Psychic Liam: See if You’re in Love

Caught Up in Ero’s Dread Assualt

The human experience of being “in love” is fraught with confusion and misunderstanding; a virtual bombardment of opinion and conjecture. Its roots lie in the hidden realms of the mystical, in the sublime enchantment of discovering a spiritual Other, resonating out through the dark corners of near-eastern thought via the early Tantrics, sweeping in passionate waves over the Persian poets and Islamic mystics to the Cathars, teaching the Goddess-inspired troubadours to speak its sacred language in songs with secret meanings, and drawing the early Christians into its movement with Saint Theresa at the helm of the doctrine of surrender to the sublime. Our western world, with its linear mental processing and alienation of almost everything metaphoric or symbolic, has never quite been able to figure out the mysteries of this shadow-laden world, with its haunted woods and perilous glens. Instead, we try to conceptualize and contain an experience that by virtue of its nebulous existence cannot be defined. And now we speak of “contracts” to further insult this spiritual treasure of the ancient mystic schools. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

In love, sex is the primary underlying element and pleasure in ecstasy a conduit to the divine. The Tantrics speak of the lover as deity incarnate. It doesn’t matter who that lover is or the context in which the sexual connection is made because when one is held in the arms of the beloved, one is devoured and the ego destroyed. Reading for my clients, the subject of “true love” has become a poetic motif; a vital and tragic landscape wandered over by many a tortured soul. I remind them that wisdom is born in suffering and passion the well-spring of pain. This is the nature of love and yet how much more suffering do people heap upon themselves in their need for control and their fear of loss. These are the products of our age—an energy at complete odds with love’s original doctrine of the poetic divine.

If you are one of the unfortunate lovers caught up in Ero’s dread assault, torment might just be your lot. Why am I in love with him? Why can’t she just be mine? Why does this have to be so hard? Surrender may be your only choice. Submission to the power of love. To love only for a moment is to be, as the French maintain, as deeply and lushly authentic as one can. This is where true ecstasy is found; that pure plunge into the divinity which is in your beloved. This is the key we seek—a fragment of the divine. It resides within the beloved and yet is not the beloved. It is the mystery within the Self and to find it is to find the kingdom within.

8 thoughts on “Psychic Liam: See if You’re in Love

  1. Barb Johnson

    This is the first time I’ve left a comment on this site. I find myself reading most everything posted by you, Liam. I like your articles very much, but I must say, not the first 2/3’s of this one! It seemed to be alot of nonsensical babble, but the last paragraph, that made sense. I’ve waited much too long to embrace and surrender to the love that I have been with the past 17 months. Real love doesn’t come along often, and I’m thankful that he had patience and kept coming back to me over the past 25+ years. I recently came to know and understand that he really does love me, I’ll not turn him away again. Thanks for the confirmation, it’s given me peace about my relationship with this man.

  2. Angie


  3. Marine

    You are so wise, dear Liam, as if you have been living for ages. Thank you for your thoughts and articles. It’s a great pleasure to read them. I mean it!

  4. Michelle Staples

    My Marriage is in serious separation area, I dont want to Loose him but its so bad that all we do is argue! I found him on, which is what has started the major part of it! I told him we needed time apart to figure out what step we should take next & try to figure out where we went wrong, so he left but sent me 6 pink roses 3 days later and of course I let him come home! His Sexual ways has changed (a sign of cheating), his attitude towards kids & I have changed so much he recently started pushin kids away & wont play with them or anything in which makes me assume he isnt Happy no more, he talks to me as I am a dog (curses me, puts me down, says he wished he never Married Me & alot more), He used to help me with kids and the house, he shows no Interest at all in us but he says he works so its my job to take care of House, Kids, Dr. Apts, anything needed in house I have to get (Basically he works at his job from 7 am to 4pm) then comes home and sits in Recliner….. I bring him his supper plate and take care of our 4 kids (which are 14 who is not his and reminds me of that, 4 yr old girl & Disabled Twin Boys which are 3) Its alot for 1 person to handle especially since I have recently been diagnosed with a Teethered Spinal Cord….Born with it but just now was found, he discusses our business with his family and friends but wont communicate with me.
    Please tell me what I should do to Possibly fix our Relationship. He wont go to Marriage Counseling because I have already asked him. I dont want to Loose him but something tells me I already have. He says he loves but the stuff he has did to me is not True Love; he has went through house and basically started removing things he wants or thats his and I have Pictures of this, he has told lies
    to people concerning me and so much more!

    Please Help!
    Michelle Staples

  5. A

    Liam- I absolutely love your “reads” and usually have to go back and read them over again they are so deep! You must be an incarnate over and over and over!! You should write a book if you have’nt aleady. My two cents…

  6. susie

    All I have to say is, WOW! Liam, I always enjoy your comments and thoughts but today was very special. Your wisdom seems to just flow from you. Love might be a pain in the you-know-what sometimes but there is nothing else like it! Take care. Have a great day. Thank you for all you do.

  7. Maria W. Telles

    Liam, I am an 68 old language teacher for Spanish, German, French and English, with Yoga
    knowledge and interested about – everything!
    I have 15 private students and I’m a very happy person!

    CONGRATULATIONS for all the super-best advises you allways give!
    Other psychics also have interesting approaches – but you are ‘the BEST’!

    God bless you for all the suggestions and sensitive counceling!
    Best wishes,


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