How to Let Them Go—So They’ll Come Back

The Zen Art of Holding On Without Clinging

Many times when people are in a stressful relationship, they text or e-mail until they get what I call a pink slip—those pink slips add up into a break-up slip. It becomes a unintentional mess. No animal or fish or human being likes to be bombarded, hunted with phone calls and texts and or e-mails full of questions of “are you coming back?”

How to let go: understand “No one owns anyone.” Let go, be the person he or she first met, that confident, happy, zany person he or she was wanting. There was a connection at first—through insecurity or whatever went sideways—the relationship can be healed if you’re willing to let go of him or her—not call them, e-mail them and or text them 10-20 times a day frantically. Keep the mind and soul and body healthy—keep busy.

If she or he is interested, they will come back. We cannot force love on anyone and by being fearful and doubtful or full of paranoia it will turn your man or woman off in a flash. Be willing to lose everything to gain everything back that you once had-and keep out of your own way. Trees in the forest do not need water-and if you water a plant too much it dies—same thing with humans—when we over do it-love can die.

1. Fear is torture—stay busy and when you are worried say these three words when you want to call him or her: “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel.”

2. Meditate. Read, for example, “The Power of Now”—do affirmations, get out, take walks, join a group, call the psychic line, golf, network.

3. Don’t blame him/her, yell, scream. Listen to each other when he or she starts calling again.

4. True love finds its way back to you if it is meant to be—when you don’t know what to do—do nothing!

8 thoughts on “How to Let Them Go—So They’ll Come Back

  1. Samantha

    I am still in love with a former boyfriend of 4 years, but I had to learn to let him go because if he truly loves me, he’ll come back. I sure hope so!

  2. marc from the uk

    A heartelt read. They say that if you love someone, let them go,if it was meant to be, they will return! I believe in that, the universe has a way of listening and delivering, when you are tuned in and ready. I know I am.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Excellent advice, Nevaeh !!!!!

    The fastest way to lose a man is to chase him, the harder you chase, the faster he will run….away from you.

    When he steps back, that is YOUR queue, to take a step back.

  4. Hassiba x5818

    Great advice! It can be hard to be patient while waiting to hear from that special someone, but by keeping busy, especially in ways that nurture yourself, you will have a much better perspective and approach when you talk to them again.


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