Your February 2012 Forecast

Connect to Your Inner Mystic, Muse or Philanthropist

This month is all about connecting to your inner mystic, muse or philanthropist. That’s because artsy, compassionate Pisces, along with its ruler, Neptune, are the most powerful influences in February. The downside can be a lack of clarity when making decisions, so be sure to make time for introspection so you stay in touch with your inner guidance.

Transit Tales

The main event this month is Neptune reentering Pisces, where it will stay through January 2026. Neptune’s “we are all one” energy helps dissolve spiritual, political and economic boundaries that separate people. This awareness-raising transit is especially powerful because Neptune is right at home in Pisces. Its mission is to help us become attuned to all living things, and, therefore, more accepting and forgiving of each other, and more supportive of the environment as a whole.

What’s more, Venus in Pisces will add a touch of spirituality (or elusiveness) to relationships during the first week of February. This influence can bring out your desire to help others or to connect with your partner on a spiritual level.

After Venus enters fiery Aries on February 7 (through March 4), expect some passionate, spontaneous, daring or hasty encounters in the romance arena.

Mars in Virgo throughout the month can help you take care of practicalities, which may get overlooked if more ethereal influences cast a spell over you.

Planets in Motion

Rethinking a goal or commitment may take priority after Saturn turns retrograde on February 7 (through June 24). Although this weighty influence can upset the launch of a relationship commitment or business venture, it encourages a review of what you want in your life, which will ultimately strengthen your foundation.

Lunar Magic

Social interactions escalate on February 7 as the Full Moon in Leo hooks up with talkative Mercury. Romance can especially benefit from brainy/flirty connections, if you avoid the temptation to gossip.

The New Moon in Pisces on February 21 conjuncts Neptune, intensifying the compassionate, creative or elusive vibe in whatever you’re trying to achieve. Success can be yours by being clear about your objectives, and then going with the flow of your inner guidance.

Planetary Highlights

February 1-2: Venus opposing Mars can cause some conflicts between the sexes, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

February 3-January 2026: Neptune’s lengthy transit through Pisces empowers activities that focus on philanthropy, healing, spirituality or art.

February 7: The Full Moon in Leo connects with Mercury, which energizes romance, creativity, communications, learning and travel, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

February 7-March 4: Venus in Aries can bring out your daring, spontaneous or selfish side while socializing.

February 7-June 24: Retrograde Saturn encourages a review of your goals and commitments, but can stymie new business ventures or relationship commitments.

February 9: Venus conjunct Uranus in Aries intensifies spontaneity, passion or recklessness in relationships.

February 13: Mercury trine Saturn assists with analysis, legal agreements and practical discussions, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and to a lesser extent for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

February 13-March 1: Mercury in Pisces favors ideas and discussions that are spiritual, imaginative or charitable.

February 13: Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces can awaken your imagination but also cause you to overlook some facts.

February 15: Venus square Pluto may intensify passion—along with an issue involving sex, jealousy, power or money, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

February 18: Sun trine Saturn inspires good judgment in making decisions, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and to a lesser extent for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

February 18-March 18/19: Sun in Pisces favors activities that involve healing, philanthropy, spirituality or art.

February 19: Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces can bring out your inner spiritualist, artist or altruist, but may cause some confusion when making decisions.

February 21: The New Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, which empowers the launch of new endeavors that focus on spirituality, compassion, healing or art.

February 23: Mercury opposing Mars can ignite contentiousness during discussions, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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28 thoughts on “Your February 2012 Forecast

  1. Charly

    Don’t have sex! Most people don’t know this, but sex is dgoreanus. Please don’t be frightened, but once you have sex, it liquidifies every important organ in your body (the heart, stomach, lungs, etc.) and it turns you into a very dgoreanus monster, called Moisesellas ariasus. Moisesellas ariasus are huge, furry, smelly, strong, and impossible to defeat. They also resemble gremlins. They kill every human they see. Moisesellas ariasus live up to 2 years, but they can live forever. In order to stay alive forever, they must eat over 1,000 humans. Having sex will just produce more moisesellas ariasus, which means the world will end before we know it. Do everyone a favor and don’t have sex!

  2. Flabbergasted!

    Does anybody know the meaning of proofreading? Spell check, maybe?? Are you all illiterate or just didn’t get through elementary school? Instead of wasting your time on the silliness of astrology, which will get you no where, take a course in writing and learn to spell!

