Your Weekend Forecast For November 2 – 4, 2012

It’s Election Time!

Falling back is the name of the game this weekend. For those of you who live in a time zone where the clocks are changed, 2 a.m. is the striking hour on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning. It is also the last weekend to put together your political views before the voting booths are open and we cast our decision for who will be the next President of the United States of America.

With all that is going on, looking forward, composing our attitudes, being mindful and keeping a positive voice for the weekend will make it a lot easier to muster through. This weekend we start with a Gemini Moon breezing its way into Cancer Saturday morning and staying put until Monday afternoon.


Frustrations give way to excellent talks about politics, and unbelievably, love as well. This is really a weekend of transition for you—letting go of old ideas, facing the facts and growing, no matter what your age is. Being that your views are very strong-handed, those around you find it hard to approach you. Be mindful of this so you do not miss anything.


The vibrations of the Cancer Moon soften your heart and ease your mind. With deep thinking, you are more quiet than usual. Your wonderful way of just being keeps those you love nearby. Very little can deter you from keeping on your path and making good decisions.


The excitement of the coming election has you and your crew talking about issues in great depth. All is good. Gathering around the table at your favorite restaurant for a few hours on Saturday night makes for a very enjoyable weekend. Although the issues of discussion are heavy within your group of friends, there is a very clear view and the flavor of agreement.


Elections, politics and a Cancer Moon… do not cry, lovely Cancer. Put your emotions where they are needed the most and be the motivational person you are—even in the hardest of times. Opening up about the truth regarding a relationship helps you free your soul. Never doubt how much appreciation your loved one feels for you.


Feeling very emotional about the condition of your home inspires you to shop for new furniture and some new paint. Change is in the air and you need to embrace it with a painting party. The new furniture is delivered free as an Election Day special after the paint dries.


Friday night you are flying high with thoughts of changing the world for the better. The weekend proves to be interesting to say the least as you embark on some new spiritual paths that open up a side of you that is different yet fascinating. Finishing a series of books that you have been sinking into with passion leaves you with a feeling of missing a good friend.


Hearing all sides of a discussion does not make it easier for you to pick a winner. Your viewpoint is very well taken by those you love and finding a good movie and restaurant for Saturday night fun has fallen into your capable hands. Being kind is just your way, with fairness as you guide all through a great weekend.


Being a tad more emotional than usual gives way to sharing deep thoughts with your favorite person. You discover your secrets are safe and feel like a big weight was lifted off your shoulders. There is harmony both night and day as the weekend proves to be a very emotionally productive one.


Savory the energy from Friday night, because it will be high, fast-paced and very exciting. Saturday is a mellow day with not much to do—a good rest is ordered by the resting gods.The week ahead is going to be a big one for you, with a little time mid week to catch you breath.


Work has become overwhelming on both fronts. Being a person with two important jobs, you need a vacation, and there is never an end to your day or night. The resting gods want you to take a break. A little fun never hurt anyone and you need it more now than ever.


Oh the drama! You say, bring it on. You’re always open for a good debate, discussion or even disagreement. You are able to blow the negative out of the way and clear the air, winning you the best seat in the house wherever you go. Having the ability to temper others’ moods makes you the best person to be around.


With a big commission coming up, this is a weekend of preparation. Do not fret, because friends and family come to the rescue with food and visits that take you away from the computer for pauses all through the weekend. The rest stops in between your work give you the energy to keep it moving forward.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast For November 2 – 4, 2012

  1. mario

    Been Capriconian who likes work and perfection it,s very true that i need a brake . I have been working all my life , i had to raise four children in a forein country ,thnk GOD i did very well and a happy family .I came back home for a better life to loose everything and start from the beginning again . GOD loves me and people like me , I ll make it again ! I rely on improving my personal development and the love serving God and HIS people !!!!!!!!!!love to all Mario Reiki Master Healer

  2. -quinn ext.5484

    hello weekend bloggers,
    for ny to get hit so hard right around the time of 9/11 put an emotional side to the storm.
    so many prayers and light energy goes out to all who were touched in any way by the weather events. being ready for the strom saved so many lives.
    there were other states that got hit – thank goodness the goverment was getting people out and getting everyone ready the best way possible.
    be safe everyone… until next friday…

  3. Randy

    I hope everyone has a nice weekend and look forward to more comments next week. There is not much imput here lately. If things are not so good even looks like a train reck someone is always worse than you just look around. My heart goes out for those in the northeast right now and I will keep them in my prayers. I know what it feels like to loose everything but there was a natural disaster and help should be on the way I pray it is.

  4. patricia alden mount

    still waiting to talk to Fiona about lost objects.
    driver’s license was stolen by police in 2001 (two thousand and one)
    or someone impersonating police who wandered off a movie set….
    and car.
    it has been used by persons in former state and several others and Tag Agency here in Tulsa Oklahoma passes them out with use of credit card.
    can anyone find the person who has and convince them to return it?


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