Dealing With Your Guy’s Favorite Pastimes

Does He Love You or His Electronics?

You want to go to the museum, but he’s too busy playing video games. You may need help bringing in the groceries, but he’s watching a football game. You ask if he would like to go to a movie after the game, but he wants to eat. You finally give up and decide to go to bed early, but he’s got sex on his mind. Within a man’s favorite pastimes, a lot of women struggle to find their place to fit in. Should she accept her fate as a spectator, join in, or give him the ultimate ultimatum, (It’s either me or them)?


Men are social animals. In fact, researchers suggest that men are more social when it comes to organizing and cooperating among large groups, hence, their interest in sports. What a man can’t get done alone, he can accomplish within a team of varying talented men. If you think about sports, rarely is one guy good at every aspect of a game. There is usually a guy who excels at throwing and one who can catch. A guy who can run faster than most, and one who just knocks a lot of people down. This is also true for many male-dominated corporations and organizations.

Women have achieved their own methods of success in the world. However, this happens not so much from combining effort with various other women, but rather creating intimate connections with a few special people in her life. This is why women get frustrated when a man chooses to hang out with the guys at a sports bar, rather than spending time alone with her.

What to Do

Sports are a part of a man’s heritage. If your guy enjoys partaking in playing or watching sports on occasion, think of it as his time rummaging through the sales bins at Victoria Secret. You may not understand it completely, but this is how he liberates his need to be part of a larger group. Unless you happen to be a sports fan yourself, forcing yourself to “hang out with the guys” will not be of benefit. This is just one of those areas where a man needs to be a man.

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Video Games

While it has been shown that watching sports can actually decrease the size of a guy’s manhood, video games are one of the few pastimes where a guy may lose sight of his winky completely. One U.K. study suggests that men prefer video games over sex 60 percent of the time. That rises steadily to 75 percent if the game is new. Wait, it gets better (or I should rather say, worse).

When these guys were asked why they chose killing aliens over loving their honey, they exclaimed she was either “hard to please,” or “not as much fun.” What’s going on? Men are notorious for getting stuck in certain gears on the highway of life. Men prefer handling one goal at a time. If he’s already successfully accomplished wooing you, he may have switched gears to focus on his career, develop a new skill, or conquer level thirteen of Halo, and you’ve been demoted to pinch hitter in the process. However, women have begun to fight fire with fire.

A similar study suggests that half of all women also enjoy gaming more than sex. You might be wondering how these two could be doing the same thing, yet be so far apart. It’s called being “together alone,” and it refers to every couple who sits together on the subway or at a movie theater, while being immersed, alone, in their own virtual world on their cell phone.

It’s also hard for men and women to combine interests, when they prefer different games. Men prefer competitive games. Studies suggest his ego is rewarded (in the same way as eating a steak) each time he beats an opponent or demolishes the bad guy/girl. Women, on the other hand, prefer the element of social exchange (i.e. Farmville). As one 13-year-old female gamer was quoted, after prematurely quitting a competitive game out of boredom, “I pulled his heart out once; why do I need to do it again?” (CNET News).

What to Do

Considering that video games and social networking are coming between relationships, and are now being cited as legitimate reasons for cheating, having affairs, and filing for divorce, I think a gentle ultimatum (limiting time spent with electronics) is appropriate in some cases. This is especially true if the gaming or networking is becoming an addiction. What’s a reasonable substitute? Get out and visit an amusement park or putt-putt course. This will give him his competition, while allowing you time with your honey. Just don’t let his sulking bother you when you beat him!

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2 thoughts on “Dealing With Your Guy’s Favorite Pastimes

  1. Meryl

    Not all women like farmville or those kind of games! I dont and I play alot of action, adventure, sci-fi thriller games! 🙂 And choose it over a man or sex anytime! But yes i agree, balance in everything we do in life is the key! Once we mastered that, we have mastered the art of living in such a world and society.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    too much of anything is not good…….moderation is the key here……time for love and closeness and time for play ( other activities such as sports or gaming ).


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