complete.***

  5. DC

    Pearl, Roxie, your comments are the once I agree with……most all cancers I know are not faithful and you can`t really ever trust them,,,,,,they change there minds constantly not just there funky moods ….lol…..cancers are the type of men who go and get cigs and never come back …lol… thanks to cancer ….

  6. kaylee :0

    im a gemini. ive been dating a cancerian for two months and ive often wondered what was wrong with him as in his moodiness. this article just explained everything! and i greatly agree with everything that has been said. it describes my partner completely!!!!!

  7. Angela

    I’m dating a cancer man and I’m a Aries female it’s been 9 months now and it feels like years since I’ve been with him…he treats me like a queen 🙂


    i think i’m falling for a cancerian man, whom has a very busy schedule, and also we live in different states, i recently visited where he lives, when we first laid eyes on each other the embrace was so passionate i think he held me tighter than i did him…anyway i’m hoping for the best.


  9. LJ

    Thanks for all the comments, I love them! I hope I got this one right – I’m a Cancer. LOL – for anyone having trouble in love with a Cancer, maybe just give them a little space – ironic since it’s togetherness they crave, nonetheless, we need time to “re-charge” and home is our base of operation. I do agree that Taurus is also a good match for Cancer. I’m a Capricorn rising so I identify with Caps and think they’re a good match too – opposites attract. Of course there’s always so much more that makes up a personality than just Sun Signs. To see if your Cancer is for you, I recommend getting both of your birthcharts done and then compared as a couple. That will give you both the best (and worst) of it in a full picture. California Psychics has some amazing astrologers, you should have a reading for a more in depth look at your relationship.

  10. linda

    Im’ with a cancer too been with him for six years they are moody plus i have three kids that are cancer so you know what i go through lol. oh by the way im leo everytime one of us say anything we are all right( SMILE)

  11. linda

    Ive;been with a cancer for six years and im a leo. they are moody but besides that i think we get along great. i also have three kids who are cancer one girl and two boys now they all think there right just like me the lion i guess i think im right and they all think there right lol

  12. mrsdajml

    i have never been so in love right on the spot as i was with an older cancer man!! he was 19yrs my senior,but finished my sentences for me,and knew just what part of my body to touch,and when!! i lost touch with him, and miss him more than life itself….i would give anything to reconnect with him,and would wait endlessly if i had to for my beloved cancer man!!

  13. kedar nath

    cancerein are the true moody showing love to them mean alwayes remain in situation where expectation lies in a mood of other sex(woman)

  14. Dee

    I’m a cancr female and that is the best article I’ve ever read about my sign. I like to know you are there when I need you but I LOVE my freedom! My problem: I seem to attract Aquarius men. I like I can’t escape them. I’m currently in a strange situtation with one ( for the second time) who i really care about. Most say that this match does not work. If that is the case why I’m I an aquaman magnet? (last 4 guys all been) Can a cancer female out there who is/have dated an one help me out? I really would like to hear from married couples of this sign as well. Aquarius men feel free to comment.

  15. DD

    This is the best description of me yet as a Cancer. I love it! We are always being portrayed as moody, clingy and emotional. This is a balanced view

  16. andi

    This is really accurate article I’ve know a cancer for 7 years and we been dating for 1year this article described him perfectly and I do agree they are very stubborn to share their feelings but I’ve noticed he strived on how others feel . And I do believe the part about being apart since my cancer guy has been gone for 8 hamonths we are pretty good though communication we still have to work on.

  17. deb

    i have to say that I absolutely love cancer men,they seem to know instictively how my moods are,They are very insightful,but there is one particular that I have to say we are compatible on every level, i absolutely love this man,and the feelings are mutual!!

  18. gemini

    I met a cancer (male) last year and we have been seeing each other on and off. For me he
    is very easy to talk to, which I felt very confortable being with. He is very romantic which I
    have not had in a man in along time. The one thing that I find weird is, we spend time with
    each other and then I call him and he disappears. I get fustrated he does tell me he is very
    busy at work but, then I stop calling and he calls me back. I want to know more about him
    and see if the rest of the article is true.

  19. colleen

    I am a taurus who did not find my ex husband cancer to be anything but self centered and I have found most cancer men to be clingy and not for me though I supposedly am good with them as a taurus???? they have been the WORST sign for me….what gives?

  20. Kevin Perez

    Hello everyone, I am a Pisces male, and I have been told by several astrologers that I should not date a Cancer. Unfortunately they only said to stay away from them, and not why to do so. Plus, this advice came after my trying to date a Cancerian woman.

    In this article there are examples of how Cancer relates to either Scorpio or Capricorn. Plus, it says that Cancer gets along well with all water signs. Would someone please give an example of how Cancer relates to Cancer, and Cancer relates to Pisces?

  21. Nika moncrief

    LOVE IT !!! Finally a write up on cancers that I can agree with !! Cancers are often portrayed as clingy and beyond moody so I am very happy that someone saw the other sides to us cancers . YAAAYY !!!

