How Do Men Know They Are in Love?

The Telltale Signs of Love

Every man follows his own path as he falls in love. No two men do it the same. However, there are similarities that most guys experience along with those three words, “I love you,” and they go a little something like this:

She is the First and Last Thing on His Mind

A man think about any woman who likes him. It is a compliment to his ego. However, it is only the very special woman who will welcome his attention at the beginning and end to his day.

He Thinks About Her Even When He’s With the Guys

Men have their “guy time,” and they have their “girl time,” and rarely shall the two meet. That is, unless he is in love, and then you will be on his mind regardless of what he’s doing, and he won’t even care about the guys razzing him for making smoochy sounds on the phone.

He Considers Her in Terms of the Future

Guys don’t always plan in advance when it comes to the women they’re dating, unless they’re falling in love. In that situation, they will find themselves planning holidays, birthdays and distant anniversaries. Ask a psychic about your situation today!

He Does Not Run Away After Sex

A lot of guys feel uncomfortable after sex. They are not sure what they should do, how they should feel and what is expected of them, so they avoid all these questions with a b-line for the door. But the man in love wants to share the afterglow with the woman he loves, and even if he falls asleep soon after, consider that a compliment that he feels comfortable enough to do so.

He Realizes His Home is Wherever She Happens to Be

Guys gravitate towards having their own space. They are natural defenders of their turf. However, when a girl enters a man’s heart, he realizes that nothing feels like home without her in it.

He Feels Like He Can Be Himself

This is a big one for a guy, as most feel like they need to play a certain role in order to impress women. When a guy meets a woman, and feels like he can let go of this alter ego, that is one of the initial signs of love. Not sure if the relationship will last? Talk with Dezi ext. 5227 to see what lies ahead for you and them.

He Doesn’t Need to Go Anywhere to Have Fun With Her

At some point in a man’s life he will find a girl who is so much his equal, that he actually enjoys doing nothing, so long as it is with her. He doesn’t have to think up extravagant activities to keep the conversation going, as she can make a boring topic exciting, a bad situation bearable, and a good time into supercalifragilisticexpialadopesheet!

He Knows How to Make Her Happy

Most guys know the feeling of running up a steep hill trying to make a girl happy. It seems as if nothing he does is ever good enough. When he finally does meet someone compatible, it becomes very easy to make her happy, and he will take great satisfaction in that.

She Resembles the Things He Likes Most About Himself

Subconsciously, all guys have a list of things they like most about themselves. These are the traits he is looking for in his better half, and when he finds the woman who holds a majority of these, he will not only respect her, but respect himself more.

He Remembers Things Without Even Trying

Guys try to impress women by listening and remembering certain facts about them. However, when love captures a man, his authentic interest will be enough to remember most everything about her. Afraid sharing your heart will only lead to more heartache? Find the healing you need through a love reading with astrologer Psychic Bridget ext. 5249.

He Notices the Little Things About Her

The guy in love often experiences a heightened sensation of awareness, which manifests itself with the ability to see his significant other as she really is. He will even notice her quirks, but love them as an expression of who she is.

He Calls Just to Talk

Guys hate to talk on the phone. In fact, one of the greatest lies men tell is that they were away from their phone when you called, and couldn’t answer. The guy in love will actually want to talk to his girl on the phone because she always makes him smile. Is he truly in love? Ask Psychic Lucy ext. 5353 for a love reading today.

He Enjoys a Good Hug

Guys interested in only sex are not particularly fond of hugs. However, a guy in love will occasionally grab his girl out of the blue, and hold her tight. This is his way of demonstrating his strength, willingness and ability to take care of her.

3 thoughts on “How Do Men Know They Are in Love?

  1. Bobbi

    I’ve been so happy with my advice that Yvonne has been guiding me with. She has been spot on with “everything!” Thank you for your clarity.

  2. Mariska G

    Since it’s written by a man, he should know how men behave when in love. It confirms what I suspected about a relationship and saw how the man seemed in no hurry to be with the woman he supposedly called “the one” when he could have been with her. Was nowhere to be found when she was sick and needed him there. Doesn’t look happy whe he’s around her and actually seems to have more fun with other people than with her. I say those 2 should break up as it is going nowhere.


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