Can Incompatible Signs Get Along?

Why is it that relationships between “incompatible” sun signs so often end up achieving lifelong happiness? And ones which should be a match made in heaven end up being a match made in hell?

Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of the New York Times bestseller Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships says that “what counts in making a happy relationship is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility.”

A more detailed look at astrology can show you exactly how to develop win-win ways to deal with problems that crop up in any partnership, whether it’s romantic, friendly, family or professional.

“Regular” Astrology

As you know, most daily astrology is based on what zodiac sign the Sun occupied when you were born.

While the Sun’s location shows your basic character traits, a chart which includes the sign and house placement of the Moon, Mercury and Venus helps you understand how you and your partner as individuals can most effectively deal with incompatibility. And, of course, if you know your birth times, the sign on the 7th House cusp identifies how each of you tends to behave in a partnership, and what you expect from it.

The Moon describes your experience of reality. Venus is the key to your values, how you express love, and how you relate to others. Mercury shows how you communicate and think. The thumbnails below describe what each sign can best contribute when dealing with incompatibilities.

Composite Astrological Charts

An amazing but relatively little-known way to understand a particular relationship’s strengths and weaknesses is the composite chart. If you have the birth date and time for both people, you can get composite charts as well as reports online.

Composites are a chart of the relationship, not the individuals, and they reveal many layers of information, including past life connections. They also show how the relationship itself is best able to deal with incompatibility, as well as how it’s most likely to shoot itself in the foot.

Skills by Sign

Here are the strengths that that you can call forth from your partner and yourself when working out difficulties. You can even assign prep work for planned dialogues or negotiations to each partner based on their astrological strengths.

After you’ve learned which sign rules each partner’s Moon, Mercury, Venus and 7th House, use this information to call on each other’s unique gifts to build real, lasting resolutions to any dilemma.

Aries – Honest answers are their specialty. Put passionate, active, Aries in charge of making sure that you each promptly act on your part of the solution..

Taurus – When they’re committed, Taureans are loyal, practical and patient, and rarely have impossible expectations of partners. Put them in charge of makeup sex.

Gemini – Not only are they ingenious, adaptable and resourceful, but Geminis can lead the pack in clear communication, and can think of lots of possible solutions.

Cancer – Cancer’s commitment to home and family makes them highly motivated to do whatever it takes to maintain stable, long-lasting and caring relationships.

Leo – Leos can infuse the most difficult situations with energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence. This positive thinker just knows there’s a solution.

Virgo – Kind-hearted Virgo can usually pinpoint what’s really wrong with uncanny accuracy, if you two talk first and then give them some time and quiet to meditate on it.

Libra – Libras have an innate understanding of psychology and sociology which can be invaluable. And they’re astrology’s diplomats, so put them in charge of discussions.

Scorpio – In addition to having healing powers unmatched anywhere in the zodiac, a committed Scorpio will journey with you to hell and back to find a solution.

Sagittarius – Optimistic Sag will read the best relationship books, and then contribute useful, up-to-the minute theories about how to negotiate and resolve issues.

Capricorn – Call upon Capricorn’s loyalty, their powerful sense of duty and responsibility, and let them be the ones to nail down necessary structures and resources.

Aquarius – There’s no better friend than an Aquarian. Evoking friendship in problem-solving dialogues will motivate them to surpass even their exceptional ingenuity.

Pisces – Empathetic, compassionate Pisces knows just how you feel, and their understanding of your relationship’s history and their intuitive insights can be very helpful.

If you and your partner lead with your astrological strengths when dealing with difficulties, you will be using real, long-lasting bricks to build a more stable and compatible future.

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    Thanks for the great information, Verbena! You always bring such clarity to the more complex parts of astrology. 🙂

    I understand the idea of composite charts and how more than just the sun sign should be compatible, but it brings me to a question…why is that adjacent signs, ones that might be considered incompatible by looking at the sun sign alone, seem to have great relationships? I know several couples who are adjacent signs who seem to enjoy better relationships than most.


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    And I agree with your point about sun signs……you can’t always go JUST by a persons’ sun sign, especially in romance and love type relationships. The Moon and Venus are too be examined, closely, in love relationships.

    Great informative article.

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    thanks for the lovely article, verbena…any combo could work, I feel it is also how we are raised, what our values and standards are, too…miss krystal


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