Get the Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

Reach for Your Ideal Mate

We are creatures of habit. Change, although inevitable, is rarely embraced, yet it is the solid absolute easiest way to get what you want!

To those in unhappy relationships: Many people stay in relationships for reasons that have nothing to do with their happiness. How can we believe that anything but love and joy would bring us happiness? Fear of money, others opinions, conflict, risk of being alone, fear of what the other person will do; all these things are beyond our control and you are a merely sacrificing your life and happiness in vane.

To those alone: We tend to perpetuate the negatives in our lives and get stuck in our day to day ruts, interacting with the same people day after day and expecting something different to miraculously happen “some” day. Yet week after week, month after month… it stays exactly the same.

What to do? Take action. Look at where you are at, who you’re surrounded by, and get a realistic view of what to do (step by step) to get to a place where you are open and ready to find the relationship that you have dreamed of having! Once you’ve done that, you’re ready!

I like to work both angles: spiritual prayer for what I want, and some good old fashioned taking action. It works for me, and many of my clients! You can write a “want ad” for the kind of relationship you want. Write that on some nice paper, roll it up and put a ribbon on it. Hang or place it where you can see it on a regular basis. Every time that you see it, stop and close your eyes and send up a wisp of energy or prayer up through the rolled paper, up into the heavens, in the form of a statement: “Please bring me the relationship I desire.”

For the action part of the deal, you need to identify places and events that your dreamboat lover might go, I like to use things I enjoy as that would create an immediate shared interest. Classes of interest, clubs, teams, these are great places to meet people who like what you do. If it’s harder for you socially, there are many social sites that cater to different clientele, Christian, senior, yoga, sport, and even travel dating groups. There are single parent clubs, dinner party groups, or tours that offer a chance to do something you like and meet other singles. Have lunch in parks, volunteer at charities, and fund raisers, pursue being out there either in body or online. Whatever you do… be active in pursuing love, and you will find it!

Final word on the creation of a great relationship: Don’t settle for less! Make sure you’re clear that the first interested party that comes along doesn’t mean that’s it. Be clear about what you have to offer, work on your self-esteem if needed, yet please do not settle. Love yourself enough to find the “right” partner!

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5 thoughts on “Get the Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed Of!

  1. Jane

    I think I settled a long time ago and am still with the same man. I do love him but am not in love with him. We have been married 43 years. What a rut!

  2. Rosalyn

    i meet guy in family dollar he the store manger and never have time to spend with cause but really care for but everyone tells me leave him alone because hanging out just working wat can do should leave or stay he cares bout but hard to do thing if boss on ass all the time for work he doesnt have social life what going on does he care bout me or wat

  3. jennifer

    i had always dreamed abt the person i loved the most and meeting him was also a dream but now that dream has come true and i feel excited but again i wanted him to be my future partner he wants to be but he is refusing can i get him back.will u pls help me.

  4. Shon

    That is the best advice in the world I loved reading it it made so much sense to me. I am going threw a bad break up right now and I’m hurting really bad.I would like to say more but it’s so much. But thanks for that advice it made me feel better this evening.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Love your articles, Yemaya !!!!!!

    Yes….never settle for less…..hold out until you really find that right person…..and eventually,if you have an active plan, you will !!!!!


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