AAA: The Three As of Love

The 3 Commandments of Love

In the art of love, there are some guidelines that make it easier to maneuver your way though the webs of chemistry and connection. Having some kind of groundwork helps to arouse your inner goodness and compassion especially when in a relationship. On the way to one or in the dating realm, there are ways in which to make life feel good even if the relationship hopeful falls flat. Every time you put out positive energy, this cause, in some form, comes back in a positive way.

Each relationship becomes easier, each relationship becomes more meaningful and even if only for a short time we learn, and we acquire more information and experience the mystery that love holds. While under the spell of love, we need to be aware and not take the good fortune of loving for granted. There are three A’s that help in the process and also when deep in the relationship. Here they are for your review.


Here we have a no games allowed area. The most gracious way to deal with love is honesty. Our attitude projects many levels of emotions. A person can tell through feeling your vibrations, seeing your aura, knowing about your sign and listening to your voice tone what your attitude is all about. An authentic quality is always the best quality. You can be guarded yet real, you can be smart yet not cocky, you can have confidence while keeping your ego in check, you can be rich, yet humble.


I am waiting for him/her to call, it is their turn to make the move. Well, fine just sit and wait. Let’s see how far this attitude gets you. Action is one of the biggest most important aspects of getting a relationship off the ground, if you are putting it in motion or just plain wanting to meet someone. If you do not get out, get going and be pro active you will be sitting at home alone. Once a relationship is in the works, with respect, a person either a man or woman should be able to reach out to their lover when they like. Being mindful of times and work energy shows respect yet there is something quite lovely about getting a text in the middle of a hard work week or day saying that you are missed and loved.


Love, sex, relationships are all an art form. Being in love is one of the most beautiful aspects of life. Pictures, music, books, poetry, movies and TV shows are fashioned after love stories. Making love is one of the most creative ways to express our bodies. Sharing in love plays those moments of bliss with creativity will allow even the most boring of relationships to evolve. There are so many books and movies to help to expand your skills in the bedroom; there is no reason for anyone not to be a good lover. It has been said that you are only as good as the person you are with. In light of this being the best lover you can be will surly make your partner happy.

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