10 Common Male Fantasies

Which One Does Your Guy Favor?

In 1908, Freud squelched the male fantasy, stating that any man who had to engage in imaginary thoughts of sex, fame, or social taboo was simply dissatisfied by his own life. Such thoughts have carried over for the last 100 years, and guys still rarely share their fantasies with a lover out of embarrassment. However, Freud is long gone and most research would suggest that men who fantasize regularly are happier, have better relationships and are more successful. And the real kicker is, not all these fantasies have to end well for him to be considered mentally healthy.

Sex With a Stranger/Getting Caught

The idea that men think about sex every seven seconds has been slashed to a more reasonable 7.2 fantasies per day. The majority of these are spurred by the sight of a sexy stranger, and include getting caught in public or being watched.


Some of a man’s most common fantasies have gained in popularity because of their ability to deliver a guaranteed, quick orgasm. Several fantasies could fit in this category. However, submission and domination are particularly humiliating and ego building. Over 44 percent of guys fantasize about dominating a woman in bed. A good portion also like to explore the submission factor, including being forced to have sex, being playfully whipped, or being made to share his partner with another person (man or woman).

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Three’s Company and Four’s a Party

Men need to feel sexy, irresistible, virile and loved. Nothing demonstrates his sexual prowess like an orgy of women in his bed, and as it turns out, over 35 percent of men would agree.

A Woman With Male Parts

Most guys would deny it until the end of their days. However, most guys have likely fantasized about what it would be like to be with a she-male. As research (and the popularity of these porn sites among heterosexual men) suggest, guys are simply turned on by the combination of breasts, butts, legs, curves, and… an erection, be it his or someone else’s.


To men, money equals worth, and the more he has, the greater his legacy will become. However, a man does not necessary need to fantasize about yachts, Lamborghini’s or a solid gold picket fence to feel good about himself. Some guys fantasize about the wealth they’ve acquired, as compared to others who are less fortunate.

Bad Fortune

While there is always someone less fortunate, there are also plenty of monkeys swinging from above, reminding a man that he has yet to achieve his full potential. Men fantasize about the failure of their foes. That’s one possible scenario for how they could realistically climb another rung. It does not necessarily have anything to do with envy, as the male brain is always seeking new fantasies to relieve everyday stress.

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Shameful Secrets

The mind is man’s biggest nag, especially when he is harboring a secret. Everything he tries to forget, he will fantasize about twice as often. This phenomenon occurs for two reasons. One, because part of the process of hiding a secret is monitoring it excessively, so he ends up thinking about it twice as often. Two, by trying to mask one topic with another the brain creates an association with it. So, the more ways he tries to forget, the more he will be reminded about it.

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Morbidity and Mayhem

Men love to watch action films filled with mayhem and black comedies, so it should come as no surprise that he also fantasizes about them. Does this mean he is a suppressed psychopath? Hardly. Most guys use morbid fantasies to cope with stress, and according to research it works.

Cheating Death

Men are prone to risky behavior. It may have something to do with his ancestors who obviously had plenty to gain by risking life and limb to attain more food, sex and social status. Not a lot has changed over the centuries, but men have learned that this behavior is not always necessary. Instead, they fantasize about climbing blistery mountaintops, or rocketing across a highway at 230 mph. As an added benefit, these fantasies serve to remind him of the consequences of such actions.

Associative Fantasies: From Boring to Booyah!

A man sitting at work may experience a number of stimuli, such as a distant snicker, the warmth of the sun, or a tree swaying in the wind outside his window. A good portion of these spark an image, which spins into a whirlwind of non-connected fantasies. For instance, a cough may trigger him to think about getting sick. He may briefly fantasize about being sick in bed, and then remind himself that he has not received his flu shot, or even been to his doctor in awhile. Then he might imagine what it would be like if she used her stethoscope as a whip… and I’ll leave the rest to your/his imagination.

3 thoughts on “10 Common Male Fantasies

  1. thabani

    since most of us are shy to share our status whether good or bad , how can we overcome such fear especially when something is eating us inside e.g. Sexual life … Financial status . Those are two .. Issues most of men’s are facing .. Other wise if this two are upto standard they are satisfied

  2. sbsteinb1Suzanne

    Always love your attention to the erotic nature of life. I would have to add too, that sometimes fantasies are a healthy way of exploring what it would be like with someone and trying out the idea, without having to become too emotionally involved. I think men who fantasize alot are usally men who do not only enjoy sex with others, but enjoy the intimacy and privacy of sex alone. And sometimes it is the enjoyment of a private moment, and it does not always translate into a relationship or into the value of intimacy, such as sharing emotionally. Sometimes sex, maintains its independance as being a combination of a divine and personal expression wither it comes from the mind’s imagination or from a meaningless fling. I think knowing a man’s fantasies and knowing a man, can be dissconnected and I would caution not to take the power trip of knowledge as meaning more than it does.


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