  22. Shaye

    I have been off and on with male cancer for a long long time and this article puts a lot of things into perspective about him. He is very moody and very sinsitive,they also which i have come to understand absolutely need their time to themselves is essinial to their well-being. Cancers are very emotional creatures to know them is to understand and love them for who they are as with all signs its just cancers are much more sinsitive than any sign in the Zodiac..thats why if they are not with the right match for them they can be concidered either extremley complexed or overly clingy. I am a taurus female and i think we make a perfect match our relationship is and have been very chanlleging at time but we have always found our way back to loving one another and this last time created my beautiful son Drebin Jr..we have slowley been building and repairing our relationship.Me reading this today really help me to understand him alot more better:0)

  23. Sassy

    I have been with a cancer man now for a year, i am a gemini. We meet and it was like two souls that were lost had found one another. I have watched him go from hot to cold so many times it reminds me of my self. But when he showed the side of jelousy i knew his feelings were in a place he was not ready to admit. Fearing that because of that alone i wanted to cling on tighter than ever, but knowing if i do he could be gone for good. Oh the torcher when he is away, its unbareable. Boy oh boy does he know how to make up for it. Only one thing confussing. He said last night, something along the lines of not yet to my question of Ive made u mad at me? I told him i never want to make him mad at me the same as i could never see myself being mad at him. His response was but the make up sex is great. Could that have been my clue that he likes to live w/ feelings on the edge of exsistance

  24. fernando crus

    Am a capricorn,and I meet couple virgo,and I have a very good memories..I think its been my best match!.

  25. priscilla

    I thought that it was weird how this article ended up in my email when today it is my boyfriend and I ‘s 7 month anniversary and he’s a cancer and I’m an Aquarius. This article describes him so well but hes slowly opening up to me and now we are closer than ever. I don’t know what I would do without him.

  26. Randy

    The old sag has been through enough without this I just soon go get me alittle dog and be content by myself you van’t ask someone to be honest or loyal and its to much of a gamble its 200 miles to the beach 250 to the casino and 300 to the smokies and I’ve always tried spoi;ing my partners so the rest is for me.

  27. Pearl

    I have been with a cancerian now for a very long time, on the whole we have a good solid relationship, but I do find him extremely moody, also suffers from bouts of depression, seems to find comfort talking to other females as long as it’s not me. I don’t know how he really feels about me and the relationship that we are in. I find him extremely secretive, deceptive and sometimes downright disrespectful. He does not think that a relationshp means that we should share our thoughts and feelings with each other, thinks I am nosey and says that I am negative which brings him down. He turns things around to make it look like I am the one at fault. I must admit that all this has started since he became involved with facebook. It is like I am living with an entirely different person that I don’t know anymore. I love him dearly but am now at the end of my tether and am giving up the ghost as I think I deserve the right to be happy, so whatever happens happens.

  28. Kyra Klare

    What if the cancer that you may be dating, is avoiding you but talking to everyone around you (friends)? And once you try to get their attention, they ignore you.

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  30. joanne washington

    I am in love with a cancer as said a very loving and caring person, but he has an alcohol addiction and I am not quite sure how to go about this, I am ready to breakup with him,it is sad

  31. Breanne

    The timing of this is so serendipitous, my husband is a Cancer, and I’m a Libra. I know Cancer transitions within the next days, I was asking myself the other day, “How could I use astrology to better interact with my husband.”

  32. Roxie

    I have been dating a Cancer, for a vey long time, and yes he can be moody and I don’t how to take him.
    Will, he ever make a serious commitment to me?
    We do a lot of things togather, and enjoy one anothers company, but there are time I feel like I half to take the lead, then I feel like I have done something rong.
    Thank you

  33. virgo

    And yes i do agree too a point that a cancer is a very good match for a virgo in some aspects but realistically cancerians belong too the element of water and are very extremely sensitive human beings and especially in the females as they can cry at the drop of a hat and can break out and cry for some unknown reason and i could never ever work out why that she had cried for so i just used too give her a hanky or my shirt too dry her eyes or she would have filled up my apartment with water for sure and yes they are very very deep and emotional people in other words they are very very and ultimately sensitive throughout and too me there best bets are is another cancerian like themselves or try the other too water signs and they are a scorpio or a pisces as they would have the far better empathy and understanding than any other sign within there own element is best like sure a virgo is good for a cancerian as well as a taurean, but never ever a capricorn as for friends yes but for relationships no unless one of them is fated by any given number that either comes down too a single number 4 or a number 8, but for full proper strength please stay within your own element and please work things out and this also goes for fire signs as welll as air signs, have a very nice day and god bless.

  34. lobella

    Ahhh yup that’s me in a paragraph mostly. I’m a bit of a conglomeration of everything really but this is so true. ^ ^

  35. Raj

    Date and Love an Aries
    If you want to love and date an Aries, you are obviously drawn to Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, and is imbued with Aquarians are independent and very proud of their originality, and they don’t


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