Who’s More Likely to Cheat

The Profile of a Cheater

When in a relationship, we don’t always want to believe that our partner is capable of cheating. It doesn’t exactly start things off on the right foot. Looking at someone’s profile to see what the chances are may seem like a pessimistic thing to do. However, like in many health concerns, there is power in taking the steps toward prevention. Unlike the dirty stigma that has been handed to cheaters, almost anybody is capable of making a bad decision under poor circumstances. However, there are also partners who are beyond prevention, and therefore, consider this article your “get out of that bad relationship” wake-up call.

The research suggests one of the biggest red flags of a pending affair is your sex life. How good is it? How often do you have it, and does it meet you and your partner’s expectations? When it comes to a partner who is not holding up their end of the bargain, it is both men and women who are likely to stray. Just how likely will depend on a number of factors, including their personality, history and stress level. Let’s look at several of these factors in detail.

Lack of Sex

Men cheat when they or their partner can’t perform. Men are embarrassed to talk about their (or your) poor performance, and it becomes easier to seek out intimacy with a stranger for two reasons. One, the newness is sometimes enough to boost their sex drive to overcome ED, and two, if they fail to perform with a stranger, they never have to see them again.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Both men and women are more likely to cheat when they are dissatisfied with the emotional level of their relationship. In particular, they need to feel loved and appreciated. The best thing a couple can do to prevent this form of cheating is to schedule time for each other, and offer one token of love each and every day.

Risky Behavior

Any partner who is difficult to satisfy is more likely to turn to risky behavior to find pleasure. Once they have tried every hobby there is, they may discover that the thrill of infidelity offers a continuous flow of new sexual partners, along with the risk of getting caught. It may be hard keeping things exciting enough to keep this kind of partner all to yourself.

Emotionally Unavailable

According to research, men who are emotionally unavailable, may lack Oxytocin receptors in the brain. They are what allows him to trust, feel love and understand commitment. If you suspect your guy is lacking in this important chemical, he may never be able to fully commit to your relationship.

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It has been found that jealous partners are often so distrusting because they are suspicious of their own tendencies. They may say that you are unhappy and looking for excitement, when in reality they are just projecting the feelings and desires they are hiding from you.

Narcissistic Behavior

Partners who are selfish in thought often feel entitled to those feelings. The combination of being selfish and entitled will leave you chasing after your own tail, and if they do cheat, it will always be your fault.

Too Much of… Not Enough Time

A cheater has never made it far without having plenty of opportunities. One of the easiest ways to remind your partner of their commitment to you, is to take time to strengthen your relationship each day by spending at least 30 minutes of quality time together.

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Chronic Stress

Some researchers believe that men react to stress with an unconscious desire to propagate the species. Think of it as one last hurrah before his curtain falls. This may have worked great when he was dealing with a fatal saber tooth tiger wound and had only three days to live. However, when the stakes are a bad boss and a stack of unpaid bills, you can counter this reaction by expressing support and confidence in his ability to get through it.


Money may or may not be the route to evil, but it is certainly an indicator of the potential for cheating. Studies suggest that men are more apt to cheat when they are financially dependent on their partner, as a means to reclaim their masculinity. You can avoid these feelings by making sure he feels appreciated and needed.

Lack of Planning

Men are more likely to resist the temptation of an affair when they have a plan of what to do if they are propositioned. In addition, if you ask a cheater what he or she thinks of other cheaters, they may have a tendency to gloss over such actions with a cavalier attitude. This is why it is important to bring up the topic unassumingly, to get a feel of where they stand.


The “other lover” of a cheater always fascinates me, as I wonder how they think they will be able to avoid being cheated on the next time around? The plain and simple statistic is that every relationship that began with cheating, has over a 50 percent probability of ending the same way. So, to answer the very popular question, “Should I give a cheater a second chance?” I say, only if you’re willing to work overtime at keeping them faithful, because they are going to need all the help they can get!

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  1. Trini

    I deserve. His most reecnt leave- we had one good day made love which he said was to bond (I guess) and after the initial awkwardness that is always there it felt right to me. He said that the last couple leaves he would have a moment like why am I here with her? (to make things even more complicated we broke up last July, but have been talking exclusively like bf/gf do but have not been official which I was going to try to start when he got back from his deployment after a long detailed convo his plans were opposite, to run) He got drunk the next night, tried to break up with me but it didnt work because when you are drunk, you tend to follow your heart. Next day when he was sober, it worked. He said that he was fighting his emotions and it was very difficult to do. He said that when he is with me that I melt his heart (and breaking up doesnt make sense) but when he is away breaking up seems like the right thing to do. He said that we have grown apart and are going down different roads now. That we both need to grow and become our own person without each other. He told me that I was always trying to change him. IDK if I was maybe he considers trying to get him to respect me more and not let me down (lie, not keep promises), like he began to always do, an attempt to change him. He was like we should have met when we were 25-28 and it would be perfect. He had a lot of reasons actually. The major one was that we are 500 miles apart. He also threw the I love you, but I am not in love with you line at me. BUT how the hell can I melt his heart if he is not in love with me? He said that I will always have that special place in his heart, but we cant talk anymore. The reason why we cannot talk at all not even friends is because everytime we talk, we always become more than friends because that how is ride or die lovers roll. =)I am distaught and not sure what to do. I dont really want to move on all the way because my feelings are so strong for him and I am pretty sure that he still loves me. I think he just does not want the stress of our relationship weighing him down so much anymore. He can get quite selfish at times. He said he needs to be free. We arent going to talk for a good while and I want to see if he tries to contact me. Should I move on and try to get serious with someone else or just date around and have fun until he is out of the military (2 yrs) and we can try to be in a relationship that is not long distance? My head says to move on, but my heart says to hold on. I just cannot see him not being in my life. He always said that he could never picture his life without me, but was he just trippin I wonder. I never believed in falling out of love. Rude awakening, I guess but I truly believe something is there still (Actually I think he even said that there is) but the stress is making it get lost and weak. Another time he said that he does not know what will happen with us in the future because he really does not know what he wants at all in life, but he didnt want to give me any hope because I should not hold back. Anyways what should I do? I dont want to be caught up with him and miss opportunities, but also I dont want to give up on something that is still there but just too got complicated. These days, real love is tough to find.oh and his last words in person were forever is such a strong word. I had asked him if that would be the last time I would see him for forever Thank you if you made it this far, I know it was long

  2. beatrice

    my husband is a cheater, we are seaparted, he came to fl., for a visit. Saids he doesnt know why and was heart broken when he left, hes thinking about getting back together, my question is i love him so much i want to go back, how do i keep his interest?

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