Bedroom Confidential (Vastu)

It’s the room where we spend the majority of our subconscious hours in. It can be the space of our greatest revelations – in love and life. Anything is possible in our bedrooms. But are we getting the most out of this inspirational space? According to one Indian design theory, we can get whatever we want.

Stop to think if your boudoir inspires heart-racing passion and vivid dreams while also granting you deep restful sleep? If so, your love life is no doubt flourishing and your bedroom is in harmony. If it’s not, the Indian art of Vastu can help you make adjustments to increase a complimentary flow of energy that ultimately leads to the life you most desire.

What is Vastu?
Vastu is the science of design practiced in India that’s existed for more than 5,000 years. It dates back to Vedic culture. Similar to Feng Shui, Vastu uses the natural energies of the gods, the earth and the body to arrange space for a balance of stimulating and restful energies.

Your space
Ideally, your bedroom should invigorate your passions, uplift you and then help you drift into peaceful sleep. Balance is the key for exploring passion – if you’re drained, no amount of flirting will spark your fire. To get the most of your bedroom’s potential, its ideal location is the southwest corner of the house, the area presided over by Nirtti, the goddess of sleep.

The goddess rules over the all consuming: life, orgasm, sleep and eventually death. Since orgasm and sleep take us away from ordinary consciousness, Nirtti is the natural energy for the bedroom. If you can’t move your bedroom to the southwest corner of your home, then use earth energies to invite Nirtti’s qualities into the room, choose calming plants with soft edges and an arrangement of rounded river pebbles.

Bed placement
The placement of your bed can spark lustful energies or dissipate them. If possible, your bed should be placed with your head pointing north and your feet to the south. The earth’s polarity is north/south. Aligning your body with this flow of energy gives your lovemaking extra zing and allows for rejuvenating sleep. Ideally, your bed should allow for movement around it to keep the energies in the room free flowing. (This also makes for passionate possibilities with the edges of the bed available for playful positioning.)

Use the creative power of Vastu and the natural principles of color to allow your body to harmonize with your plans. For instance, if you want to raise the energy of the room for a sweet, sweaty encounter, throw a red scarf over the lampshade. When you want true love, heighten the red with accents of gold. If you need restoration after a tough day at work, toss blue throw blankets over the bed. It’s that easy.

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