Your Hottest Days Forecast for July 2012

Find Out What’s Ahead for Summer

July is the month when great romantic sex will offer us the drive to handle all of the disruptive things otherwise happening around us. This will be especially true after July 3 when heroic macho Mars moves into Libra—the sign opposite his home, Aries. He’s a different kind of warrior in Libra as he is in his lover, Venus’ sign. Through the middle of July he will be in wonderful harmony with her in Gemini.

At the same time the great stud Mars is flirting and sending love messages to Venus he is in the midst of the fray that is shaking up everything from now into 2014. He is in action and often at odds with Pluto—that rich, underworld sex machine, and Uranus—Mr. Surprise, in Mars’ sign, Aries. This spells breathless action!

If you are a Mars figure, expect to see a busy lover totally enchanted by your gorgeous, equally sex-hungry lover Venus, or vice versa. Even if outside demands leave you sexting, Skyping or having phone sex, it will be a hot month when you can fall eternally in love and lust.

Aries: On Monday, July 9th and Tuesday the 10th, you will be all action and can really take charge in bed. Your sex talk can be amazing over the weekend of July 14 and 15. Some love-making in the car could drive your lover crazy. Expect an aggressive lover on July 20. You will relish it.

Taurus: In July, a rich dinner or the perfect gift could truly bring some magical love making. On Tuesday July 3rd, intrigue is the way to entice that special one. Use that mysterious allure again on Thursday, July 12th for a hot time and a surprise gift over the weekend of July 14 and 15.

Gemini: Your hottie will be amazingly open to a poem, a song or a provocative photo of you. Plan an incredible weekend together on July 14 and 15. Sports fun can become a full day in bed together. July 23 is the day for a backrub to relieve tension and prepare for a big, thrilling total release.

Cancer: During July if you lover is being mysterious, you can offer some great TLC—then watch them melt. And, your self expression will be spot on. You can intuit your lovers needs over the weekend of July 7 and 8. On July 18, don’t be afraid to be fearless about what you want in bed. It will pay off.

Leo: Sunday, July 1st will be a great day to initiate getting together with your lover. On July 18, you are wired for amazing communications and sensitivity that will excite your partner. The 28th is your day for fabulous love play and tons of fiery passion.

Virgo: On July 3, don’t let social activities interfere with some passionate time. Set it aside in your schedule if necessary, or just sneak off from the party and let the passion take charge. Let your earthiness on Thursday the 12th dig into your deepest passions. Romance rules on Sunday, July 22nd and you’ll love the hot turn of events.

Libra: Thursday, July 5th brings some very sexy action from travel, classes or spiritual groups. Initiate the chat with someone you are hot for and things can really flow. The weekend of July 14 and 15 is another important time when friend could become a lover. Take charge and don’t let changes to your lover’s plans throw you off the track for love on Tuesday, July 24th.

Scorpio: Add some creativity to your passion on July 7, and the results can be great. Take a break on the evening of Tuesday, July 17th for your lover. Work can wait. On Thursday, July 26th, drop the career demands as you walk in the door to be with your lover and you’ll be totally in tune with each other.

Sagittarius: On Sunday, July 1st, be open to surprises from your lover. You’ll feel the undercurrent so just go with it. Monday July 9th brings another day of excitement from your lover. You are great at play, so play along. Sexy communications are so hot on Thursday, July 19th that the thrills will be amazing.

“Attracting sex is simple. The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

Capricorn: On Tuesday, July 3rd, your lover may have ideas of self-expression that can melt into your passion as long as you don’t let the workplace distract you. Dig deep into the richest part of yourself on Thursday, July 12th and your lover will respond fabulously. A clandestine meeting on July 30 could bring amazing sex.

Aquarius: On Wednesday, July 4th, express your heart and the rewards will be rich and sexy. The weekend of July 14 and 15 is amazingly hot and brings a trip or long-distance lover and a truly sexy experience. The same travel magic or an encounter at school can bring fiery romance on Tuesday, July 24th.

Pisces: The weekend of July 7 and 8 is the perfect time to express your dreams and have an amazingly sexy encounter with your lover. You are magical on this weekend. The evening of Monday, July 16th is another time to express your creative side for truly sexy results with your honey.

