Find Your Valentine’s Day Date

Get the One You’re Looking For

Looking for someone to call your Valentine, at least for the big night? Look no further as we cook up some innovative ways to find a date just in time for this romantic holiday.

Internet It Up

There are so many dating sites on the Internet these days that you really don’t have an excuse for not checking a few of them out. It’s a perfect way to find someone also looking, and your anonymous sifting through the eligible bachelor list gives you the ability to choose what you are looking for without having to break his heart turning him down, lest he not live up to your standards. Facebook could also be helpful if you’ve got a friend or two on there you wouldn’t mind cozying up to should you get up the courage to ask!

Grow Some Courage

There’s a wise old quote that’ll serve you well throughout life: “Do something every day that scares you.” Today that could be asking someone out for Valentine’s Day—perhaps someone you’ve had a crush on for awhile. You don’t have to make it a formal occasion; just asking him out for a drink will be enough to qualify as a date for the big V-Day, and can take some of the pressure off of a day long famous for its romantic significance.

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Super Bowl Parties

Getting out and being social is the only way to meet more men from which to choose your Romeo. As many men this time of year are big on the Super Bowl, attending a party is a great way to make yourself more available to being asked out on a date, especially if you two have a mutual friend in common. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

The Friend Filter

Instead of trying your luck on strangers, ask a few friends if they may know of someone who’d be open to a date who may be compatible with you. You know your friend wouldn’t set you up with a sleaze, so the odds of having a good time with the guy are more in your favor than if you’d just met him randomly.

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15 thoughts on “Find Your Valentine’s Day Date

  1. jamie oakley

    i am looking for a girl who likes to have fun and laugh between 5′-5’7″ between 100lbs-to 135 blonde,, hair sounds like you leave a comment for me

  2. Inez

    Hi, my name is Inez. Hopefully we all find someone special to share everyday with. I too dont like to be lonely. I am still waiting to meet someone great.

  3. Kit-Kat

    I’m looking for an attractive guy with a funny personality and doesn’t have to be extremely smart and is extremely young (12 years old one guy for me one for my sister Katie I’m Kristina.)

  4. theophilus Abbey

    Hi Lillian how are u doing hope u are ok well I felt I should no u so dat u can be my. Val well u can reach me on facebook abiodun emmanuel asaoku so please am expecting

  5. terry

    I have tryed all the inter net and havent any body my be IT was that I TOLD THEM ia live on a fix I come after my wife of cancer we ware married40 years and just 69 I put and they think I was to old I am a very active guy to I is diffent to if your a nice guy they don,t belive me I hate being a long just mybe to shie I put 55–66 my wife was66. DISCURAGE ,.TERRY.

  6. Liliana

    Hi ! I am looking for a date on Valentine’s Day. I am outgoing, enjoy the nightlife, fun, wine and dine, movies, etc. If there is a guy out there who would like to join me on this day, let me know.



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