Testimonial of the Day: Jean

Jean ext. 5132 I loved the time I spent with Jean ext. 5132. She was very compassionate, and she tells you like it is. I liked the fact she could tell me things without my having told her anything — except my name and birthday. I am excited to see if the things she told me will come to pass, but somehow I believe they will. I will be calling her again. Thanks, Jean.

C.B., Watauga

3 thoughts on “Testimonial of the Day: Jean

  1. The Lovely Duckling

    I have had the pleasure of reading with Jean a few times. Each time I had specific questions that I wanted information about, which she was able to give. That’s what most of want when we call in to CP…more importantly though, Jean answered questions that I hadn’t thought to ask. She helped me look both at small details and the big picture, as well as find the root of the problems that I was trying to solve.

    Thank you so much, Jean!!!


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