4 Things Keeping You From Your Soulmate

Are You Avoiding True Love?

The search for one’s soulmate is a tall order and often leads to putting pressure on yourself and your dating life—all in the name of securing a soulmate to love. But before you charge headlong into the battlefield of love again, check your methods, weapons and dating tools. You may just find there’s work for you to do yet before searching out your true soulmate!


Reflect upon where your head and heart are in this love and soulmate process. While you may think you truly want to find “The One” and are projecting that desire, you may be sending out other, less positive signals. If you are holding onto any past emotions from other relationships, or have allowed yourself to become jaded from those negative experiences, those emotions can act like a wall erected between you and finding your soulmate. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

The Wrong Romeo

When relationships go wrong, the emotional baggage can be a heavy weight, keeping you from moving forward and being open with your soulmate. This is more likely if you are still dating that wrong person, or spending time with them. How can you be open to finding your true soulmate when you are investing all of your energy in the wrong person? Blythe ext. 5339 knows if he is telling you the truth or just telling you what you want to hear. Give her a call if you want to know too!

Mistrusting Your Instincts

Second-guessing or ignoring our intuition always ends badly, yet almost everyone has done it. Whatever the reason—fear, self-doubt, judgment of others—allowing someone else to steer you wrong will always end up in heartache. Listen to what your gut tells you (and not just your libido or outside influences), and when you meet that person who deeply stirs your soul, act on it!

Tunnel Vision

Life has a bad habit of getting in the way of love. If you are overly focused on your job, your family, or any problems or challenges which encompass most of your time, it’s easy to miss intuitive signals. Being overloaded with responsibility breeds stress, which also keeps you closed to positive interactions, including potential soulmates. Re-balancing your internal self and finding peace in your day are imperative to being open enough to recognize those things in life that are truly worth investing in—including finding and sharing your life with your genuine soulmate.

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