Crazy, Stupid Love

Are You Falling in Love With the Wrong Person?

There’s a number of signs that you’re falling in love with the wrong person. You have to acknowledge these signs in order for you to be able to do something about it though! Remember that game we played as kids? The one where we plugged our fingers into our ears, shut our eyes, and hummed or sang? We did not want to hear or see something. We still do it. We all do to some extent. It’s that we are just not wanting, or able, to witness that information. However, this can be a harmful, even fatal practice! We are ignoring warning signals blaring in our intuitions!

One of the great things about talking to a psychic is that it’s private. Nobody will ever know what you talked about. They can never repeat it to another friend. It’s a system that was created to help you to really be yourself and to look at your life with open eyes, with someone who wants to help you, with no earlier or preconceived notions of you. Once you find one of us who”fits” (a good frequency match, connection), it really is a safe place to ask all those questions that have haunted you. Are any of these statements familiar?

1. They repeatedly disappear, and make excuses about where they were, or why they didn’t answer their phone.

2. They make up reasons why they are still on the dating site where they met you.

3. There are pictures of them with someone else on Facebook.

4. Their Facebook status still says “single.”

5. They are always really nice after they do something to hurt you, and then slowly go back to being who they were before (Watch out for this because it can escalate to abuse!).

6. They borrow money and never pay you back.

7. They use your money, are not interested in earning their own, or simple claim they “can’t work.”

8. They keep up a connection, but you wind up being alone most of the time.

9. You aren’t allowed to call, or come over to their place at times, or at all.

10. They talk down to you, call you names or make you feel bad about yourself.

11. They have ever hit, pushed or harmed you.

I know you love them. That’s why you have convinced yourself to put up with their crazy behavior. Yet even if they love you with the best of their ability, in some way they are damaged and can’t give you full, spiritual love. “Soul mate” doesn’t mean there is just one connection for you in each lifetime. It means that your souls are connected on a deeper level. If your current “soul mate” is broken or unable to rise to a decent and loving behavior, it’s time to stop wasting your life in codependency and get clear!

You deserve, and have a spiritual right, to be in a healthy relationship! Don’t waste weeks, months or even years! Get clear about the give-and-take, and if it’s all take… take off! There are indeed many, many spirits out there that are looking for love. We talk to them all the time. Love yourself and love will find you!

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30 thoughts on “Crazy, Stupid Love

  1. elena

    I never start relationship fast is always comes from friendship ..I knew that person around a year and we become a good friends ..he always seem very honest and open, always was ready to help and was numbers of times around when I need it him, but everything change quickly when we become more than friends …he turned cold and different person, but he involved me in the business and we still have to work together. ..he up pears when he need some kind of help. Yes he own me money…I clearly understand now what kind of person he is and i really fighting to my feelings, but it is hard abd painful ..hurts as hell, but I understand I have to get rid of him …I hope I will..

  2. Lisa

    I would like to say that people should really get to know each other better before deciding to spend a life time together and really open up to each other and be honest. This usually makes for a firm foundation and does not leave room for any unexpected regret I also know people change except when you know what you want from a relationship with someone and what your likes and dislikes are it usually makes this a much happier experience for all parties involved what happened to the marriages that lasted 50 60 and 70 odd years marriage is a work of heart and all marriages take work every day if want a good partner you have to be a good partner.

  3. Kiki

    I have been in love with the same man for 18 years…we have not been together for the last 13 years. He is now married to someone else. I have not met anyone that I wish to date in a very long time, and have never been in love with anyone else. I think for some of us there is just one soulmate…and when things don’t work out in this life with that person, you just have to make the best of it and hope that you find your way back to each other eventually.

  4. Petty chery

    can you still driving you baby’s mother car while you have a girlfriend you said you want to maried

  5. Stanley

    I’ve gotten mentally stronger since our break-up. She cheated on me with her former lover. My intutition alerted me and that’s how they were “caught.” Do I need to be with this woman or do I want to be with this woman? And when I see her in court, I’m sure that I’ll be the stronger of the two. I’ve been told by the men and the women of CA Psychics that it’s my decision and “the ball is in my court”, if I want her back in my life.

