Jupiter and You

Masculine Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. It holds dominion over luck, success and the material plane. Jupiter also happens to be ruled by Sagittarius – whose influence we enter today with the Sun’s transition.

So what does the planet of opportunity mean to you? That depends on its location in your chart!

Jupiter in Aries
Fearless (sometimes to the point of foolishness), you definitely prefer to be in charge. Whether self-employed or a CEO, you are able to win over influential people who further your career. You’ll be especially successful in fields involving literature, politics, science and the military.

Jupiter in Taurus
Though your approach to personal finances is conservative, you have an uncanny ability to attract money. Investing is prosperous for you and a career in banking or finance will serve you well. Earthy sensibilities indicate a draw toward collecting art and other objects of beauty that will bring you substantial returns.

Jupiter in Gemini
Curiosity may’ve killed the cat, but your curious nature creates advantageous financial situations. Careers that utilize your communication skills will bring you success, though you are likely to change your vocation at least once in your life. From sales to teaching to acting, you excel as long as you are heard.

Jupiter in Cancer
Creative and nurturing by nature, you are also practical and in need of a broad, secure foundation. Antiquities call to you, as does restaurant work. The good news? Whether you work at museum, daycare, or write a cookbook, you will most likely achieve financial security by your middle years.

Jupiter in Leo
Self-expression is a requisite to your professional success. Your warmth and need for drama tend to make you a leader in theater, sales, entertainment, advertising, and politics. Whatever path you choose, you’ll thrive in a public position that brings you influential friends.

Jupiter in Virgo
Common sense and attention to detail are likely to reward you in big ways, financially speaking. Your ability to grasp the facts at hand and apply them in a way that makes sense make you a prosperous teacher, accountant, journalist or scientist.

Jupiter in Libra
The acquisition of knowledge through living your life, travel and study appeals to your nature. If you are true to your artistic side, careers in music, art, or design are a likely draw. If your social impulses are stronger however, you may find yourself success as a negotiator, diplomat, judge or officer.

Jupiter in Scorpio
Able to get to the bottom line, you tend to be where the action is and seem to enjoy the combination of mystery and (are you ready?) stress. As such, the medical field may be a draw, where you’re especially interested in psychology or surgery. That said, you could just as easily find happiness and success as a researcher or government agent.

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Not a fan of the routine, you prefer to be outdoors – anything that doesn’t chain you to a desk is a consideration. With a need for self-exploration and desire to positively influence the bigger picture, you gravitate toward careers focused on social causes and organizations that combine philosophy and diplomacy.

Jupiter in Capricorn
You want wealth and influence and you will achieve it through hard work and sheer force of will. Anything earth-related will bring you success — real estate, mining, farming, land development or construction for instance. Your instinct for business and professional attitude make you a perfect manager.

Jupiter in Aquarius
Your idealism can be radical, but you embrace the chance to be an activist and find yourself particularly concerned with the future, world trends and global affairs. Because you are progressive in thought and application, your intellect may lead you to a career in aviation, space travel or advanced computer science and technology.

Jupiter in Pisces
Intuitive and intellectual you have high ideals and are creatively blessed with the talent to appeal to people’s emotions, which may lead to mystical career paths. You’re also gifted in healing arts (mind and body, human or animal) and may find yourself drawn to medicine where your mind (and wallet) will thrive.

Have you used astrology to inform your career or your relationships? Tell us about your experiences!

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