Psychic Burke: Learn to Move Beyond Your Present Pain

It Only Feels Permanent

What is it about pain that makes it seem like it will last forever? Perhaps it is because as humans we are capable of hurting on so many levels. Do you know what it feels like to have your significant other leave you for someone else? It hurts in your heart, your mind and perhaps all over your body. How about the loss of a parent, a pet or a friend? It hurts all over too and it hurts so much that you think you will never feel better or happy or good again. Psychic Burke ext. 5655 gets a lot of calls from clients who are suffering the physical, emotional and mental pain of heartbreak.

I sat down with Burke to get a better sense of what those calls feel like for her and how she helps her clients move past the pain. I walked away with a lot of great insight and wisdom I know I can apply to my life and I am sure you will be able to apply it to yours as well.

Burke, what does it feel like when someone calls you in the midst of great stress? What do your body and mind go through?

“My first reaction to any distressed caller is heightened, alert knowingness. I call together my mind, body and spirit as one presence for the important work I am about to undertake. I keep active listening, non-judgmental open mindedness and easy empathy in my metaphysical tool belt. I also feel excited, yet humbled that the caller trusts me to link them to higher realms of wisdom. They need to know what answers are there and it is my job to make the messages clear, concise, relatable and quickly delivered. I experience many emotions during each call. It is exhaustive at times, yet it’s most rewarding when the connection I make with them makes them feel a lot better than how they felt just before they called me.” Your pain is no match for Psychic Burke’s wisdom. She can tell you when the pain will end and show you how to cope in the meantime.

Do you absorb your caller’s feelings?

“I temporarily take the caller into my full being. I naturally and easily feel their emotions as I work to see their best solutions from empathic reception and often with Tarot. My claircognizant ability often just ‘pops’ their progress over to me through symbols and pictures as the information is delivered to the client through my voice. It is imperative that I cleanse and clear my mind after EVERY reading in order to make sure that the residue of my last call no longer remains. I have no attachment to any particular outcome, so my readings have no personal bias. I only ask for the greatest good for each person. This frees me up to easily handle many reading in a day or night with no lingering imprints.”

What are the benefits of venting?

“Venting is essential for the person to get the problem stated and heard. This action leaves space for answers to find and fill. I make sure my clients know they can be fully themselves. Some of the very best sessions I’ve had at California Psychics have started this way.”

How do you help your clients calm down?

“I reassure them that while their life may be difficult at present, they are still on track and can be proactive about their outcome. I am naturally empathic and that also helps my clients reduce their anxiety while talking to me. My job is to show them that everything is a process. Oftentimes, my energy helps the caller lift the limits they once thought may have held them back.”

How do you help your caller place less emphasis on what they are currently going through?

“I suggest that they view their problem in stages. I guide them with answers that are one-step-at-a-time resolutions. This quickly helps them gain perspective and reduces their overwhelming feelings. It’s the positive result of shifting forward.”

How can we all learn to look beyond our immediate suffering?

“I really like this quote from Don Miguel Ruiz, ‘Have patience. Take action. Find forgiveness. If we do our best, transformation will happen as a matter of course.’ And to that, I would like to add, ‘Every choice we make now has a bearing on each tomorrow. When a caller is stuck, I often suggest they pull the power back they have given to the situation/person that distresses them and reclaim it for themselves. There have been many moments where a person has had a breakthrough while reading with me and this is indeed why this kind of work is so powerful. Sometimes it is as simple as lifting limiting beliefs. Other times, it takes a higher form of assistance that comes through to help make things better. We must focus on all the options we have available to use to live fiercely, fully and daily. The future will take care of itself when we make the best of all we have in our very own right now.’” What does the future hold for you? Stop wondering and get some solid answers during a reading with Burke!

I can’t emphasize enough just how friendly, articulate and compassionate Burke is. She is just the kind of person I’d want to talk to during a period of heartache or unbearable pain. Sometimes you need more than just someone who will listen to you. You need doable solutions and you need reassurance that it’s in your power to make things work out well, and that’s just what Burke does every day for those who are lucky enough to have a reading with her.

3 thoughts on “Psychic Burke: Learn to Move Beyond Your Present Pain

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Chrissi,

    Here is where an actual grief counselor or therapist can help….
    OR a psychic * professionally and clinically * skilled and clinically * certified * in in grief counseling.

  2. Pat

    I’am not on fb . I’am divorced for 48 yrs. I could never remarry. He left me with an 8yr. old & an 8 mo. old & a 2yr. old. i raised them on my own. I worked ,now I was not there for the kids so they don’t talk tome. my x was very controlling. I can not or could not love again cuz of the control. there was no physical abuse, not with the kids & me it is just that, I was gone a lot & I was attractive & had a good job & a lot of boyfriends. I forgave my x I came out here & took care of him when he was sick. my kids can’t seem to forgive me. Is it me ? I did resent the fact I was stuck raising them alone with no support not one cent. the lawyers could not find him. no. 1 I would like to have a relationship with my kids. no. 2 I would like a male friend to go out to eat with, dance & just talk with. what is keeping me alone ? Pat

  3. Chrissi

    if the pain is caused by someone who passed on, and it was the actual passing on of the person which was the cause of the pain, or worse, the way they passed on, then how do you advise someone on the outside of the situation- a friend, or relative, to handle it or try to be of help-somehow that tends to be a situation where the majority of people are floundering at best- and can be particularly inept at worst, and can actually if handled wrongly make things worse


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