Are You Naughty or Nice?

Now that Santa’s sleigh is ready for another ride, it’s time to find out whether you’ve been “oh so good” or “very, very bad” – in bed. Wintertime was made for snuggling, but cold temperatures can inspire so much more! No matter what kind of frolicking fun lights your fire all year round, the holidays are the perfect time to assess yourself.

So, are you nice… or have you been naughty? Take this short, score it yourself quiz to see.

1. It’s three degrees below when you hop into bed. Time to…

a. Cozy up and kiss
b. Get down (and sexy)!
c. Play reindeer games

2. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. Which one is most appealing?

a. The pretty, lacy one with tiny, perfect details
b. The risqué thigh high that isn’t very practical
c. Old school red and green… the surprises are inside!

3. When giving gifts to my lover, I usually try to choose something…

a. They wouldn’t buy for themselves but would love
b. That will spark their imagination (and hopefully, a steamy session!)
c. That we can enjoy together

4. A holiday sex surprise for your lover would be closest to…

a. A clandestine tryst late night by the fire.
b. A lust-fueled role-play complete with a strip tease down to the Santa hat!
c. A steamy quickie between party destinations.

5. Talking dirty is…

a. Ho-ho-horrible! Give me a silent night.
b. O Come all ye faithful, deck my halls and tell it on the mountain…
c. Joy to the World, so long as no one else hears what I hear


Mostly A’s… Like Christmas Cookies and Hanukkah Gelt
You’re a romantic true and true and Santa – or someone – will be good to you. It may not come with whips and chains, but that’s okay. The great news here is that you’re in love to make it last. But you may want to spice it up on occasion to keep things interesting. Reach outside your comfort zone every once in a while and let your inner elf out. That’s right, there’s no need to go too far from familiarity to up your naughty quotient… a little playfulness may just do the trick.

Mostly B’s… Look for a lump of coal in your stocking
But you won’t care, as long as you’re getting stuffed. That’s right, you’re naughty to the core and the great news is, your mate – or dates – probably love it! Your daring ways are sure to help you do the voodoo that you do, but consider toning it down and emphasizing your sweet side for a change of pace. After all, playing sweet can be enticing too… it makes you perfect holiday dessert!

Mostly C’s… Sweet and salty, a little nutty mix!
While you’re not pure as fresh fallen snow or on your way to the devil’s VIP section this season, you’ve got qualities of the nice and the naughty, which is a perfect place to be. Mix it up… always remembering that variety really is the spice of a sex life. Your outlook for the New Year will be versatile, prosperous and saucily satisfying – in and out of the bedroom!

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