The Top 5 Secrets of Sexting

Get in the Mood With Hot Texts

Those in the know say it’s all about the delivery, so why not put your best text forward? Read on to get some incredibly sexy texting tips sure to set the stage for one salacious night!

1. Naughty ≠ Raunchy

Adding some sexy sass to your texting is exactly what you want, but learn the difference between just enough and what’s over-the-top. The key is in leaving something to the imagination. Sharing what color underwear you’re wearing or sharing that you’ve been thinking about them in naughty ways all day are examples of giving them just enough to make them crazy (and not cringe with the graphic lingo of a drunken sailor).

2. Demure Dame

Playing coy has it’s own power, so make him wait. It builds anticipation and allows him to conjure up some delightful images in his imagination. It also forces him to chase you, and men always appreciate what they work for! So send a few flirty but short messages and then sit back and enjoy yourself as he takes the sexting reigns for a few rounds.

“Define your sensuality and sexuality according to what makes you happy.” – Psychic Agnes ext. 5400

3. Think Before You Act

Before you go gaga with the sexting, remember to take a moment to reread what you’re transmitting in the text world. Not only are your words forever out there to be viewed by whoever is exposed to them, but remember that texting can be interpreted in multiple tones and meanings. So reread your “sexterpieces” before you push send!

4. The Bigger Picture

Messaging dirty pictures can be more risky than bold sexting! You definitely want to think about what images you are sending into the technological ether. Less can be more in this case (as in less exposure) so show some skin but not too much. Not only will you not have to worry about future embarrassment should (worst-case scenario) the images ever get into the hands of others, but you’ll leave him guessing about and wanting more; you can’t beat that!

“Always remember love is an emotion and sex is a physical act. Yes, you can have sex with or without love, and yes, you can have love with or without sex. For some, this concept is hard to embrace and the lines can become blurred.” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

5. This is Not a Porn

No need for the circus narrative. Honest sexting is the way to go. You just need to tap into that inner love goddess! Attempting to come up with extravagant and unrealistic scenarios jut comes across as unnatural and silly, so stay true to your own beautiful sexuality; it’ll never steer you wrong!

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4 thoughts on “The Top 5 Secrets of Sexting

  1. John Driggers

    Monica, try throwing him a bone, start something with a private place you two have been and in your mind describe what you would do if you took the reigns and took control, example:

    (imagining you two are in a swimming pool and nobody is around and im imaging i am you)
    Playfully we swam and started playing and teasing each other, when we got close i took your hand and pulled you closer, i moved up closer purposely pressing my breasts against you, smiled and looked into your eyes…

    and let it go from there

  2. jed

    Maybe some people don’t exactly know that this kind of activity isn’t bad at all because they think it’s just a freedom of expression. Ha! Freedom to explicit their own naked bodies. Some say they sext to arouse oneself or their partner. Maybe it’s good for mature or married people. But with a minor? How come they haven’t anticipated they will be convicted? I know about this sexting thing, because my son’s friends are involved also. And because I am afraid my son will be a victim, I then researched the net on how to monitor my son’s smartphone as well as his social networking accounts. Gladly I found this one, pgguard. It helps me a lot, now I am less worried. I hope other parents will also start to make a move on how to prevent their children from being involved on this kind of stuffs. You can Google it to learn more

  3. Monica tonacchio

    I really like a guy who works for a drilling company gas and oil he lives in missisippi and stays on the site for 2 weeks and goes home 2weeks he was texting me for a while kind of leading me on. He’s a little younger than me resently divorced and iv been divorced since 2000. I like him but haven’t heard from him. Help me.


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