Are Love Predictions Tied to Emotion?

Over the past 6 months I was able to get a few readings in which I asked about my long term relationship. Initially I was told that it was going to end around my birthday (November) for reasons I was aware of. I also started hearing about another man that was coming in the picture very soon. Amazingly almost every reader told me about the same mystery guy and even described everything about him. This got me starting to think a lot about my relationship and my future. We all can make free will choices but in my situation, I was at the whim of my boyfriend’s career plans and schooling.

I have to say every single psychic I spoke to nailed my current boyfriend’s personality and situation. I felt a sense of motivation to ask my boyfriend the right questions. After we talked about our future positively I noticed that my readings drastically changed from “you’ll be with someone else by November” to “you’re getting engaged very, very soon.” It reflected how I was feeling day to day and I found that really interesting. Perhaps I had opened a flood gate of energy related to my love life and conversely, how my boyfriend would react to my questions.

What’s even more interesting is I think I knew all along he wasn’t going to be able to pull this off but I was relying on psychics to tell me something different to make me feel better. I bet a lot of people do the same thing. This in turn probably doubles the emotional confusion that psychics have to muddle through for an answer. Surprisingly… a lot of readers still nailed the outcome.

We recently decided to end our relationship. Sure, I played a part in the decision but it was really his decision. I thought it was interesting that my readings swayed back and forth and I think a lot of people run into this in love readings. I am curious as to why I received such strong “engagement” readings recently? Psychics, can a caller’s energy or mood affect the information you receive?

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  1. Sherry

    I honestly think relationship questions have to be the hardest for a psychic or a tarot reader to deal with. Not only does the person you are reading for have free will, but so does the person they are asking about. I have come to realize relationship readings are way too iffy. It depends on too many factors. It seems when I ask about myself I get very good info, but not when the question involves another person. Nothing in life is guaranteed or promised, in the end our choices are what makes the difference in our lives.Without risk there is no great reward 🙂

  2. belle

    Hi, I have experienced the same as the person who wrote the article, some predictions were so way off and some quite ridiculous they give the genuine people a bad rap. There were those who tuned in so well, a lot of what i was feeling came through. I personally feel that given we all have free will, it does change when you are attempting to make a decision. This is also when i believe a great psychic can sift through the information and come up with predictions that are correct.However, i find that the best excuse any one could ever give me was that due to having free will things change. I tend to find this personally as an easy way out for someone. although i do not negate that changing our minds about a situation will bring about different outcomes

  3. Redhaired

    Hi Ladies and many blessings to all of you.

    I would like to express my concern here on my own personal readings and outcome.

    I have had many readings concerning a gentleman Alex and each psychic I have read with coincides with each other how this man feels. They all have stated that he thinks about me everyday, how much he cares, and that he will be calling.

    I understand that timing can be off but every time I call the timing is always pushed to another time and this is truly upsetting. I have also wondered about the emotions of another or myself and how that can effect a reading each time.

    This has been ongoing since September and this gentleman has not acknowledged me since then and in fact has ignored me and wants nothing to do with me. I have spent a lot of time, energy and money concerning this matter and on an emotional level it has been very draining.

    I’m feeling very let down. Hope you can help.

    Again, many blessings to all of you!


  4. Curious to know

    Interesting first hand article-with WHOM have you read please? Thanks. And WHOSE predictions have actually manifested?

  5. Disappointed but still hoping

    Hi Cheryl, so many CP told me the same things—months and months ago–I don’t know from where they get their info–most of the predictions did not and have not come true (there is still some time but not much for the “biggies”) – I am sorry you have been waiting 4 yrs. What is even MORE puzzling is that I have consulted with a few other outside psychics and they have also coincided with CPs. Go figure. Just sit back and try to relax or you may go nuts.

  6. Carrie

    Hey Thanks everyone for your comments! I think Miss Krystal hit it on the head. Sometimes you break up in order to shift your energy and work towards a new goal together. Break ups can be a very renewing situation. I think that’s what it is in my case and perhaps why people see it ending up with both outcomes. It’s really my choice now.
    I did get the sense that your emotions and energy for that day can play into the readings. I thought all of your responses were very interesting. It sounds like guides have a knack for getting to the root of the issue no matter the emotional state.

