Your Money Horoscope for December 2013

Mercury’s Travels and Your Money Horoscope

Mercury, the planet of commerce, will zip through three signs this month, starting in Scorpio, then Sagittarius and ending the month in Capricorn. If your Sun or Rising Sign is a sign ahead of any of these signs, take advantage of Mercury’s visit to your second house (your house of money), but don’t delay—Mercury’s on the move in December’s money horoscope.

Your Money and the Moon

Your money horoscope for December includes a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 2nd, which is not only a gift to Sagittarius but all Fire Signs.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 17th will interact with headstrong Mars and chaotic Uranus to create a bit of excitement and possibly even some tension with regard to the upcoming holidays. Do only what you can—don’t overstep the budget and don’t sweat the small stuff. The holiday season isn’t about gifts or lavish dinners; it’s about being with the ones you love, and that is the real energy of the Gemini Full Moon—communication and togetherness.

Welcoming Winter

The Sun enters Capricorn on December 21—the same day we welcome winter (or summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). This is also the day when Venus turns retrograde in practical and traditional Capricorn. Venus not only rules the realm of romance, she also has a finger on the pulse of finance. As she retrogrades, she’ll affect everyone’s money horoscope. Venus in Capricorn could save the family budget as her attention focuses on needs over wants.

Now let’s look at your money horoscope for December:


Your ruler, Mars, interacts with Uranus affecting partnerships and career. As Uranus turns direct, your career plans move forward. After the 17th financial-based negotiations prove fruitful.


Your money horoscope for December shines. The New Moon in fellow Earth Sign, Capricorn as well as the Full Moon in your money house mean December is a financially rewarding time for you.

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With Venus retrograde in your house of other people’s money, it will be necessary to keep within budget. Planning ahead will prevent last-minute, costly decisions, although Venus will also help you find some bargains.


There’s a New Moon in Sagittarius, your house of work, on the 2nd, followed by Mercury’s entry into the same sign on the 4th. You’ll be busy making money and the 10th looks particularly encouraging.


Venus retrogrades in your house of work, which could mean that even if you do get a boost in income, it may not be all that you had hoped for. Alternatively, relying on your strength and creativity will renew faith in your ability to have it all.


Mars’ entrance into Libra on the 7th will highlight your money horoscope for December, fueling your ability to attract money and boost income. The Full Moon in Gemini lights up your career house, getting you noticed by decision-makers.

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Jupiter and Saturn team up in your houses of career and money, signaling a time when raises and bonuses are quite possible. You’ll also be able to find some excellent sales during December. Avoid spending money before it’s in the bank.


Financial blessings come your way via the New and Full Moons in your houses of money and other people’s money, respectively. Your money horoscope for December tells us that money comes your way.


The New Moon in your sign is the bright spot in your money horoscope. Venus, however, is in your house of money, and while retrograding in practical Capricorn, you’ll want to spend only what you have to—put the rest in the bank.


The Venus retrograde won’t affect your finances as much as Mars entering your career house on the 7th will. You’ll be busy in the beginning of December, and that will boost your income. Some new opportunities come after Mercury and the Sun both enter your sign.


Jupiter in your house of work and Saturn in your career house will work together to give you some financial recognition for all the hard work you’ve done over the past year. It’s about time, wouldn’t you say?

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There’s a stunning New Moon in your house of career and introductions and past work efforts could land you some extra cash for the holidays. After the Full Moon you’ll focus on sharing your good fortune with friends and family through entertaining.

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    Dear Joanmarie:
    Thank you so much for reading and liking the scopes. I have a lot of fun doing them and I love keeping people informed about the stars and how they work within our lives.

  2. LJ

    Dear Shireen: The only thing I can tell you in this venue is that getting stuck in a rut is a choice. Life is a choice and we are blessed with free will. Go after what and whom you really want and see if it works. But in order to let someone into your life, sometimes you have to let someone go. Holding on to something or someone who isn’t your personal preference isn’t fair to either you or the other person. What I can tell you is that even if I cared about someone if they told me that I wasn’t the one they wanted to grow old with – I’d make sure they didn’t – unless, of course that statement was made in anger or during an argument when we often say things we don’t really mean. You have to be true to your own heart dear – life is too short to wish for the best situation to manifest itself – you have to do your part to make life happen. I do hope you find your true love – whether it’s Fred or the man your with now. Deal with reality first, not just wishes – is your first love offering you what you want – is your current love shut down for reasons you don’t understand – there’s lots here to figure out – and someone can help you figure it out – but the answers you need first come from within your own heart and your own reality. Best of luck …

  3. LJ

    Dear Rosalie: To find out the outcome of your lawsuits, I would suggest consulting a psychic/astrologer – perhaps a numerologist. I can’t do much to help you since I don’t know your sign or birthdate – but also, the comment forum is not a very private place to discuss your personal information. Why not invest in a reading to get your answers? I know I’d be curious if I were you too. Knowing that you can provide for your family is an important and very personal subject. Best of luck.

  4. Shirren

    In Oct 2013. My first Love came back into my life. @t this time he is in a relationship. But so am I. What I would like to know is Will his relationship end and will the 2 of us re-unite to have our own relationship. The man I am with we have been together for 18yrs and have been through so much. I care so much about him and want him to enjoy his retirement and be happy. He once told me I wasn’t the one he wanted to grow old with and we haven’t had intamacy for years now. I have just been going through the motions so to speak cause how do you leave someone who has been dependable, caring, You care about with your heart. I use to see no one but him and my heart sang and eyes lit up until Fred my first love came back into my life now I am having a hard time getting back to that place I was in with Carl. Is there a chance for and will Fred and I have that life together? Or will I be stuck in the rut and make my way back. I want the 1st Love. And dont want to have to settle. Help. Thanx

  5. Rosalie

    I have two law suits pending and I wondering if my money will be collected for me to continue taking care of my family


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