Are You Sick of Being Single?

Tips on Manifesting Your Love Life

The most commonly asked questions I get during my readings are “When will ‘the one’ come into my life?” and “Why isn’t it happening for me?” For those of you who feel as though you’ve tried everything to attract a long-term mate, you may be missing some important facts about the Universe, and perhaps what you’re doing may not be in your highest good.

Using the Law of Attraction, here are ways to manifest a relationship that lasts!

Clear Out the Emotional Clutter

Are you holding onto issues from your romantic past? That is the #1 way to kill the relationship between you and the Universe. Remember, it responds to your strongest feelings. So if you’re projecting negativity, you will only receive what you project. If you’re hoping to reconcile with an old lover, but still pursuing a new one, do not expect to attract a new and available partner. You aren’t truly available yourself!

Have Achievable Expectations

When you only focus on attracting a fantasy, the real partner will not be able to enter your life and even if he or she does, they will not be good enough in your eyes. The Universe responds to our desires, but there’s a certain reality we must face—we’re trying to attract an actual human, not a robot programmed for perfection.

Only Focus on the “Deal Breakers”

Creating a mental or physical list of the qualities you want in a mate is fine, but if you’re rigid about hair/eye color, facial features and earned income (literally down to the dollar), you’re limiting options the Universe can deliver. Here are some examples of some potential deal breakers:

• Are they emotionally and/or financially stable?
• Do they follow through with their promises?
• Do they have a history of cheating?
• Do they want to have a family?

There are many other things to consider, but you get the point.

Be the Person You Want to Attract

Once you’ve completed your list, make sure the qualities you’re seeking match the energy you’re putting out to the public. If you want someone who radiates love toward all those around him or her, you need to be doing the same thing. If you’re trying to attract someone who is open and nonjudgmental, be exactly that.

Just Say Yes

Going to events you’d normally avoid is the easiest way to change the energy you’ve been attracting in the past. When we’re stuck in our ways, sometimes we miss opportunities that could benefit our highest good, just because we’re living in fear. If you want someone to take a chance on you, it’s best to take a chance on life. Just say yes to invitations. Exposing yourself to new people and environments will boost your self-esteem and transform your energy.

You Won’t Hit the “Jackpot” Right Out of the Gate

The Universe has a way of knowing what’s in our highest good before we do. As you begin your journey of working with the Law of Attraction, understand that you may have to kiss a few frogs before you get to your prince or princess. Generally, these “frogs” look good on paper, but something may be lacking. It could be a while until you hit the jackpot and meet the person who makes you feel like a million bucks.

Sometimes we think we’re ready, but in reality, we are not. This also means “the one” or, as I like to say, “your complimentary opposite” may not be available in what you think is a reasonable amount of time. You may need time fillers (the frogs) to keep you occupied. In some cases, one may need some time for a much needed self-confidence boost, especially if they have been single for many years.

It’s best to keep things simple while manifesting the love life you desire. You only need to remember one thing: What you put out, you get back. Let go of your past, anger or fear. Change the standards you set for yourself by exploring unknown territory. Manifesting isn’t just about stating what you want. You must meet the Universe half way. Once you do, it will reply, and what you get for your efforts can be quite amazing.

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  1. marc from the uk

    ” You must meet the universe half way” Once you do it will reply” I lie this ticle and quote, makes sense. Than you.


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