  7. Sea Turtle

    HI Miss Krystal,
    I really enjoyed your thoughts on this topic…you seem to be a very gentle and reasonable soul…
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thanks Gina Rose!
    It’s not that you are bragging, it is a rewarding feeling when you can help save a relationship. For myself, it’s a natural “rush” and it has always “made my night” when I get a call that a couple has reunited.
    I don’t like to see our manager go through a break up. But I hope she is getting a new perspective on this as we are all sharing thoughts etc.
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, too. Thanks again!
    Miss Krystal

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Miss Krystal….
    I do agree, and Thank You, for taking the time to explain that beautifully….
    And on topic, I just had a testimonial go concerning a gal that broke up with her boyfriend and was re-united with him.
    I’m not bragging….my POINT is that break-up WAS neccessary, hard, difficult, heart-wrenching, YES…
    BUT….that break-up period taught them both many needed lessons.
    That break-up, in this particular case, served to put them both on the right track , now they can move forward in a healthy and positive way.
    Happy Thanksgiving Miss Krystal !
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    There are some who have been in relationships that had to go through major adjustments.
    Sometimes we hit a wall. I learned never to make decisions when I am angry. I know it sounds so elementary, but so many people forget this.
    I think we jump to conclusions when we are angry.
    A lot of us.
    My point, is, that a lot of people take breaks, have separations, but it doesn’t mean that they will never get another chance. This is where soul searching and a reading, with a psychic you trust, is pure enlightenment. It can really help.
    If any of you can identify what Carrie is saying, you may want to get an update with your
    I wish people who use this line would come forward and share their breaking up and reuniting stories here. Please come forward and shed some light of your experience with the, “Break-up/and later make-up process.”
    Of course, not all with go back. Because breaking up is a journey. But it can lead you back to the love you once had. This is important, again, to listen to your heart. Sorry folks. It’s your heart. Sounds silly but true. Is our joy in life living for others or, for ourselves? Well, with romance, it would be wise to do it for yourself. With your heart and your future to consider.
    Just think, the people who may tell you to move on, aren’t the ones who have to live with this for the rest of their life. As I have said in other blogs, the people who tell you to leave are not in love with the person that you are. Big difference!
    Break ups can really answer what is in your heart. Some want to move on, some realized that they did not want to let go. But we all know, as readers, a huge majority do get back together. Or at least, “Try again.” Right?
    So breaking up is a journey. A time to reflect. Things can change.
    If I listned to people’s emotions and used them as signs in a reading, then they would be giving the reading, not me…Ahah!
    Miss Krystal

  11. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Still Waiting……
    hang in there….I may be late on your timing, but my Guides won’t be wrong on final result.
    by the way….
    IF you cannot get into my “Q”……sometimes I refer clients to Violet on the line when my Q is too full to get into.
    Her remote viewing skills are top notch !
    You might want to try her.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  12. Still Waiting

    Thanks Gina Rose for you quick and honest reply. I have used my Intuition for all my past readings and have “not” always gotten my monies worth…per say. To be honest I have always been “drawn” to you, and have had 2 readings with you thus this year. I am (still waiting) for the (end results) to happen that you had predicted for me. I would love to have another reading from you, but was courious to see if another psychic would confirm your predictions. In my reading from you, you had told me I would meet my karmic life mate at my work or at his work, but it seems to be Impossible because of the line of work I’m in. And like you when I’m not at work I am very much a hermit/recluse type person. Everything you told me would happen is everything I have wanted in a mate and in life, but in my second reading with you the time frame was extented from the first readings time frame so my hope is fading. In any case, thank you for your time. Still Waiting

  13. Sea Turtle

    HI Gina Rose.
    Was “told” yesterday that “Oldee” is seeing around 3 women at the same time…and lying to them all…
    DO you & guides really think he is the one and will be calling me again…and if he does…STILL think I should answer?
    Maybe he really is a lost, lonely troubled man with a sex addiction?

  14. Cheryl

    Would like to know why most of California Psychics
    to me that I would be with the man I love, right now he is shacking with a floozie we are suppose to be married in the future, in what life time. I’ve been waiting 4 years, crazy aren’t I.
    Where do they see that in their readings.
    Would like & answer.

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Still Waiting,
    I thought more on your question…I can honestly say that IF I really needed
    for anything….I would let my own intuition guide me in my selection.
    I wish I could help you more…..but I really am a hermit/recluse type and rarely need or get a reading.
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Still Waiting,
    Hard to say, there are so many good psychics on this line….
    I’m really the wrong person to ask, as I rarely get a reading,as I’m one of those people who don’t need a reading, and when I do, it’s only to chat with a fellow colleague.
    Plus, I’ve had very little contact with only a few of the psychics on this line.
    I only call maybe, MAYBE twice a year for a very, VERY, general reading and to chat with another psychic I’m interested in.
    And, I’m very hard to read….as I usually stay so shielded.
    Why don’t you scroll thru all of the psychics info on here ….. look at their pictures and pick one that you
    feel ” drawn ” to….let your own intuition guide you. (That is what I would do, personally speaking, IF I really needed a reading for anything).
    Or, I from what I hear, our Customer Service team can help match you up with the right person.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500
    PS….Does that help you ???????

  17. Still Waiting

    Hi Gina Rose, If you were wanting a good psychic reading for a love prediction from one of your fellow CP psychic’s…who would you pick? Still Waiting

  18. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carrie,
    My Guides do not care what mood the client is in at the time of the reading….it has no bearing on the reading itself.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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