Psychic Quinn: Sharing Her Successes

Guiding You on the Path

Quinn ext. 5484 is a straightforward reader with strong clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. She can help you understand the role karma plays in your life and help you transform negative experiences into positive influences for the future. She may employ her knowledge of the Tarot to gain additional details or numerology to take an in-depth look into your past, present and future. Quinn ext. 5484 has decades of experience guiding those in pursuit of love, career goals, artistic endeavors and spiritual healing. Her goal is to give you peace of mind, restore balance in your life and open new avenues of understanding.

We sat down with her to talk about her path, and got some interesting answers:

“I am one of the real hippies, a true baby boomer. I’m from a Russian background, and was not sure of who had the psychic talent in the family. I was aware of my inner vibrations about others at around nine years old.

“Learning the study of Science of Mind started with my father when I sixteen. It was a wonderful experience and enriched my life to this day. Many of the people I met along the way were astrologers, Tarot card readers, palm readers and very psychic. My interest grew with each turn of the page from all the books I was told about, which to this day I still have. Loving math and chess taught me how to deal with thinking ahead and making decisions, and by putting two and two together, I found that numerology was a science I could take with me wherever I went. I had the Tarot in my bag, and I often did readings at work, where I was a makeup artist and hair stylist since 1968 – I was given a broad scoop of people to read for and I guess you can say I cut my teeth on psychic readings in the beauty salons.

“In the early eighties I was co-owner of a kennel where I found great insight through the care and training of dogs.

“The things that I love are art, music, animals and men… my life experiences are many and through a dream I had after my dad passed I moved to the desert and found the largest Buddhist community where I practiced for many years. Now I am an independent Nichiren Buddhist and with my online sangha (community) I learn new lessons every day about life, love and the gift of happiness.

“Practicing transcendental meditation since 1972 gave me a strong foundation and the ability to listen to people without absorbing stress and the mindfulness to help them live in the solution, not their problems.

“I have been working on the psychic lines for over twenty years and loving it.”

She also shared some incredible success stories from her clients:

“In the mid-nineties I started to read for a young woman, she is a Cancer–Tiger with a law degree and a love for military men. Brokenhearted, she called me, and after an hour or so of readings, the tears stopped and she gained a balance and direction so she could move forward with her plans. Six years into our psychic relationship she finally married the man she thought she never would. One of the things I always told her was that he loved her more than she loved him. That took some time for her to wrap her mind around, yet running off to get married proved to be a happy ending. We still do a reading every once in awhile, I think more to keep in touch than to see what’s ahead for her, as she has learned how to keep her own balance, live in the moment and think positive.

“I was so overwhelmed by one caller that we both cried. A man adopted one of her kittens and brought it back to her very damaged. She took the kitty to the vet and the vet confirmed what I had said: ‘the kitten was abused.’ By reading for her I was able to see this man and that he was indeed mentally ill, and that if he was abusing cats he was sure to move on to bigger things. There was an urgency to stop him. It was a horrific time, but we hunkered down and got into his head and found a way to uncover his violence to animals. He was arrested and had to go to a mental hospital for many years for treatment.

“A wonderful man called me quite often to talk about his lover and his lovers’ chickens—the frustration was intense to say the least, and he wanted so much to move into his own home. Money was tight, yet business was excellent, and with lots of encouragement from me it continued to grow. The words “never give up” were ones I would say to him during each call. We also did lots of visualizing, actually seeing him in his own home. He worried about how he would pay for everything, he worried about finding the best place and the right people to do the work needed to bring it up to his standards. With lots of positive thinking, long talks and instilling confidence, he was in his own home by the holidays two years ago with his business growing more each day, while he’s still able to maintain the relationship with his man and his chickens.”

What can Quinn ext. 5484 see for you?

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  1. jeff trego

    this is for Quinn. Many things have been on my mind since we talked on Friday. Mostly Rachel, I am going to be calling you again reguarding her.

  2. Free Psychic Readings

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.


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