Guys’ Dirty Little Secrets

What Aren’t They Telling You

Guys are known to hide important details about their life, keeping secrets from you in the relationship. Men’s secrets range from their health to their relationship status. Today, we are going to spill the beans on six of his dirtiest secrets and how worried you should be about them.

1. He Has Flirted With at Least One Woman on the Job

Office romance has become a common occurrence. This isn’t surprising when you consider many men spend more time with their coworkers during the week then their own family. However, flirting is not a crime in itself. Men do it to remind themselves that they are attractive, sexual beings. In fact, research shows that 91 percent of flirting never leads to anything more than a slightly inflated ego (or deflated one, depending on its reciprocation). It is when playful flirting becomes overt sexual advances that it is detrimental to your relationship. The common red flags of a cheating husband include secrecy (password changes, disappearing bills, muted cell phone), lack of intimacy, and repeated late nights at the office. Has their flirting gotten out of hand? Talk to Psychic Alison ext. 9885 to learn what’s going on in their mind.

2. He’s Been in Contact With an Ex Since You’ve Been Dating

Women feel betrayed when they discover an e-mail or Facebook message from a ghost of their guy’s past. However, most guys keep in touch with an ex while dating exclusively. The only difference is that not all of them get caught. Is this a sign that your guy is not happy in your relationship? Not necessarily. Men doubt their ability to choose the right woman and feel more comfortable when they have an S.O.S. tug boat offshore just in case things don’t work out. You shouldn’t worry too much about this casual connection, so long as he doesn’t become increasingly secretive and distant.

3. He Needs Clean Underwear

This is one of man’s most literal “dirty” secrets. Your man’s mom and ex-girlfriends/wives have spoiled him. Research suggests that men purchase their own underwear over a seventeen-year period, beginning at the age 19 and ending somewhere around 36. This means that if you are dating a divorcee (age 35 or over), he may have had the same tighty-whities since President Bush was in office. Give a guy a break when it comes to his undergarment fashion statement. Men rarely throw underwear away; they lose them, such as when a pair sticks to the bottom of the hamper and becomes a permanent addition to it.

4. Men Thwart Their Own Sexual Experience

Men can have sexual difficulties, leaving women to wonder what they can do to make him work better. The truth is, men can be the cause of their own dysfunction. This is not always the case, as certain physiological problems do happen. However, more often than not, sexual dysfunction is caused by his own hand, quite literally. When men masturbate, a hard stroke can promote a quick orgasm, which can lead to premature ejaculation. Frequent sexual experiences with hardcore porn (or in unnatural positions), can numb a man to the act of sex, making it difficult for him to orgasm. These moments should never make you feel like any less of a woman. 

5. He Thinks Marriage is a Bomb Aimed at His Libido, and It’s Up to You to Stifle Its Ignition

It is common thinking for men to assume marriage as a sex breaker. They get this idea from the barrage of information cast across television, film, and social media. Sex does seem to diminish over the course of the marriage. However, the fact that men assume this, promotes the tendency to place the majority of fault on his partner’s waning interest. Sex is more than just a warm fuzzy around his “Johnson.” Most men consider cheating as a means to feel desired and needed. The best way to prove this stereotype wrong is to work to keep your sex exciting.

6. How Ever Much Sex You Think is Enough, He Wants Twice As Much!

Studies suggest men are rarely satisfied with the amount of sex they are getting from their partner. Should you be concerned? Partners with libidos that are off kilter are quite common. However, how you deal with these differences will shape the definition of future intimacy in your relationship. Sexual compromise means that you make yourself available more, while he has to learn to deal with those occasions when you aren’t in the mood. By maintaining compatibility, you will minimize the chance of sex ever becoming a statement of rejection.

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26 thoughts on “Guys’ Dirty Little Secrets

  1. Marilyn

    Reality is everyone needs a balance in their lives. Underwear is important if they are comfortable and fit under clothes gently. A lot of women are comfortable with a real man and their underwear is kept clean .

