How to Create That “Meant to Be” Feeling for True Romance

Whether or not you feel like you and your partner are meant to be, you can create the feeling between the two of you. After reading relationship website after website and analyzing your relationship to bits, you might feel as though you really aren’t in a fulfilling relationship. Don’t worry, many people and couples go through this and wonder whether or not they will be together for the long term. Some couples will express (and sometimes brag!) over and over again that they met and fell immediately in love. Other couples will talk about the coincidences that led them to eventually meeting and falling in love. While it is nice to believe in “meant to be” love, relationships and destiny, it doesn’t mean that you won’t last as a couple if you have never felt it.

It is extremely common for two people to meet and become inseparable, while others may meet someone and feel a “can’t live with and cannot live without” feeling. If you want to create a sense of “meant to be” love, it isn’t too late. Couples that stay together are ones that keep reinventing themselves within the relationship and who believe in continuous improvement. The more you connect and communicate with each other, the more you will begin to feel at ease in your relationship; more like friends and possibly soulmates. Get personalized advice from a psychic!

Soulmates are thought to be immediate. This is not entirely true. Soulmates can be two people that have communication skills and who aim to be the best they can be in a relationship, therefore, turning the relationship into a healthy, loving one. Here are three tips on how to work on your relationship and how to create that “meant to be” feeling. It may take some time before it fully develops within you both, but that time of development will pay off for the future and make you stronger as a couple.

Talk to Each Other: Begin a Friendship

People who stick together as a couple generally have a solid friendship as well. Create a friendship with your loved one by spending quality time and sharing and speaking about daily dilemmas and events. Start a new hobby or join a new sports team together. Join a gym together or take a cooking class. The couples who engage in the same activities as they would with their best friends can develop a deeper sense of what it truly means to be in love.

Open Up and Share Your Past

Couples can create that “meant to be feeling” by opening up to each other more. By sharing your past pains, achievements and experiences, you may see a pattern that led you to seeking out your partner. For example, if you had constantly been in relationships that involved a lack of affection and now you are given affection on a daily basis, you we’re probably meant to meet in order to fulfill that void. If you are spiritual, you might believe that a religious figure had a plan for you and put your partner in your plan or path.

Focus on What You Have in Common

Couples are generally brought together because they share some of the same traits, hobbies, favorite movies, activities and values. Sit down and examine what you truly have in common with your partner. The more you focus on these common factors, the more is will become obvious that you were meant to step into each other’s lives.

Creating that “meant to be” feeling doesn’t have to be difficult. When people begin to worry they might be with the wrong partner, there might be other contributing factors that need to be examined. Insecurities, anxiety, lack of trust or a mid-life crisis will cause any relationship to be a bit rocky. The key is to spend more time with your partner to connect and bond. In time, you will know whether they are meant to be with you or not. Having trouble moving on from a relationship? Psychic Rianne ext. 9423 has the tools you need to help you get on with your life.

2 thoughts on “How to Create That “Meant to Be” Feeling for True Romance

  1. chuck

    I had a good friend that seemed to be in a bad relationship, her and I got to be very close, almost best friends. We stood by each others side through thick n thin, she got pregnant by her astranged boyfriend again, Idk why but I was very happy for her. We stayed together n moved to another state so we could be together. Her boyfriend and her made up I’m guessing for the baby. He moved back in with her, let me say he’s a good provider and great with the kids but that’s where he stops. Her and I seem like we are inseparable and I fell in love with her, we like most of the same things n love being with each other. Her boyfriend found out the way I felt cuz she forgot to delete some of my texts to her. there is a large difference in our ages but don’t seem to bother us. But what’s worse I’ve been around her all the time for more than two years during the full pregnancy and now the baby is 18 months old and he looks a lot like me blue eyes n all. Her boyfriend has tried to break us up over the years and she won’t let that happen. He even said I can’t be around his kids I guess cuz they were calling me daddy. he almost kicked her out for seeing n being with me n this last time he was pretty serious. We still talk every day n try to see one another daily too but can’t talk when he’s hm. We do sneak out and meet often but I think we are grasping to each other as long as we can cuz were so attached n in love. Yeah I think she’s my soul mate. I’ve never loved anyone like this in my long life, hell I didn’t know this kind of love existed before 2 1/2 years ago. I have hurt her on several occasions by leaving her to go back home and lost a little trust along the way I’m sure. But she always calls me up and wants me to come back to her. We both talked and don’t know if we can go further in our relationship but the love is strong even when we argue (mostly about our relationship not moving further) but she’s the one that tries to fix things. Oh well just surviving n in love.

  2. Helen

    When I meet my soul mate I was nervous at first, But God brought him into my life for a reason. And now we are not just friends but soul mates. The love we share is meant to be. God answer me pray, and I’m so happy.


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