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Astrology can make you better in bed! When we first look to the stars for insight into our sex lives, we tend to put the focus on our Sun Sign. But delve deeper into astrology and you’ll find that the best place to start is actually with the position of your Venus and Mars.

Venus, the planet of love, reveals a lot about the way we approach love, romance, sex and relationships. Its placement shows how and why we express love in the ways we do. Look to Mars in your chart to see just what motivates and energizes you sexually. For fun, and to help you master your partner’s sexual secrets, compare planets. It’ll also go a long way toward helping you understand your relationship.

(How do you know where your Venus or Mars is located, you ask? It’s simple. You can obtain that information through your Birth – or Natal – chart. All you need is the day, time and year you were born. See your astrologer, or get some assistance online!)

Venus or Mars in Aries
These fiery rams love sex – especially when it’s spontaneous and uninhibited. Some might say they are addicted to the thrill of the chase. Their heads are their erogenous zones. And they really love it when you grab their hair and touch their face as they are making love. They can sometimes be a bit selfish as lovers, and can be impatient if the foreplay goes on too long – they really like to get down to business. Their desires are powerful that they can sometimes be a bit aggressive. While some signs love romance, the ram is interested in their lover’s sexual organs – plain and simple.

Venus or Mars in Taurus
These hot-blooded bulls are the most physical and sensual partners. They may not be as spontaneous as rams, but they are good at what they do. Their sexual stamina during lovemaking is impressive – and it can be very difficult for bulls to abstain, so be prepared to keep going into the evening. Don’t try to intellectualize sex, either – because the lovemaking style is natural, and physically based. Do give a little extra attention to the neck and throat area – this is their erogenous zone, and a good place to go when it’s time to raise the sexual temperature.

Venus or Mars in Gemini
Talk, talk – and more talk. The twins love any type of verbal sexual expression – and they love to kiss, too. To most of us, an intellectual conversation may disrupt lovemaking, but to them it’s absolute foreplay. They are way less driven by their desires than they are by their intellects. Try to engage in some form of role-play with the twins – it will send them straight to ecstasy! And if you want to put them under your spell, you might try kissing or touching their arms and hands. These areas are guaranteed to send shivers down their spines.

Venus or Mars in Cancer
These sensitive crabs are one of the sweetest lovers you’ll ever find – when they’re not pouting, that is. They are extremely romantic, and love to be touchy- feely. They are not always the most direct lovers, and they expect you to know intuitively what they need and desire. They are turned-on by a more aggressive lover, because they can be quite submissive. If you really want to ignite their passions quickly, gently touch or kiss their breasts. This is a Cancerian’s true erogenous zone, and it will drive them wild.

Venus or Mars in Leo
These lusty lions prefer to be treated like gods and goddesses – they respond best if you make them the center of attention. It is hard for them to separate love from sex, because even their most erotic sexual fantasies are infused with love and affection. They can sometimes come on too strong, and they get impatient when their needs are not met soon enough – but you may appreciate their direct sexual expression, and their openness in bed. If you want to sexually stimulate and excite these lions, massage or caress their back and spine. After you do this, this your Leo will be more than ready for love.

Venus or Mars in Virgo
Sex to this sign is a normal bodily function that is needed for health and general well-being. They tend to look at sex as a release of everyday stresses and tensions. Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but don’t let that fool you. They really do aim to please. In fact, they’ll make a project out of you, and you will never feel quite so attended-to by anyone else. If you want to hit their erogenous spot, focus on their tummies. The entire stomach area is very responsive to erotic touching, kissing and stroking. Also try to get these Virgoans in the bathtub or shower for some fun! They really love this, and of course they are attracted to the “cleanliness” factor.

Venus or Mars in Libra
These lovers can charm the birds out of the trees when they want to. They are quite provocative, and they possess a strong desire for balance and perfection in the bedroom. They are exceptionally picky when it comes to the mood and atmosphere they’re in while they make love. So get those candles ready, and break out the satin sheets. Also, try caressing their lower back and buttocks.

Venus or Mars in Scorpio
One sting from this Scorpion and you will be hooked. Their intensity is deep and provocative – but very private. They will never kiss and tell. Sex must be intimate and personal, but their fantasies never lack excitement. Mostly dominant in nature, Scorpions prefer to express their need for control in the bedroom. So sit back and let them steer the ship. Obviously the genitals are everyone’s erogenous zone, but it is especially so for Scorpions.

Venus or Mars in Sagittarius
Sexy Sagittarians are direct about their needs and desires. They view sex as if it was a sport, and they love to have fun in bed. The best way to approach them is to just do it – and then talk to them after the fact. They have very little patience with games, such as playing-hard-to-get. They just want to get down to business. If you really want to ignite their fire, touch or caress their hips and thighs – that will get them started.

Venus or Mars in Capricorn
How do you get their goat, you ask? Keep it straightforward. The “no frills” approach to lovemaking is just fine with Capricorns – consistency is the name of the game, not variety. But don’t fret – their sexuality is very deep and powerful. However they are extremely private about what goes on in the bedroom. If you really want to awaken Capricorn’s slumbering passions, you’ll focus on kissing, massaging, or stroking their knees – the effect of this will be volcanic.

Venus or Mars in Aquarius
These eccentric water-bearers give off a vibe of being cool and confident in bed. They have a reputation for lacking warmth – but they are also very open-minded. Aquarians are most turned-on when you are not, since detachment can really get them hot. The idea of sex is much more exciting to them than the actual act. If you want to turn on their switch, focus on their calves and ankles.

Venus or Mars in Pisces
These feisty fish are flirtatious, romantic, and gooey at times. They are open to all avenues of sexual expression, and are eager to please. Pisceans may come across in a subtle way, and can sometimes be like chameleons. Their lovemaking style is hard to pinpoint, because they like imbalance, though their fantasies are detailed and intricate. If you want to arouse your Piscean lover, aim for their feet – this will send their passions into overdrive.

You now have some special secrets to use on your lover – it’s up to you to put the key in the lock.

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