“Astrology brings so much to the table. It gives you the personality, likes and dislikes of a person. Their nature is uncovered and if it is not a match for you, it can be worked around to make it work.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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4 thoughts on “Your Hottest Days Forecast for July 2012

  1. slowfred

    desperately seeking “Sue 6” hope you check in often! Would really like to know more particulars of your legal brother battle; if you are willin g to share, Please forgive me and disreguard if this becomes too personal.
    It seems that I have also fallen victem to a “trusted” sibling. . . . Long and short: My father caught the outbound stage 3/12/1999. My mother who was truely suffering and struggling with dimenscia,and a history of drifting in and out of varying stages of mental. . . .wellness? (for lack of a better term) Before my dearly departed father, a true saint in my eyes, for gallantly keeping his family together while perserveering through 48 years of varrying stages of sanity? with my mother. He was and is a true hero simply for his ability to always choosing to do the “right thing” while facing a lifetime of disturbingly indignant behavior from my mother. He would always forgive her and tell us that it was not entirely her fault,she just needed a little extra help and guidance while going through what he would call her “spells”. In his final days he asked me to promise to please see that she was taken care of properly.
    I moved my family from Beautiful Sunny Southern Cal. after livin g ther for 25 yrs. back to Nebraska and did exactly that. Took care of mother for a little over eight yrs. It was honestly a struggle and serious strain on my family, & I found myself starting to try to exxplain more and more often to my two young boys, 10 & 12 at the time that grams behavior was really not her fault, that she just needed a little extra help and guidance & she was having one of her “spells” & she would be alright again pretty soon? All the while No help from two younger brothers, and an older sister. Who to my horror were becoming increasingly something more resembling a pack of jackles. . . . Going through the house and putting their names with scotch tape on the things they would like to have when she didn’t need them anymore! They began warning my mother to watch out I was odviosly going to try to steal her house and property! The house that I had spent 3 yrs of my life helpinf my father refurbish from a two bedroom cabin on the river to the beautiful home it is today. And the home that we had spent the last eight years, and nearly $60 k after re4ceiving no attention my brothers or sister and bro in law. just hadn’ had the time to help her much!
    So panic stricken at the thought of someone trying to steal her lovely home. And how dare I come here and try pull something like this, my mother, two brothers, and my sister,agreed that they would have band together & stop this from happening immediately! They Orderd us out of the house and titled my oldest younger brother excecutor of her estate. And they would be taking charge of caring for her from this point foreword! ( an interesting turn around ) Wow! suddenly between the three of them they would be taking care of mother . . . . . no longer requiring our help of course,since now we odviously couldn’t be trusted any longer. And how DARE WE try to take advantage of a poor sickley mentally challenged old woman!
    With fair warning to mother, and quite fraktly not willing to put my young family through any more of this . . . insanity. . .I moved my family out of the house trusting mothers care to the rest of her siblings who were going to take the best of care of her from now on. HUGE HUGE mistake!!! They took care of her immediately! My brilliantly gifted and “trusted” younger brother put her into a nursing home, auctioned off all of her posessions, split the take with the other two, AND signed her home over to himself and his lovely wife. . . . . I often wonder how that went with my youngest brother, & my sister? HAH HAH. . . we don’t talk much anymore. I really can’t think of much we would possibly have to talk about that won’t need to be talked about in front of a man in a black robe.
    WOW!!! OMG! Honestly I started out with the intention of puttinbg this all in a nutshell, & guess I pretty much did. . . However as I just looked up & read what I have just put out there. . . I still can’t really believe that just happened. . . But it DID! HUGELY Disturbing!!! Incredible what a little greed will turn a person to do! Can it really be true that you meet your “real family” in court? I guess as I read what I just wrote, I am Truly Hurt and incredibly dissapointed! I really wanted to finnish with “be careful what you wish for” but I just don’t have it in my heart. Maybe , just maybe, that it really isn’t her fault. Maybe I just don’t know HOW to help someone who says “I’ve allready had all of the help I need from you. OUCH!
    Any way, any help you can give me on what to expect when we are all telling our stories to the man in the black robe will be truely appreciated.
    Slow Fred

  2. sue

    my father died 5 yrs ago; 7/6/07. I had a legal fight with my brother and trustt; long story short; i fought the good fight but they still got a lot over on me. My Dad would be ashamed of my brother and the man he trusted as my trustee. In the airport I received $11.11 change. Awhile later, I look at my watch and it is 11:11.
    I have seen this many times previously; 11:11 ; 13:13: 12:12 are the main double digits I see.

    Is this my Dad? My Mom? What does it mean? I am a 6.


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