Psychic Quinn: Finding Your Personal Year Number

Every Nine Years

The personal year cycle spans nine years, and each year has a vibration that enhances different aspects of life so that we may accomplish different goals. From personal experience through using numerology for many years in my readings, I have discovered that within the nine-year cycle there are three years that are cleansing years. They are the fourth, seventh and ninth year. In these years, we are able to let go of the old and what is not joyful, beautiful or useful. We cast it off into the sunset making room for bigger, better and more useful things, attitudes, jobs and even people.

Here’s How

Take your birth month and day and add them to the current year we are in (the universal year). Be sure to add until you get a single digit number. You should get a number between 1 and 9. For example, the currently in 2013 (2+0+1+3=6), and your birthday is 7/4 (7+4=11, 1+1=2). Add 6 and 2 together, and you get 8. Do this every year to figure out which year of the cycle you are in.

By starting the universal year on the first of the year, you get a whole year to carry out the vibration of the number you are in.

Experiences by the Year

Year 1

This is the year of fresh starts and new beginnings. As you look at yourself, you see the need for independence. This is a strong year to stand on your own. The one vibration speaks to you and strengthens your ability to enjoy freedom.

Year 2

This is a major relationship year and it is also the year of the duality of life or the flip side of the coin. You find yourself hurrying up and waiting. Interpersonal relationships take center stage, but there is also time to enhance relationships that are work-related or new. Patience is your friend.

Year 3

Communication and social activities pave the way this year. Opportunities come in unexpected ways. Financial investments present themselves, yet it is not the year to change jobs or your career energy.

Year 4

By letting go of the past, you can build a strong foundation for the future. People you meet become lifelong friends. You could even meet your “forever after” person this year. Hard work produces strong roots.

Year 5

This is your year of change and adventure, so expect the unexpected. All the hard work you put into last year proves to be seeds sown, making this year one of benefits. Some of the changes are life taking charge or nature taking its course. In the end, these changes are blessings in disguise.

Year 6

Spending more time with the ones you love makes this a year of harmony and balance. Resolving long-standing issues clears the path for happiness. This is a major relationship cycle, so enjoy.

Year 7

This is a clearing year with introspective soul searching. Spending time alone allows you to clear out the old and make room for the new. Looking at where you are helps you to decide where you want to go. Do not burn bridges.

Year 8
This is the year of financial success and spiritual riches. This is also a year of infinite possibilities. You come to a crossroads in life and have decisions to make. The good news is there is no wrong way. Staying flexible gives you room to grow and enjoy the freedom you earn from hard work and success.

Year 9

Emotionally changed, this year is a major clearing year. Pull out the camera and take pictures of the things you need to let go of so you have memories. Accomplishing goals, making your dreams come true and living life to the fullest are all there for the taking.


6 thoughts on “Psychic Quinn: Finding Your Personal Year Number

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    hi noel, each year has a vibration. you make it successful – use the energy of the number as a focus point to move forward.

    dear karen,
    i am so sorry to hear of your trouble. the wind will blow the clouds away and life will take on a positiive note once again. the memorie of your mom is not in the money she left you but the love she gave you. winter always turns to spring…

    najam – psychic reed got ya back. do you understand how he did the math? have a great nite.

    psychic reed,
    so cool to have your input. thank you so much.

    buddha bless,

  2. Karen Rynn

    Could really use some good luck.Had a really bad hear.Got layer off from my Nannie job because I had a tumor and my face looked like I had a stroke.Getting better then my mom died a few weeks then my husband had to by plane ticket to Pennsylvania like 4- ticket car rental and her dieing has cost us 3000.dollars.So the money she left us I will never be able to get something special from memorie of her.Need a job. Please help with my black cloud over my life .


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