A Secret Issue

The Secret. Millions of us have read the book, watched the movie and discussed our experiences with the Law of Attraction. We have friends who swear by its promise of abundance and personal wealth. But if you’re one of the many who have faithfully followed the spiritual process by the book and are still struggling with bills, credit and love, is there a reason the universe isn’t letting you get your hands on what you want?

Callers to California Psychics wonder why they’re not rich or with a soulmate, when The Secret tells us that there’s more than enough abundance to go around. I have visualized, and affirmed and been grateful that I have plenty of money and love for months, but I’m still in debt and not in love, is the usual lament. Here’s a broad dose of advice on the issue from our psychics.

The Secret and other similar books are wonderful to read and study and they are helpful to a point, say our psychics, but there is a bit more to the process than just manifesting riches and other good things. While the book helps us understand that we can take an active role in creating wealth and abundance, if you have belief systems that aren’t compatible to magnetizing money into your life, it will never happen our psychics agree. “Clear out negative belief systems about money, such as, ‘Money is the root of all evil, money is bad, people who are rich aren’t happy, I don’t deserve to have money…’then create a healthy love and respect for it and welcome it into your life and bank account with joy and celebration,” strategizes Carol ext. 9607, a psychic who is adept at guiding callers with financial issues.

The first thing I do when callers ask about achieving financial desires is to devise a plan to remove any emotional impediments that may slow down their financial progress,” tells Charlotte ext. 9350, a Clairvoyant who works to unlock your deepest emotions.

Manifesting money is more complicated than these books would have us believe, our psychics say. “I have dealt with distraught people who are afraid there is something wrong with them, as they have not been able to magnetize a magical cure to their financial problems,” reports Liam ext. 9290, a psychic and metaphysical teacher. “The truth is that you can’t manifest anything unless it’s in accordance with your Will or Higher Self or Spirit – not your ego.”The Secret is about the ego,” he describes as one of its flaws. “If what you say you want actually goes against your basic nature, then you will fail! Most people in today’s world have little idea what their true Will actually is. Yogi’s and guru’s spend lifetimes connecting to their Higher Self.”

Being clear and having our minds and hearts in synch makes abundance possible. If the energy one creates when imagining the goal generates levels of joy, excitement and gratitude and the process becomes as pleasurable as if you were receiving the abundance,” Charlotte describes, “that’s when things will begin to manifest.” Carol agrees, but with one hesitation. “Be careful how you use the word abundance. I would use the word ‘money,’ if that’s what you want. Abundance can mean many things… after all, most of us aren’t looking to gain any extra weight!”

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