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Most people have heard the expression, “Silence is Golden,” but in recent weeks, I am beginning to see that sometimes silence is used as punishment and sometimes people are just too scared to speak their truth. Many “chick flicks” address the “I’m fine” comment made by both sides of relationships when, in fact, anything is everything but “fine.”

Why are people so afraid to speak? I think it boils down to rejection, which is most definitely one of the human’s strongest emotions. Fear supports us during times of great crises, but, besides that, it’s pretty much useless as a tool for growth. Sometimes fear can push us into doing things we wouldn’t normally act upon, but I’m finding in my latest experiences with the connection of fear and silence, that mostly it’s a blockage – stopping us dead in our tracks.

So, when do we utilize our voices? When do we know when to speak, and when to stay silent? The voice is a very powerful tool. Again, there is a profound connection of energy between fear, silence, and our voice. I think the answer lies in asking yourself these questions?

Will my words build or destroy?

If the intention is to destroy, such as resigning from a toxic relationship, can I choose words that will gently eliminate this person?

If not, why not?

We all remember that words include our writing. This includes posts on Facebook, Twitter, emails, letters, texts, and any other form of writing we choose. We don’t need to speak the words for them to change people’s lives – sometimes forever. Writing can actually be more dangerous because, again, if I read your words from my perspective, my current experiences or past, I may change the inflection of one word – and then the entire message is lost. This is key because so many of us solely rely on the Internet now for our basic form of “talking.”

How will you use your “voice” today? Will you destroy or build? Are you willing to gather the courage to even use it? Will you use your voice to keep you still? Will you use it to advance you forward? Do you have the foresight to pray before speaking, especially about subjects that may be difficult to address? Will you finally ask for help today, or reach out to that lonely neighbor?

You are a powerful force in your Universe! Speak carefully.

One thought on “Speak Your Truth

  1. Angela

    I could not have said it better. Especially the part that build up or pul down. It is my experience to always pray when dealing with delicate matters of the heart. Also keeping it straight and to the point. A person know what they want in life in general so don’t let anyone tell you other wise. Stand up and speak out about your concerns and see where it will take you. By all means don’t give that person too much time because time is of the essence. Yes, silence is golden but in some cases its not needed at all if you want to express what you are feeling. Your feelings are valid and should be taken as though it is…


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