DreamCast: Thrive in Your Relationships

Claudia in Williamsburg, Virginia writes:

I had the following dream when my boyfriend and I were at a crossroad in our relationship: We were standing in a field, arguing and breaking up. Then an airplane flew over our heads and crashed landed in the woods just a few hundred yards away. We looked at each other, and we thought the same thing: Should we run away or should we go look for survivors? We decided to run toward the wreckage, and we saw people walking out of the woods towards us, all unharmed, just bruised, nothing serious. What does this dream mean?

Hello Claudia,

Although your relationship seems “wrecked,” as symbolized by the plane crash, I’d say there’s a good chance that you and your boyfriend have a strong enough bond to stay together. For how long, I can’t say. But the unharmed survivors indicate your relationship can overcome some serious turbulence and come out just fine. Having the courage to work through problems together instead of running from them will enable your relationship will grow.

My only concern stems from your Sun, Mars and Mercury in Pisces opposing Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. You’re extremely sensitive and likely a magnet for people who need healing, such as those with a drug or alcohol addiction. If you haven’t already, you may need to learn when to help someone and when to release them if the relationship becomes toxic. Hopefully your guy is emotionally healthy—and hopefully you are too! If that’s the case, and you love each other and treat each other well, then your relationship can flourish.

Sweet dreams,


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