How to Find True Love After a Divorce

Revving up for the dating world again after a divorce can be daunting, so it’s best to have your head squarely in the game. Doing mental and spiritual work on yourself is necessary in order to choose a mate more wisely in the future, so let’s look at your homework! Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Are you ready your next partner?

It’s a necessity that you work through any emotional baggage you’ve accumulated in the course of your previous relationship, unless you want to be dragging all of that ex-gunk into the next one. It takes time, effort and self-reflection to do the spiritual work on yourself, but if you don’t you’ll probably end up sabotaging your next potential relationship! Be patient with yourself. It’s a huge emotional loss to lose your mate and if you don’t give yourself the time to heal and allow yourself to move on, you’ll never shuck that negative energy. It’s imperative to look for a relationship for the right reasons—not out of loss, loneliness or desperation. Ask yourself if you are truly prepared to put in the work it takes to sustain a healthy relationship again. 


Your external appearance can be a direct reflection of your internal world, so make a few positive and impressive changes in yourself. It’ll make you feel better about starting anew and attract the kind of attention you want when reentering the dating field. Are you feeling a bit self-conscious about the way you look? Talk to Psychic Kinsey ext. 5135 and she’ll work with you on boosting your confidence. 

Get out there

You’re not going to meet many new people doing the same things and going to the same places you always have; all that’ll do is rehash old memories of your ex! Make new friends, sign up for different activities, volunteer somewhere or embrace your interests and creative spirit. When you’re with friends you’re more comfortable, confident and desirable to others.

Internet dating sites

These days a great way to jump back into the dating fold is through online dating. If you live a busy life or are a bit on the shy side, join an online site that will do a lot of the work (and filtering) for you. This way you know the other person is looking for the same things you are and the chance of compatibility is much higher than randomly bumping into someone on the street.

No desperate searches

This journey is about rediscovering yourself, finding love and celebrating your new life. Those who constantly seek a partner usually end up pushing people away by looking desperate or overly aggressive, so let things unfold naturally and in their own time.

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