  3. nisha

    On Feb 25th happy 20th birthday to my daughter”Harleen” please god bless her and make her all dream’s true. I [mom] will ask every one to give your blessing’s to harleen. Thank you so much. Lot of love hug’s & kisses from grand ma , grand pa, uncel raj and lots of love mom, dad ,brother ck & preet. we all love u to 2222222 much. . Enjoy every sec of it…………

  4. nisha

    On Feb 25th happy 20th birthday to my daughter”Harleen” please god bless her and make her all dream’s true. I [mom] will ask every one to give your blessing’s to harleen. Thank you so much. Lot of love hug’s & kisses from grand ma , grand pa, uncel raj and lots of love mom, dad ,brother ck & preet

  5. Lea Wingwof

    in respect for our ancestors blessed be and celebrate imbolc…coming of the light and candlemas…clean water, clean air, fruitfull land and wisdom to grow and protect mother earth. So mote it be.

  6. william mepham

    to the person whose mother will leave this wonderful world for the next, how beautiful it will be to help her with the love and care she surely deserves, be proud and honorable death is not what we have been told it,s not scarey, it,s a beautiful and happy event to transgress to the next beautiful world and to be that much closer to the consept of the god we know and love, perhaps you will be enlightened by the family that comes to help her from the other side and wouldnt it be beautiful if they let you know they were there to help her transgress to the other side…william

  7. Kathy

    I love the influence of Neptune in Pisces! Yes! Surely it means an amazing election year here in the States. Everyone is so doom and gloom, and I’m tired of it. Neptune in Pisces is right in alignment with my religious beliefs; can’t beat that. — Also looks like a fabulous time to get my newest creative project going… and done, so that when “the planets are right” I can get them published. — I understand where a lot of these people are confused and distraught by the generalities, but that’s where getting your personal chart, or at least a personal reading come in. For instance, until this month, I haven’t taken anything about “new romance” seriously. But in my personal reading, I’ve been told I will meet “the one” *this* month, so this time when you talk about romance, I can look and see about when it might happen. On the other hand, I’ve also been told that nothing will “become serious” until summer, so retrograde Saturn through June 24th, probably applies there. — Well, time to go get creative. There’s a lot to do. — Thanks.

  8. Pinaki Singh

    Good predictions,but what I need is to get more specific about my-self as my asc is Virgo and my Zodiac sign is Libra.

  9. Gopinathan k

    It was interesting.But see people are so obsessed with their day to day life that only good news matters.As an astrologer myself, I know ur generalised readings can take a layman
    for a ride.But with out going into specifics, it is not much of a use for the general public.
    Imagine how can the conditions and experiences of all the people in this world(less than
    800 crores) be divided into similar experiences of just 12 signs?.So on an average every
    66 crore of people(appxmly) have the same experience. Is it possible.These are thoughts
    for pondering.

  10. fuelup

    Monthly forecasts for most of us is very general by description. You may know how the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces but to your readers, that doesn’t really help how to relate on a personal level. So I tend to glance and pick out something I can relate to, otherwise it’s all B.S

  11. stanislaus cellesttine

    This is to request you to send me reply formy quitions which one me will take up to do so ?
    Your advice in this matter will be very pritigieous& good for me to take the correct decision.
    My question is whther, i can take my contract agreement in Malasiya in a4* hotelfor three years as a General Manager,i am being a patient for last 4years
    Please advice me? thanks i will send your payment what ever method you say i agree.

  12. Dorothy Wilson

    I believed in astrologicaling, but you are complete too general for me to used. I am a person who has issues with family member and a older parent that is very ill. I am the caregiver of this elderly parent and she was sent home to die. Now, tell me that your reading can aid me emotionally to get through this difficultly. Try again! There is nothing more to do – this is in the Hand of the Lord what he or she decide the outcome to my mother. So please do not give me Mars or the plants because these my be in your lanuage, but it is not mind right now. The world that I live in is reality not astrological rut or anything else. I just trying to have FAITH in the LORD to get me through this.

  13. N.N.Murty


    We are getting good predictions, may are correlating with the day to day affairs. Thanks for your valuable redings.

    Thanking you,


  14. jaydbest

    thank you so much, it look like it comming all to getter ,seem like I’m gona get a lot of positive moment to enjoy this mount. Have fun and bless you.

  15. leon

    I have been seeing a virgo which I’m one also ,Iwant to know will we get back together or should I find someone else?


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