Get the Relationship You Always Wanted

Get the Relationship You Always Wanted

Are you tired of finding yourself in unsatisfying or dead-end relationships? Are you wondering why “Mr. Right” so often ends up being “Mr. Wrong?” Sometimes we undermine our real desires with self-doubt, fear, and unhealthy thought patterns. If you are ready to shuck your old, disappointing relationship pattern for a healthier, happier, more blissful one, read on!

Projection and Attraction

We project our thoughts and feelings, which in turn, attract the same. It is as though we are magnetized beings, pulling similar beings towards us. So, make sure you are focusing on the positive and desirable traits you are looking for in a significant other and not potentially sabotaging yourself through subconscious negative thought patterns. When you are truly ready to choose the healthiest and most appropriate mate for you, you will automatically project and attract this person—as humans, we are powerfully driven by our thoughts and motivations!

Intention, Not Just Action

As we are all creatures of habit, we often have thoroughly entrenched thought processes and behaviors, which continue to attract the same kind of things, and the same kind people, into our lives. If we are dissatisfied with these results, then we need to change our actions!

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Taking action by doing what you’ve always done will get you exactly what you have gotten so far. Putting positive and constructive intention into your actions is what will make all of the difference. Whatever your intentions in regard to the relationship you desire, make sure you follow through by your actions!

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The Best Possible You

There’s a reason, it is said, that we humans teach other people how to treat us. Our self-esteem not only affects how we present ourselves to significant others, but also invites them to treat us in those ways which are congruent with what we believe we want and deserve. Our response to these behaviors, whatever that may be, further defines our significant other’s thoughts and actions within the relationship. Work on accepting, improving, and loving yourself. You will quickly see how your inner confidence born of this spiritual work attracts and creates the type of mate and relationship which best reflects the true, healthy and beautiful “you.”

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