  2. Elisa

    I was in a relationship for18 years and one day he just move out . He said because he was unhappy . I notice prior that he was always texting . I ask and he said just my frank . So I order the phone bill and he was talking to women 12 year younger that i was in facebook as our friend request . I confirm him and he said that he doesn’t care for her they just talk.because she had divorced problem . She decorated his apartment.and seen each other . Now he realized that he made mistake and wants back home. After I serve him papers . He says that he doesn’t talk her anymore but how can I be sure that thereis nothing there between them . She Facebook me everything and I show it to him . He been coming to the house every day since . But how can I believe him that he doesn’t have anything to do with her anymore. Please help

  3. sharon

    been with this male for six month sex use to be great now its a quickie he said he was nervous the first 3 1/2 months then all quickies when he wanted it no pleasure for me wuz goin on i feel in luv with him left hubby stupid move on my part i guess i wasnt gettin it from him neighter

  4. Rose

    Wow all I can add is my mate after 2 years decided that since we gained weight I was not attractive anymore lol. I never discouraged por sites or if he went to the strip bars with the guys . But when he started being emotionally involved via tex with young woman ,that he encountered thru his daily work routine ,driving around town . I questioned it and didn’t know till I got the courage to check his cell phone and confront him about it. He Locke d me out of the phone but I still got in from time to time . What changed was I left him we got back together and he is a different person sex is actually happening between us again ! Not pressuring him about it any more. P .s he has 2 cell phones now lol. Since all is well now I will give him privacy for now lol.

  5. Jamila

    I have read this with my man hoping to extract some signs or reactions out of him, but, of course, got nothing, which is a 7th dirty secret that u have to add up there.

  6. Rose


    If a person is so insecure and feel they need to threaten their partner to keep them under control. It’s not love.

  7. Yzette

    Regarding #5: And of course, the men who believe what the media tells them and create these self-fulfilling prophesies are never out-of-shape, lazy, selfish, slovenly, sloppy, or plain ol’ penis-centric and boring in bed, themselves. They’re never anything less than broad-shouldered, tight-stomached, wonderful, charming, supportive, sensual lovers who care about the wife’s satisfaction and fulfillment, never take a passive role in their kids’ lives, and never fail to understand that the wife is no less exhausted from her busy day at work than they are. No, never!

    Please. It’s not up to the wife to shoulder all of the responsibility for a good sex life. It’s 50% his responsibility, too.

  8. greeneyes

    ok guys are guys ….keeping everything simple and sex is all they have on their mind lol! Right! For that women that stuck on that married man …move the f«&^ on! Being there and he had no intention on leaving his wife…I call him selfish…me myself and certainly not you! Find someone that will be there for you! Believe he is out there keep looking but at the right places! Greeneyesc

  9. Ana

    I think the old saying of 30 people/30 points of view goes for this male/ female subject of sex – Most time advice is if you’re not getting your needs met – arrive at options for you to get what you need – present them to a partner – with a window of time to make an effort –
    Find out what motivates each person – In this day and time it is sex or money – In every bottom line scenario – whether marriage or status or image – Little details are irrelevant really -What do you want ? What will you do for it? What will you not tolerate? Men can relate to a 3 strikes you’re out -Women know there are plenty of proud cocks out there and so little time – Mind re-programming of women for evolution of stronger women – It starts with mothers of daughters/mothers of sons – Women are their own worst enemy because we and our mothers and our men’s mothers and their mothers have the responsibility to raise Psychologically healthy adults – We really do have the Power…

  10. judy


  11. Emmanuel

    I have a girl friend whom I love so much. when ever I travel long for school activities like for some months,she keeps on threatening me dat “if I don’t come back in a given time ,that she will have another boy friend”I want to know if she truely loves me or not…Emmanuel

  12. Bella

    Please help!
    I have been dating this married man that has been separated for three years. He always confide in me. He lately told me that his wife wanted them to get back together, but he was afraid that she might end up leaving again. Being open was very difficult for him. Each time we see each other he seem very grateful about the fact that he is able to open up and confide in me about everything . Any way to cut the story short, I am just afraid that this man only sees me as a friend and don’t know what to think anymore. What do I do? Is there anyone out there who has gone through this, or who can advise me?

