Candle Ceremony for Strengthening Love

Whether You’re Single or Committed!

On our birthday, we always blow out a candle and make a wish. This is a magical moment that only happens once a year while surrounded by an audience; however, it does not have to be such a rare event! Most people probably wish for love and happiness while standing above their scrumptious birthday cake. Accordingly, candle ceremonies for strengthening love are a powerful act that one can do frequently throughout the year, both alone and with a partner. Want to strengthen your love? Find out how to enrich your bonds by talking with Psychic Ginger ext. 9344.

If you’re in a committed relationship, a candle ceremony can be used at the beginning of your marriage at the wedding, or it can be done anytime thereafter to strengthen your bond or to rekindle love after emotional or physical separation. There is no wrong way to conduct a candle ceremony. Typically, you and your partner each have your own candle, which you light together against one flame to show your connectedness. If at a wedding, it is tradition for the bride and groom’s mothers to light the flame with their own candles; then the bride and groom light their candles off that united flame, symbolizing the joining of their families.

If you do not have a partner yet, you should still consider a candle ceremony. People often say that once you love yourself, then you can find someone who will also love you. A candle ceremony will symbolizes the love you have for your own body, mind, and spirit. It will also put out an amorous energy that attracts love into your life. A pink candle is best for this purpose because it symbolize love and affection. A red candle would attract sex and passion—perhaps best if you’re looking to date and play the field. A white candle is quite the opposite, emphasizing purity and honesty. This one is probably best if you are postponing intercourse until marriage or are seeking to repair a relationship after infidelity.

Whether you’re looking to find love or strengthen love, a candle ceremony would be a beneficial activity for you to pursue. It is a lovely, calming, and powerful act that will make you feel more confident, romantic, and sexy. Start planning your candle ceremony today! Buy some candles in the desired color and pick a time and place for your ceremony. Decide if you will engage in the ceremony alone, with a partner, and/or in front of an audience on a special occasion. Most importantly, think about your goals for the ceremony and what you will do and say to make it most effective for attracting love.

If you need help with this last step, in particular, then talk to a psychic about planning the perfect candle ceremony. A psychic will know what is best for you to pursue at this point in your life. It’s never too early or too late to start engaging in candle ceremonies. They are convenient, cheap, and enriching in so many ways. Ready to plan your candle ceremony? Talk with Psychic Marin ext. 5113 for insight and assistance.

Remember that the candle ceremony should be relaxing, natural, and uplifting. Don’t stress over the small details. For example, I was at a small wedding a couple of years ago where a candle ceremony took place. Unfortunately, nobody remembered to bring a lighter or matches, so the bride and groom just pretended they were lit. They chuckled at first and then the loving eye contact and gestures were apparent to all in the audience. The missing candle flame presented itself in their fiery passion for each other. As you can see, the lit candle acts as a symbol of a much deeper love.

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