Break Up and Make Up!

As Venus squares Mars today, the bad news is you’re going to be genuinely irritated, irritable and pretty vocal about it. Think of the proverbial “cat on a hot tin roof” (back arched with pent up energy, hissing indignation, claws ready). Yep, that’s you – and everyone else! Yet the true irony of the day – and one of the puzzles of the universe – is that sometimes to reach the outer limits of ecstasy, you have to step carefully through a minefield.

Celestial mishmash
One interpretation of Venus being in hard aspect to Mars is that Venus has been driven to distraction by the arrogant stubbornness of Mars. Or if you prefer it stated in Jungian terms, female energies are in stark, dynamic opposition to male energies. If you’re single or currently un-partnered, this will play out in conflict between your desire for a relationship and your independent personal needs.

Good vibrations
Add to the entire mix Mars and Mercury in beneficial aspect, giving you the ability to turn words into positive actions. Adding her magic to the moment is the asteroid Ceres, which rules nurturance of our bodies, our souls and of others. Also, Mercury and Ceres are in direct opposition, so it would be fruitful to reflect on what actions you need to take to feel nurtured in your life. Waiting on the wings of that realization are Mercury and Uranus, which will awaken your creativity and help you put the day’s tensions to good use.

To sum it all up: figure out what’s bothering you about your life before you explode at your lover and you will be able to orchestrate and direct all that lovely, loaded passion into some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had. How? Well, that’s the tricky part. First, marshal your energies and mind your tongue, otherwise your love will slink around the corner, hightail it into the backwoods and disappear. This would be a terrible waste of all this lovely, rough and tumble passion!

Be cool
Clearly state what’s got your back up, without allowing yourself to make pointed, personal attacks. A word of caution, there will be good reason for your anger, so this will not be easy. If you’ve got a short fuse, it may work best to get away from the situation and write down exactly what you’d like to say about it. Then, be honest. If it’s phrased in such a way as to send your lover angrily banging out of the room – whether or not you’re in the right – rephrase it. When you do talk, coolly state your objections.

If at all possible, don’t get into a big discussion. With the heat of conflict and confrontation still sparking the air, heightening the passions, grab your lover’s hand and drag them to the bedroom, or up on the kitchen counter, or onto the couch.

Afterwards in the afterglow, whatever needs to be resolved will be more easily resolved anyway. Especially given that once Venus and Mars stand-down, the power and influence of Ceres, Mercury and Uranus can come to the forefront, inspiring creativity, communication and innovative ideas (and interactions!).

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