Date and Love a Cancer

Date and Love a Cancerian: Getting Close to the Crab

If you’d like to strike up a conversation with a Cancer, then you must be warned that a superficial conversation will be met with a superficial response. Cancerians are not pushovers, and if you move in too fast or too hard, they will quickly scamper off in another direction. It’s their own internal vulnerability beneath that tough outer shell that they hope you will recognize. They don’t trust easily, but if they see something in you that mirrors a part of them, they will start to open up and let you get closer.

Dating a Cancer

If you’re dating a Cancer, then you have been invited into their home. Not the place they go to sit on the couch each evening, but their heart. For Cancers home is a feeling and the security and comfort that can be found in a home is the only feeling that puts them fully at ease.

Cancers are often called moody, as they are ruled by the Moon and follow its phases closely. If you date a Cancer you should know that they prefer romance and serenity over anything. However, if you take them for granted or speak to them unkindly, they will unleash their full strength of raw emotion, in hurricane proportion. They don’t like being told what to do, even if it’s just to “calm down.”

Love and the Cancer Woman

Though she may sometimes doubt her other decisions, once she feels love, she feels no doubt. If you love a Cancer then you should make it a point to date her, even if you’re married to her. The romance should always be kept alive. A quiet walk on a beach or a dinner overlooking the ocean will make her feel her best. She also adores gifts for her home or herself.

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A strand of pearls from the sea that can rest close to her heart and breasts (which is the part of the body this sign rules) will touch her heart. As a lover she has a high degree of sensuality—she loves the taste and feel of lovemaking and she loves when you pay special attention to her round perfect breasts. Her reciprocation will be phenomenal.

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Love and the Cancer Man

A Cancer man, though less likely to show his emotions to the degree that his female counterpart will, does feel them as deeply. To love a Cancer is to love romance itself. He also loves home and family and treasures his closest relationships dearly. He is at his best physically and mentally when he is near or in water. A midnight swim or a boat trip for two under the moonlight will make him succumb to your naughtiest thoughts. He also loves food—often incorporating food into lovemaking—so don’t forget the whipped cream. As you may have guessed, he is also a man who appreciates cleavage. Whether a lot or a little, showing it will leave him speechless.

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34 thoughts on “Date and Love a Cancer

  1. GEMINI6

    Sorry! I got interupted with my continuation. With reading all of your comments I must say
    you are all right. Except for Emils, the Cancer man I know is never lonely. Like I said we
    did have a friend & benefit relation, but he just turned 53 and still a liar, cheat, selfish and is cold and and not stable, only gets romantic when he needs some not when I do and also hurtful and cold. Now he found another person and is only looking for a meal ticket. That’s why he only wants me as a friend now, because I will not marry him and he will not except me for who I am. He comes out very caring even tells u he loves u, but he does mean it. He is just a user and plays with your emotions.

  2. GEMINI6

    Hi! Its GeminI6, with the continuation on dating a Cancer. Well, after dating this Cancer had to call it quits I agree with Denise and beauty.


    Hi! and thank you for the article. I have just reconnected with a Cancer Man, and we are
    friends but we are also romantically connected. The only think that is wrong is that he is
    50 and is not stable work wise. I need someone who is stable and has something to show
    by this stage in his life and for the future. Right now I have not had any luck in dating and
    I am fustrated and disallusioned. This Cancer man is the only one who is always there when I call and I can talk to him about anything. I am also dating a Leo who is a good man but he does not call me often, which makes me believe he does not show interest or just want company when ever he wants which we do go out to the movies alot. But, I believe that when someone has an interest in you he shows it and calls u and wants to be with u. Which that’s what the Cancer man goes.

  4. Camille

    I am a Cancer, and I am surrounded by them. My Mother was a Cancer, my first husband, my first boyfriend, a physician, after I separated from my husband, and now I am dating another one! They are great guys, but be careful when you get close to the cusp…(July 20 or more….these tend to be more Leo. All this being said, they are great people….sometimes needy, a little devious, but one of the nicest signs of the zodiac.

    My greatest love, however, was a Capricorn, same day as me, right across the zodiac in the month of January, supposedly a great match, and it was and is. We are still very close friends after 18 years. I agree with the above women who state that Capricorns like to date more than one woman. They will cheat on you, while being a wonderful guy to you. They just can’t seem to be monogamous. Their other fault is being in love with themselves! They will always be first in their lives, just accept it, for most of them are great providers, and quite traditional. They make excellent Fathers……….but remember, they may very well have something going on the side……….keep your eyes open.


    I? like Cancer females they are so caring, and supportive and most of all cute. I’m a Taurus male if any of you Cancer? females are on Facebook add me as a friend I will accept all who request to be my friend my name on there is “Deep Voice Taurus”

  6. LJ

    I like that I see a lot of Capricorn/Cancer couples – they are opposites in the zodiac circle and they go together quite well – both signs are cardinal signs which mean that although their methods may differ, their intentions are similar. As a Cancer myself, I love Capricorn’s practical side and love of traditional things.
    As I often say, there is more to a person’s make-up than just their Sun sign, but it’s a terrific (and sometimes telling) place to start.
    Thanks for all you comments – and I hope you all find the answers to your questions about relationships – May I suggest calling a psychic/astrologer on this site – they’re all quite gifted and can provide you with the guidance you seek.
    Thanks so much,

  7. linda

    Im met this man last year in aug. no line dating site and I;ve been happy seens .he is a Cancer sign br,ay june 24

  8. Patty

    I am a TRUE cancer pretty much all the way…my BD is 7/11. On the other hand, my brother’s BD is 7/22 and he is more of a blend of a cancer and a leo. So he is NOT a true cancer at all!

