Destined Love

One of my students was very sad … she was yearning to be in love again. Her last relationship had ended badly, and she was afraid to flirt or to even imagine someone being interested in her. She was very shy as well, which made it difficult for her to find a connection.

I did a reading for her, and I described a young man’s face. I could see his face — a sweetheart-shaped face with big brown eyes, and black curly hair. I also saw him playing a guitar, sitting on a drum, in what looked like an open air restaurant. I felt that this love would be sweet and innocent, and full of potential for a long life together.

However, I could not see ‘when’ he was coming. Try as I might, the cards would not tell me a date, a month, or even a year! What I was getting was that he was, when her heart was clear. Well, she wound up that next weekend getting back together with the ex-boyfriend, simply because she wanted to be loved. He was talking a good talk — he swept her off her feet with a promise to “never cheat again.”

Within three months, the relationship was on the rocks again. He was telling her that he loved her, but disappearing for hours at a time. Women were calling and leaving messages on his answering machine that he would try to “hide” from her when she was at his home. He was very mysterious about what he was doing much of the time. It came to a head one day, in the middle of the afternoon, when she saw him walk a woman out of a restaurant and kiss her passionately on the lips before they got into his car and drove off together.

She broke up with him, and over the next several months she worked on getting her self-esteem back on track. She went back to school, started walking in the evenings, and signed up for volunteer work … and started to take singing lessons again. She was finally getting herself to a pretty good space again after a few months — it was the strongest I’d ever seen her up to that point.

I went to our local natural food store one day, and there in front of the market was a beautiful young man playing guitar — curling black locks, dark brown eyes, and a beard. I had to look twice to realize that his face under the beard was sweetheart shaped! I went up and listened to him play, he was sitting on a milk cart, not a drum — but he was so very sweet, and told me all I needed to know in our conversation. He said he was there at lunchtime every day that week. I called my young friend and asked her to meet me there for lunch the next day. She had forgotten the prediction completely, she says now, and we ordered our food, chatting away about different things, none of them the subject of love.

Then we walked outside to the patio, found a nice table and started to eat and continue talking. About half-way through our meal, he strolled in and set his drum on the ground to sit on while he set up his guitar. She did not seem to be that interested at first, until he walked up to our table to say hello to me (at least that’s what he said). Once their eyes met (I like to believe there was a dramatic pause and a spark between them), they started chatting as if they’d known each other for years …

That was five years ago. I sometimes babysit the charming little two-year-old girl, with her Mommy’s green eyes and her daddy’s black curly hair. She is named, Destiny.

12 thoughts on “Destined Love

  1. ams

    La! I stumbled on this magic story today and for good reason 🙂 my sighted mate predicted in Nov 09 during the deaththroes of my last and most learned relationship, albeit one-sided, that I would meet my true love in Dec 11, that it would be on instantly so much so we fall pregnant and have a shotgun marriage (so not my mo lol), he would have light brown hair, we have two babies the first a girl like me and a quiet dark haired boy like him & be happy ever after. Well! I met him or rather, he found me 🙂 it’s 2months now and its very natural, real and open :)) one day at a time but phew, heady heady stuff. I’m very lucky. But then I do follow my heart 🙂 peace from happy chickadee in Aussie xx

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  3. Chandra Sree

    Amazing story!!!!!!!! for sure therez a soul made for you!! it just take sometime to meet and realise!!! thank you for sharing this story!!!!

  4. Psychic Yemaya #5143

    Thank you sisters! It is a beautiful story and yes, love is on our minds a lot lately isn’t it. I think it is more than just a seasonal expression though, I think, and Marin you could check this out astrologically to see if it’s true, that we are getting a lot of “love” lessons right now to move us forward spiritually. After all, what motivates us the most? I would be interested to see what others think about the topic of “love as a tool for spiritual growth”???

  5. Xena

    Can spirit’s influence you making you do things you would otherwise not do.I have a victim a murder.For which the killer is in jail waiting trail.However the victim indicated the wife of her killer is also involved.But the police are ignoring her.Although the investigators have fingered females known to the killer.
    As to the influence question.The victim was addicted to getting loans.
    And since my encounter I went out and got several payday loans which was completely out of the norm for me.


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