  6. California

    Hitomi, if you really want to leave him, you can do it right now. Just pack a small luggage and get the hell out while you still have time to enjoy life. You can go to a shelter, friend or a family member. You can take care of yourself. You don’t need him.
    Good luck

  7. marc from the uk

    I love the line which states that ” Soul mate” doesn’t mean that there is just one connection for you in each lifetime. I wish I had known this a long time ago, the I would not of hung about so long for the wrong person who seemed so right at the time And knowing that my current Soulmate was indeed broken damaged goods whom I thought I could fix and in the mean time put up with all the hell they put me through. Great article and empowering.

  8. master tauras

    thats really really really true what ever you wrote for me….every word and every sentence is true …..please help me for my future please i am indeed of your help

  9. Deborah

    I have been in a abusive relationship for 23 yrs. I have alot of injurys so Ican not work. I want to leave him but I don’t know what to do I can not work. He has really damaged me from being with him so long what do I do ?

  10. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yemaya, I just love reading your articles so much…..that I’m actually starting to look for them regularly whenever I read the blog !!!!!

    Nice job !!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  11. Aggie

    First, I want you to know how much you have and are helping me and I love getting your coments. Especially the one about Pity sex –I know most women are not aware that MOST men will go to a women with a problem or an illness and give their all but will pass the healthy, happy, intelegent up because they do not feel needed –DUH–I have been single a long time and have seen this all the time. I am smart, athletic, persenol, and sharing but as doon as a guy finds this aout–and thinks he cannot beat me at anything —he flys away or runs for his life. When I was first singleI tried to hide or downplay all of that but then decided that if they aaint swim I will just float alone, and that ain’t any fun. PITY seeking is not one of my things so I remain alone. By the way–there are a lot of things I am not good at but I figure why bother with them as they are no fun and not upbeat for me. PITY ‘EM ALL–SO SWIMING I GO—

  12. Destiny

    Recently the man I’m with asked me if I loved him, I didn’t want to say no cuz that would have been a lie. I said I did, I’ve said something by text to him about how I felt when he was going threw a family members pasting. He still hasn’t told me how he. Feels. I’m beyond hurt & feeling like I should leave him alone. HELP ME PLEASE

  13. Rosalina E. Armirola

    I’m always reading your daily horoscope because i noticed that almost everyday, all i have read happened in
    to my daily life.

    Can you tell me what’s ahead of my love life?

    Sincerely yours,

  14. elian

    Very true…but why is it so hard to disentangle oneself from a this type of relationship? How do these flawed “soul” mesmerize one?

  15. Hitomi

    I am 50 years old and merried to him 30 years. I have been abused all these years and still does. But I don’t know how to leave him nor how to start life.

  16. benson

    i strongly agree with ur opinio in everything you people have been writting all this while i joined u. But i have a problem i meet a girl on facebook and i loved her all of a suddenly i had a chat with her after that we swaped mobile contact together. The problem is that she donsen’t see to love me the way i love her i called her everyday she don’t call me even on the process of chating she is not regular to me though we re very far from each other.Am in Australia studing,she’s in Nigeria schooling and she claims she love me when i don’t feel her love i love her but i’m coffused she don’t love me please tell me what to do.I’d appreciate it if ur organization ‘ll reply me early. Thanks

  17. Gloria


  18. Kiesha

    I love this article. If i knew these details from the beginning i would be in love, happy ever after. Sometimes the hardest part is accepting you deserve more! Please continue to enlighten us who read!

  19. jean

    This is true about my life..I must tell him that i know he is cheating on me.He laughs at everything and walks around proud of himself..I wonder if he is trying to get me to blow up into his face. Everytime I have done this.He shuts up and becomes quiet.He lets me do what i want and lets me buy what I want..I guess i have been brainwashed…

  20. Josie Behnke

    I’ve been in a couple of relationships with these signals, and the first time it took a bit to get it to end, the second time I got away within a couple of weeks. One to add, if they call or need to know where you are at, at all times of the day! Those tend to become very controlling. I’m now in a relationship where I am happy, he has made no promise of it lasting, considering he himself has had a bad past with relationships himself…but he and I make the effort to make it work. Even when we drive each other up the wall!


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