Your Crescent Moon Horoscope for December 2013

What Does the Crescent Moon Have in Store for You?

The regenerative energy of the December 3 Sagittarius Crescent Moon will be aligned with the hugely powerful center of our Milky Way Galaxy made so famous by the Mayan 2012 prophecies. This is where the Sun is also “reborn” on December 21, so you’ll be seeing some major new beginnings during the month of December, all concerning personal transformation and the rebirth of love relationships and commitments.

The crescent moons on the 4th and 5th are in Capricorn, with the December 6 moon in Aquarius. Each crescent moon initiates something new for the month and impacts a special area of your chart and your life. The December 5 moon initiates love and money events unfolding over the next few months.


You’re ready to change the world on the Tuesday, December 3 crescent moon. Pour excess energy into sports, travel or creatively planning for the future. On the 4th surprise events will surround you, but you’re ready. Notice if others aren’t keeping up with you and adjust. The 5th brings really hot passion and drive, so have fun.


Use the crescent moon on Wednesday, December 4 to dream and strategize regarding your creative goals. You are driven by your passion and can initiate some healthy living habits. The 5th can be an overwhelmingly delicious, sexy day. It’s easy to overdo it, so keep that health goal in mind. Career will demand your focus on the 6th.


Your partner and home life will be your focus on the crescent moon on Tuesday, December 3. Create a sensual culinary masterpiece with your partner for a great evening. December 4 and 5 brings focus to your deepest passionate urges. Address any fear/control issues and your sexual relationship can reach great new heights.


You have been building toward further commitment in your relationships for a time. On December 3 work will be demanding, so use the 4th and 5th to give greater focus to your relationship. Discuss what makes both you and your partner feel secure enough to make serious future plans together.

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December 3’s crescent moon is fabulous for love and creativity. You’ll enjoy innovations in both those areas of life. Meditate on the crescent moon just after sunset to inspire a new song, play or book. You’ll be focused on work activities on the 4th and 5th with a few too many surprises in this area. You can give more attention to your lover on the 6th.


After a busy December 3, you’ll find more freedom to do creative work during the high-energy crescent moons on the 4th and 5th. In fact, your love and creative life will be really intense on these evenings. Gazing at the moon with your lover could be a really magical beginning to an evening of fun and romance.


The crescent moon on Tuesday, December 3 enhances communication with your partner. They’ve been erratic in their behavior for awhile, but those brilliant flashes you’ll have today will bring a new approach to your relationship. After they adjust to changes on the 4th/5th, you’ll enjoy the improved flow between you.

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You’ll be feeling romantic on the Tuesday, December 3 crescent moon. You’ll also be conscious of finances on this day, so plan a walk along the beach rather than going out to an expensive restaurant. The 4th and 5th bring really intense passion to your love life and creative projects, so use those beautiful crescent moons after sunset for a magical time.


You’ll be feeling like a “new you” on the crescent moon of Tuesday, December 3. Take the opportunity to enjoy the moon after sunset for romance you’re your creative drive. Mercury entering you sign on the 5th helps your fiery natural expression. The crescent moon of the 6th enhances this fun and magical communications.


Use the crescent moons on December 4 and 5 to really unleash your great instincts in business and personal strategies. What you are feeling is going on behind the scenes is accurate. Use this knowledge if you are signing any contracts or are seeing an attorney for assistance. By the 5th you could be in a very advantageous position and travel could be beneficial and sexy.


Plan social activities for the evening of the December 3 crescent moon. Surprise events and important new friendships can be established that will improve your position in life. Spend some time on the 4th and the 5th contemplating your inner self and be prepared to use what you learn to really express ideas effectively on the 6th.

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You give “birth” to a new public image on the crescent moon on December 3. Your charisma and sweet nature bring positive attention and rewards. Friends and social networking offer intense activity that is hugely important on the 4th and the 5th. Promote your creative ideas including dreams for your personal life on these days.

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