4 Fights That are Good for Your Relationship

Fight the Good Fight

Understandably, we tend to think of fighting in strictly negative terms. In reality, it’s essential that you’re able to voice frustrations and communicate with your partner. Here are some topics well worth a few lovers’ quarrels.

We Don’t Get Enough Time Together

Full-time jobs and life’s other responsibilities can create a jam-packed schedule that would challenge any relationship. Regardless of how demanding your schedule, you must make your partner feel like they are a priority in your life. If you feel as though you’ve been back-burnered to their work and other demands, you must be willing to discuss your feelings with them, even if it means an argument.

Why Do You Let Them Treat You That Way?

Friends and the family of significant others present a huge challenge to a relationship. Unless there’s mutual respect all around, things can be done and said to one another that leave someone angry and resentful that their partner allowed it. Always give voice to anything that a friend or family member of your mate does that hurts you. It may make for an unpleasant conversation, but the rewards are well worth it! Having problems expressing yourself with your partner? Talk with Psychic Phoebe ext. 5231 and get peace of mind about your relationship fears.

I Need You to Pitch in More

Partnership is all about balance, and if one person feels like they’re pulling more of the weight, resentment ensues. Before that happens, speak up! While it may be uncomfortable to confront your partner about this, it’s through communication and understanding that these unfair behaviors will change. Fear that they won’t change? Find out with an in-depth relationship reading with Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146.


A little jealousy can actually be healthy for a relationship because it manifests your feelings for the other person. If someone is jealous, they’re probably looking for assurance that they still retain your highest regard and attention. If this means fighting it out to achieve a healthy understanding, so be it! 

“When competitiveness rears its jealous head, go out and look at the night sky: See each of the stars twinkling brightly? They aren’t fighting each other for their “place.” Just like them, there is room for every one of us to shine.” – Psychic Kallista ext. 9623

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  1. HELEN

    I agree with some of the things that u say not all of them. I would not want to fight to upset my man or me to the point of causing us to have by health. I dont want to happen.


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