Colors Not to Wear on Your First Date

Make a Good First Impression With Color

The colors that you choose to wear on your first date may suggest a lot about who you are as a person and what your character might be. Have you ever looked into the psychology of color? If not, here are some color tips on what not to wear on the first date. We sometimes just throw on whatever fits or whatever we think might be the right look for our first date and do not pay attention to color. Maybe you have a lucky purple shirt that you believe helped you win your last three softball matches or perhaps you have a pink dress that has gotten attention before. Regardless of the past, you need to know what to wear on your first date and focus on color and the message you may be sending. After all, you want to improve your romantic life don’t you?

Why Wearing Fire Engine Red Might Turn on You

While most people tend to think the color red will be a hit on a first date, wearing red can go one of two ways. The color red can present passion and love, but if it is the tone of a fire engine truck it can also exude aggression and be overbearing for more sensitive types. Your date may feel insecure next to your high level of confidence and not call for a second date. It’s your call. Show them you’re interested without being too aggressive with tips from Psychic Paige ext. 9158.

Brown is Never a Smart Choice

The color brown may be rich like chocolate at times but it isn’t a happy-go-lucky color. It gives off the impression that you’re a bit boring and do not take chances or risks. It won’t give your date the idea that you are into romance and flirtation and your date may end faster than you think.

“Keep romance growing by keeping an element of something new, such as a love note by his/her pillow.” – Lucy ext. 5353

Yellow Might Turn on You

While yellow represents friendship, wisdom and intuition, it just might make you a new friend, but not a new lover or long-term partner. Yellow can represent self-involvement and may put up an invisible wall between you and your date. Think of the last time you received yellow roses? They made you think warm fuzzy thoughts, didn’t they, about your “friend” who gave them to you.

White Won’t Get You Anywhere

When people wear white they give off the impression of cleanliness and low-maintenance and your date may think you are playing hard to get. White doesn’t exactly say, “I am open to a new relationship.” Save it for your wedding day.

Grey is a No-Go Color

The color grey not only says you have no imagination, but it also may present you as a “stick in the mud.” Grey is for office types and going to a business meeting. It isn’t for romance and will never give off a flirtatious vibe. Never wear grey on a first date as you will most likely stay in the “grey area” of romance if you do.

These are only a few of the colors that won’t help you hit it off on your first date. Women should choose colors such as coral, peach and pink and low tone reds like crimson or burgundy that offer a flirtatious and romantic vibe, as well as a message that says, “I am here and ready to get to know you.” Don’t wear overly bright colors unless you have tanned skin and too much black may turn out a bit drab and funeral-like.

Men can get away with wearing black on the first date and should also wear colors such as burgundy, earthy greens and all tones of blue which represent loyalty and sincerity. Invest in your love life, avoid the wrong hues and choose the right color to attract more love in your life.

6 thoughts on “Colors Not to Wear on Your First Date

  1. zaria

    i love red blue green and black is always safe.whit a little gold or silver. and if you are going out for coffee jeans and a nice top is fine.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I have to agree wth Reed on this topic….they are dating me, not my clothing and vice versa.

    In fact, if they object to what I’m wearing, whether it be the color or whatever, then maybe it’s an early sign, or red flag, that we aren’t suited for each other.

    I say, be true to yourself from the get go, you want that person to accept YOU for who you really are, which includes any little quirks or preferances.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

    interesting topic, food for thought.

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    For me, the value of this article is to remind me that some things might work on my subconscious and affect my decisions. I would never want to judge someone based on a color, so I should keep in mind to base my decisions on the total package, not a pair of shoes, not a shirt. I’m not dating the clothing.

    Reed x5105

  4. quinn ext. 5484

    great article. color is a very important factor in many areas.
    when i was younger very much younger in the 60’s i wore brown nail polish, my mom hated it my best friend hated it. yet i got the guys.. even though brown gets a bad rap, i really like it.
    grey is now the new blond in hair color, like kelly osborn who is now at the shade she wants “purple” –
    color shows you personality. i still wear brown clothes, shirts, pants, and i have one brown dress. im a capricon so brown being an earth color sits well with me. my favorite color or lack there of is black.
    brown is the color of sensuality. black is just sexy and mysterious and slimming.

    red and black are a powerful combination and can put people off.
    white gives to much of a virgin or spiritual vibe.

    orange is great if you are dating on halloween – or feeling peachy 😉

    pink is big so is cobalt blue for the spring. mixing colors (color blocking) even patterns (mixing them) can be fun and interesting.

    shoes say so much about a person, i would not like a man to wear sneakers on a first date (or ever, usless he is doing a sport). i like to dress from the shoes up. always have, even as a kid – rule of thump, if you cant walk in the shoes no matter how beautiful they are you will not look sexy. and first dates you might not be laying down. so dance at home in your shoes and walk around in them, if you can walk and dance you got on a great pair.

    texture is also very important. wool, silk, cotton, polyester, and poly blends, lace and leather oh boy, all give off a vibe. select wisely.

    3 shows to watch for fashion –
    project runway
    on the line
    fashion police

    happy dressing for dating,
    -quinn ext. 5484

  5. sb

    I rarely read such a rubbish on CP – every color looks different on different people, a good stylist would find the colours that make them shine ! – why not try – be yourself, nothing else matters in any date


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