  13. jolenejensen

    I believe this can also apply equally to women…I was married for 20 years & my husband cheated on me the last 17 of them. Flirting is harmless but when one or the other crosses the line it creates an insecurity on the innocent parner. If a person feels they need to expand into someone elses bedroom then they need to talk to their partner. They may consider an open relationship, figure out why he/she is unhappy(couseling), or seperate/divorce. Sex was almost never…In this time I realized it isn’t about sex but passion. I don’t expect anything performance wise from the partners I choose to be with and then I am always pleasantly surprised.

  14. Teresa

    Yvonne, You need to take care of yourself and forget about him. I would look for a good therapist to talk too. The only one he has thought about is himself and his need in life. Take care.

  15. Diane Crane

    You mean sex is “only as good as the last show”?? This is FAR too performance oriented. No one should have to work that hard, especially when you should know each other’s pleasures .

  16. Charleen

    According to these 6 traits or behaviors, men are basically disgusting neandertals that have stopped evolving. No wonder I’m sick of them. Who gives a shit about their crusty underwear. This advertisement was not at all enticing and only made men look more idiotic than they already are. What a turn on! If you are looking to boost your sales, I don’t thik this will entice women unless they are masochistic.

  17. Tammy

    What if my boyfriend goes into the bathroom
    With his phone. And he talks about sex as
    Being contraction of musials.

  18. Annetta

    I don’t have money to subscript to the readings because my husband took what money I earned and put it in his raining day fund. I’ve since divorced him and had to start over by working 3- jobs to make ends meet I’ve sold my car, I’m selling my piano and whatever else I can work out. I Love the bastard but hate how he has treated me and every other woman he has had in his life. I just feel he thinks its ok to do the things that he has done to every woman he has been with and his own kids have had the effect of what their dad has been doing and it hurts me to see what he is doing to not only me but everyone else.

  19. JAdler

    I can top all of the above…10 yr relationship, comes to me one day and tells me he got married. there was not one indication that anything in our relationship had changed or the relationship was in trouble. I’m still reeling from it. He refused to talk to me about what went wrong,…he’s just gone. I think I’m still in shock.

  20. Pisces rising

    I think the libido’s of each gender are becoming more equalized. Women are in the work force as much as men are. The activities are about equal and besides have you seen a man come home from work at the end of a long day and start the “next job” of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, etc. Women HAVE more energy. As a woman in a long term relationship I am in the mood more than he.

    These things are individual and no longer gender related. Women are more programmed to “lovemaking” than just sex. So make her feel special and that the physical contact you crave IS BECAUSE you love her then you won’t have rejection as often.

  21. Devora

    Hi to all of you,

    I aske why you inclusion men, is it right to do so?
    the same can be with weman I think so.


  22. yvonne carter

    my husband of 15yrs. has been cheating on me for the last couple of years. even though i haven’t seen it with my own eyes, the red flags are there. we haven’t had sex in almost a year, the intimacy is gone, the bills are behind, and he was a trucker not now because of health issues, but when he was trucking, he claimed that he ran out of hours so he did not come home sometimes 3or 4times a week, has friends all of a sudden that i haven’t nor do he want me to meet and is just act like he hates to be home. now that his health is failing he asked me if he got to the point that if he needed help would i help him? and not to mention that he keeps his phone locked and tied to his hip plus he have two bank account and refuses to put my name on either one of them. what do u think i should do? it frustrates me to look at him cause i know

  23. angela a

    I hope my comment got through (my screen abruptly vanished…) Here it is, again: #4 really
    clarified male masturbation (putting the cart before the horse). Plus, when there is sex abuse/
    sexual crime (anger issues) in the family, “numb” doesn not begin to explain how a man feels
    about becoming close to someone, who actually cares.


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