  9. Denise

    I was married to a Cancer & most of the statements are true that I have read, but the Cancer that was in my life was not a home body, very selfish, a cheater, a liar, & definitely doesn’t like to be told what to do. Yes very true in they love food b/c he loved to cook & can be very romantic & charming. Attitude can be very nasty @ times @ if you give them a piece of your mind in an unkind way yes they will explode but will later come back & apologize. My ex- cancer was also a mama’s boy so just imagine the tornados I went through!

  10. Beauty

    Married to a cancer for 1 yr now,was engaged for 2..he is warm romantic considerate vulnerable compassionate attractive respectful outrageously loveable VERY over protective/territorial/JEALOUS,maddly IN LOVE W/ME! I pray,cry thanking God for him,his LOVE..he lifts me up,encourages me,calls me his princess,reverence me to the higest..he shows me undieing LOVE genuinely daily,when I’m around others I feel guilty for the way I’m being LOVED..I LOVE/am IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND the CANCER.

  11. gloria

    i have been in love with my husband for 23 years . He i a cancer and i am a libra .\he has started to drink alot and has left me .\he has crawled in bed with my friend as a joke e said. then i found a not that said make love to ginny or at least get a hug. another woman. now he is working on another womans parents place instead of our which needs alot of work. but for soe reasoni still want him back. why is he going to get help and come back home.

  12. Vivian

    Yes, I am in-love with a Cancer (male) very complex. But truly a heart of gold. He is so sensual, deep in emotions, very private and a little cagey! Meaning unfaithful. But I know he is just being himself, and I am willing to except this.

  13. Emil

    Ummm I’m your most accurate definition of a cancer crab…and yet i do not have my own home, or How to attract anyone…I can be quite rude and truly not meet it, I can’t make friends really well…and the ones I do make…tend to…not like that I’m a home hermit…I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. I love food…but very picky about what I eat…And I cannot stand loud music…So if anyone wants to say Hello…Let me know! …I’m very lonely most of the time…

  14. khan farrukh

    i am capricorn and my husband is cancerian in these days our relation in trouble please help me. Is he cheating on me?

  15. This guy!

    I am dating a beautiful Caner, and could not be happier. We are in love, everything here is true. Thanks California Psychics!

  16. Tina

    I have been in love with a Cancer man for 30 years. He is not at all like what you describe (except for the cleavage part). He has broken my heart a thousand times. We loose touch, I move on, he comes back. Our timing has never been right and I don’t know if it ever will. He is not romantic, has a hard time showing emotions and affection. Did not have the best childhood and has never really allowed himself to heal and move on from it. Regardless, I have loved him from the moment I met him and always will. Whether we end up together or not, he will always hold a special place in my heart, a place that will never be filled by anyone or anything else.

  17. Mary

    I have Capture the Heart of a Cancer that’s very caring.
    My soulmate is sweet,kind,has a great sense of humor,deepli in love with me.
    He is a very trusted man that has been there for me,and,We have trust in each other.
    There are flaw that are in the way of our relationship,but,God is in the Plan for us.

  18. marsha

    I am a female Capricorn who WAS married to a Capricorn male. BIGGEST mistake I made(I was young then) because I couldn’t see through the charm, good looks and after 1 year of marriage, the REAL male Capricorn came out. Cheater, liar, ALL ABOUT ME,constant negativity and how he was too good for any woman. Give me a break. Haven’t been involved with any other Capricorns and don’t plan on being with another. The same can be said about Leos’ also.

  19. Donna

    I am married to a Cancer. He is moody & can get emotional. I have learned that to have him as a spouse & to love him I must have a strong inner belief in myself. I do not look to him to surround me with love undying proclaimed. His actions show me the love of a best friend. That is the strength of our marriage. My belief in myself & no need for major hugs & voiced declarations of love. I have peace with him as long as I listen when he needs to unload. Giving my opinion is not needed or wanted – just a shoulder to speak to. Which suits me just fine as long as I have peace in my home. We have a great marriage that does not demand self assurance from the other. All that is needed is binding deep friendship.

  20. MONE

    i am in love with a cancer but i always get mixed signals and that makes me pull away. I dont see where this will ever be between us so heartbroken right now and i miss him

  21. anne

    I really do like a cancer guy…just wondering if it is worth it…He is very charming and we talk in confidence..Love our chats & moments…should I trust him or just be friends.

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  23. faye round

    Your comment about cancer women was right on. I am a cancer and do not take criticism lightly. I have been known to unleash temper on someone if I think they are wrong about me. I am independent and divorced, but am close to the first husband. as you know, cancers never let anything go that has belonged to them! Many things cause us stress as we feel deeply about things, therefore and get breast cancer as I did , but catching it quickly, it is gone. I am a psychologist and help many people especially children.
    I have few close friends but ones I have never leave me. I have had a lover for 20 years. after unleshing my fury on him a few months ago, he did not communicate for about 3 months, but is back now with gifts and like nothing happened.

  24. Dorcas Burm

    I dated s capricorn male for five years and he was very handsome good shape at 57 but he was all about himself very vain and flirted alot and lied and cheated on me very slick man. I want to be married againbut it really going to be hard to trust any man right now i dont believe in horoscopes its the person


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