Your LOVECAST™: Accelerating Romance and Fantasy

The week begins with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction that accelerates romance (and fantasy!). Passion heats up toward the middle of the week. During the weekend, a leisurely/sexy vibe sweetens romance on Saturday, while Sunday’s first-quarter Moon energizes flirtatiousness. Best days for socializing: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Week of February 15 – 21, 2010

Aquarius: A gift or gesture that reveals your admiration inspires romance towards the beginning of the week. Look for a moneymaking opportunity, too. Your humor and insights make you the center of attention mid-week. Learning something new can attract/inspire romance as well. Hosting a party for friends (or entertaining for two) energizes you this weekend.

Pisces: Your inner beauty and sense of style accelerate your powers of attraction at the start of the week, so get out and socialize. Having the courage to speak your mind inspires passion toward the middle of the week. A get-together with friends brings fun (and perhaps romance) on Friday or Saturday. Humorous flirting fuels passion on Sunday.

Aries: A soulful (or imaginative) rendezvous can bring fulfillment at the start of the week, especially in an intimate environment. Taking some quiet time for introspection will bring an unexpected insight. You’re on fire by the middle of the week. Sensual delights (think head-to-toe massage) heighten passion on Saturday. Your wit draws admirers on Sunday.

Taurus: Your charisma is irresistible at the start of the week, when a group activity can bring romance — or at least loads of fun. Networking within your community will bring personal or professional opportunities, too. Love needs a dose of daring mid-week. Your naughty side fires up romance on Friday and throughout the weekend.

Gemini: A psychic hunch can lead you in the right direction concerning love at the start of the week. Networking with colleagues can bring romance or a career opportunity. A community event may bring romance mid-week. A quiet rendezvous with a lover or close friend brings satisfaction on Saturday. Your humor energizes romance on Sunday.

Cancer: A long-distance connection or meeting someone through a spiritual activity or class brings romance at the start of the week. You may get an intuitive glimpse into your future as well, so heed your inner voice. Sharing your expertise draws admirers toward the middle of the week. Socializing with friends can bring a romantic interlude this weekend.

Leo: Some imaginative foreplay sets passion ablaze at the start of the week! Your sense of adventure (think exotic locale) heats up passion towards the middle of the week, when romance may come from afar. A natural setting inspires love on Friday and Saturday. A group activity can bring a romantic rendezvous on Sunday.

Virgo: Spending some quality time with your sweetie brings fulfillment on Tuesday. If you’re solo, be open to an intuitive nudge at the beginning of the week, which may guide your love life. Some incisive flirting turns lusty mid-week. Your mystique is irresistible on Friday and Saturday. Verbalizing your desires intensifies passion on Sunday.

Libra: An artsy locale, activity, or ambiance inspires romances towards the beginning of the week. Love can be found through an activity that helps others in need, too. Partnership energy soars mid-week, when a get-together with a lover or close friend brings satisfaction. A physical activity (hiking, dancing, couple’s massage) accelerates passion this weekend.

Scorpio: Getting creative with romance can deepen/attract love toward the beginning of the week, so use your imagination. An entertainment event can bring/inspire romance as well. Your fiery side attracts admirers mid-week. Look for love during a healthy activity. A rendezvous for two (or meeting someone new) inspires you on Friday or Saturday night.

Sagittarius: A cozy date or gathering of friends at your abode brings fulfillment at the start of the week. Beautifying your home can bring satisfaction, too. A lusty interlude is nearly assured toward the middle of the week. A slow and sensual approach inspires love on Friday and Saturday. A lover or close friend brings delight on Sunday.

Capricorn: Words from the heart (or some witty repartee) can energize/attract romance at the beginning of the week, so express yourself. A trip or class may prompt a romantic interlude as well. Hosting a gathering of friends can energize you mid-week. You’re a magnet for romance on Friday and Saturday. Verbal playfulness inspires lust on Sunday.

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